The skull of Catholic “Santa” has a boken nose

Catholics sell liquid they claim comes from his bones. 1607 years after his death, scientists discovered that the “saint” had a broken nose.

The late Pope bows before the bones of Nicholas in Bari in Italy.

The relics of “St.Nicholas” are not like other remains of a man.

The Roman Catholic Church has managed to mint money out of the legacy of a man who died in 343 A.D.  Because when his skull and bony remains was removed from a tomb in 1950, the Catholics claimed liquid came from the dry bones. This liquid is only collected on the feast day of Nicholas, which is December 6th. The liquid is called “manna”, and is sold on bottles as miraculous water.

When the World Council of Churches wanted to have interfaith prayer with Catholic priests in May 2003, the representatives of the Vatican took the delegation to the tomb of Nicholas at Bari in Italy.

This is what the Vatican has recorded, and published on their official website, in regards to the meeting of the Joint Committee.

 The members participated in the celebration of the translation of the relics of St Nicholas at the waterfront in Bari, presided over by Archbishop Cacucci, which highlighted the strength of popular devotion to St Nicholas, who is venerated by the Christian East and West.(…) On Sunday, the members of the JWG (Joint Working Group) prayed at the tomb of St Nicholas and visited the Archbishop at his residence.

Source: The

The WCC is again going to have interfaith prayers with Roman Catholics. The event is called “prayer for Christian unity”, and will take place 18-25 of January 2012;

This is what the WCC has published on their site:

 Ecumenical partners in a particular region are asked to prepare a basic text on a biblical theme. Then an international group with WCC-sponsored (Protestant and Orthodox) and Roman Catholic participants edits this text and ensures that it is linked with the search for the unity of the church. 

Source: WCC

Here are some pictures from the site:

The tomb site at Bari is guarded, if no VIP comes to venerate the bones.
This is what the late Pope saw, when he bowed down. He worshiped created beings, and departed souls.
A delegation from World Council of Churches (WCC) bowed down and prayed before a dead man’s bones.
A small collection of the “holy bones” of Nicholas. They are in Turkey, who wants Italy to return the missing pieces.
This bottle is for sale. “Manna”, some kind of liquid that is collected from the bones of “santa”.

It is always ugly when religious people starts fighting over the ownership of skulls, corpses and bones. Wikipedia has recorded that Turkey wants the remains of the “saint” out of Italy.

  On 28 December 2009, the Turkish Government announced that it would be formally requesting the return of St Nicholas’s bones to Turkey from the Italian government. Turkish authorities have cited the fact that St Nicolas himself wanted to be buried at his episcopal town. They also state that his remains were illegally removed from Turkey.

Source: Wikipedia

Turkey accuse the Roman Catholic priesthood of being thief’s and robbers of “holy bones”.

The Roman Catholic Church is more than serious in their examination of skulls and bones.  The St. Nicholas Center has recorded the following:

  In the summer of 2005, the report of these measurements was sent to a forensic laboratory in England. The review of the data revealed that the historical St. Nicholas was barely five feet in height and had a broken nose.

The same site gives us the following in-sight.

St. Nicholas’ remains are buried in the crypt of the Basilica di San Nicola in Bari, Italy. These bones were temporarily removed when the crypt was repaired during the 1950s. At the Vatican’s request, anatomy professor Luigi Martino from the University of Bari, took thousands of minutely-detailed measurements and x-ray photographs (roentgenography) of the skull and other bones.

Lets take a deep look at the bony remains of this man. Tell your children when Santa distribute gifts on Christmas eve or day, this is how the Vatican claimed he looked:

When the Church opened the tomb in 1950, this is how the “holy” man looked.
The bones had to be classified. Quite a puzzle.
When they examined the skull, they discovered that the nose was broken. No pain now, I presume.
I am not an expert on skulls. But I believe the Vatican approved witnesses, that the nose of Santa Nicholas needed to be  beautified.
“Saint” Nicholas Church and ‘holy shrine’ at Bari in Italy.

My comment:

Saint Nicholas is the “patron saint” of sailors, merchants, archers, thieves, children, and students in Greece, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Albania, Russia and the Republic of Macedonia, Slovakia, Serbia and Montenegro.

He is also the “patron saint” of Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Barranquilla, Bari, Beit Jala, (Arab village near Bethlehem), Fribourg, Huguenots, Kozani, Liverpool, Paternopoli, Sassari, Siggiwi and Lorraine.

In the tens of millions, Christians take him into their house as “Santa”. In the Catholic Church of Germany he is promoted as “St. Klauz”.

There is a couple of sensations in regards to the skeleton and skull of this person.

My body, which is alive, do export certain liquids into the atmosphere around me. But I do not recommend that these kind of fluids should be collected neither by priests nor pastors. Under no circumstances it must be sold.

That 1600 year old, dead dried bones, gives us some kid of liquids to be declared holy and having miraculous powers, is obviously a good business model. Fools like to be fooled by other fools.

The other remarkable finding, is a more serious matter. Since Nicholas was suppose to be a “holy man”, how did he get his nose broken?

Who broke the nose of Santa?

The Vatican must immediately start a criminal investigation. Open the graves and tombs all over Italy.  There must be a skeleton somewhere, which have a broken wrist.  Because there is a need for a powerful blow to break someones nose. It is not enough to walk in an demonized frame of mind, and fall flat on the face.

That the late Pope bowed before the bones at the tomb in Bari, is fully understandable. He wanted to pork his nose into the mater, before concluding if the Police should be consulted.  That the delegation from World Council of Churches prayed before the relics, was just a goodwill gesture. So they could get a fair price when buying liquid from the “holy bones”. Nice bottles to give to family and friends back home.

The Bible speaks about religious people, who were involved in fraud. Jesus bluntly called them brood of vipers, and whitewashed tombs.

 Matthew 23:27
“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.

Why do I write so much about Catholicism. Why do I not let the Catholics rest in peace?

Few people love Catholics more than I. I love them enough to expose the truth about how they participate in and support a religious movement that is rotten to its core.

Ephesians 5:11
Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

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