Daily bread from the life of Y´shua

Acts 1:6
So when they met together, they asked him, “Lord, are you at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?”

The student of the risen Messiah did still not understand that Jesus was going to ascend to Heaven. They still hoped and believed that Y´shua was going to free them from Roman oppression. But they were wrong. The Jews was exiled, and the restoration of Israel did not take place before 1900 years later. In 1948. The Messiah gathered his people back home to Zion, were He soon will appear to save the Jews from an attack of all nations on Earth, staged by the final anti-Messiah and promoters of «all faith leads to the same God».

Defense Minister Ehud Barak tells Obama to stop pushing Israel

Washington is not the protector of the Jewish people. «We are the ones who have exclusive responsibility for Israel’s fate and future».

Defense Minister Ehud Barak askes Obama to chose between Islaic lies and the truth about the secutity of Israel.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Sunday that while Israel must continue cultivating its strategic relationship with the US, Israel alone is responsible for itself, its safety and the future of the Jewish people.

«We are the ones who have exclusive responsibility for Israel’s fate and future and only we will decide on issues of national importance that affect Israelis and the Jewish people», Barak said in a clear message aimed at the White House.

During a briefing with military reporters just after he sat with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the inner ministerial forum known as the «septet», Barak said Israel was at a «delicate and loaded diplomatic juncture» due to the crisis with Washington. He stressed that Israel could never «lose touch» with the importance of the relations and the ability to act in harmony with the US.

«Israel needs to protect itself… and to do that we need cooperation with the entire international community, but above all to strengthen our relationship with the US», he said. «Our relationship with the US is a pillar and cornerstone for the nation’s security.»

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Ehud Barak knows more that anyone the price that needs to be payed for peace. He is the highest decorated officer of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

During the so-called «Oslo process», Barak offered the Arab Palestinians more that they had demanded for, in a bid to get peace in the Middle East.

He offered them a statehood that would include Gaza, 97 per cent of the West Bank and East Jerusalem as their future capital.

If the Arab Palestinians wanted peace, and not the destruction of Israel this was the time to raise the white flags, and open the bottles of Champaign.

But the Arab Palestinians again chose war. The forces of Islam again tried to demolish the full Jewish state with a Islamic surge of suicide bombers sent into cities like Haifa and Tel Aviv.

There can be no true peace outside of the truth. Islam want to see Israel gone. The Middle East war is a spiritual war between god of Islam and God of the Bible.

The World and a lesson from Gaza

What would have happened if the Russians in 1945 had not gone the whole way to Berlin, and removed the Nazi-regime? What if the United Nation (UN) and the World had given Adolph Hitler a chance to rebuild Germany?

When will the World remove the Hamas regime from Gaza?

What if the the Vietnam army in 1978 had listen to the UN and the International community, and stopped short of reaching Phnom Penh in Cambodia? What would have happened to that country if the Khmer Rouge regime had got a second chance to rule with a mandate from the UN?

The same issue with Idi Amin in Uganda. If the International community had put enough pressure on the Tanzanian government in 1979, its army would have agreed on a cease fire before it could reached Kampala.

This was written on News That Matters one year ago
This story was published on News that Matters one year ago

The World is blind towards Israel, and the IDF (Israel Defense Force) fight against the most extreme evil inside Gaza. Not only Israel, but the international community will have to pay a heavy prize to let Hamas continue its fascistic rule in Gaza. Nations like Iran and soon to become member of EU, Turkey, will surely start to rearm Hamas. This time with more powerful longer ranged rockets, and finances to hire more effective suicide bombers.

Soon Iran will have atomic weapons that can reach the capitals of foolishness, like Berlin, London and Paris. Welcome to the Islamic Fascistic World, who now can stop peaceful demonstrations in any European capital of its choice by violence. The mob of the 1930-ties are back, and people are sleeping. This time we all got a new chance to stand up for Israel, and the International society at large blew it.

The rainbow-alliances of the Anti-Messias movement will grow stronger day by day, up to the day the true Messias will appear in the sky. Put your trust in Lord Jesus, the Jewish Messiah who have restored Israel. The final battle between good and evil will take place in Zion. 20.01.09.

The year in review 2009

«News that Matters» was established in March 2009. These are the articles I would like to share with you one more time. One for each month. Together, they give a balanced and holistic view over events that tells us we are in the end times, that will eventually bring both the final anti-Messiah and the Messiah on stage in Jerusalem.


China and the US will finally approve a new One World currency.

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The Israeli operation Cast Lead came as a result of civil war in Gaza, and Hamas terrorists rocket fire into Israel.

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Already in May, there was unease among the settlers. Than came the settlement freeze.

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The work to invent and unite around a false Jesus is lead by the Papal system and Islamic leaders.

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The anti-Jewish drive in London finally lead to an arrest warrant against Israeli politician Tzipi Livni in December.

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A nuclear armed Iran will bring Israel to the brink of the final war. The bomb of the Ayatollah will be a result on hypocrisy from Western nations like USA and France over many decades.

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Western sponsored Islamic fascism brought back the mob to the streets of Jerusalem.

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The Norwegian government recognized Hamas, sponsored anti-Jewish school books in Fatah schools, and funded Iran´s nuclear ambitions. And finally gave the Nobel peace prize to a war Lord.

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Anti-Jewish propaganda as bad as in Nazi-Germany. Old blood libels came out of Sweden and was distributed globally by media.

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One year after Jews was slaughtered in a terrorist attack in India, the Catholic Bishop in Goa released a book calling Israeli tourists for drug peddlers and rats.

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