Obama defends Iran nuclear agreement, pans ‘tough talk’ of deal’s critics.

Obama is leading the American nations towards the final battle of Armageddon.
Obama is leading the world  towards the final battle of Armageddon.

The Obama administration continued on Monday to defend the breakthrough deal cut over the weekend between world powers and Iran – effectively freezing its expansive nuclear program for a period of six months – as a positive development in the national interests of the United States.
On a tour of the West Coast, US President Barack Obama directly addressed critics of the deal as “blusterous” players all too comfortable living under a perpetual threat of confrontation.

“We cannot commit ourselves to an endless cycle of violence, and tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, but it’s not the right thing for our security,” Obama said in San Francisco. “we cannot rule out peaceful solutions to the world’s problems.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

England tried to bring “peace to Europe” by demanding limitation of re- arming of Germany after World War I. It did not work.

Because England did not bring an end, to the violent ideology of the Nazis,  explained in the book “Main Kampf”, published in 1925. The Nazis were very vocal on their bid for World control, and a final solution to the “Jewish problem”.

Similarly, an proposed temporarily halt in the Iranian nuclear program, will  not result  in “peace”. It is a transcription for war, with the most horrific consequences.

The problem is that Barack Hussein Obama to not see the ideology of the Ayatollah, as a problem. Because the Hussein’s in the White House looks as “allah” as an holy “god’, and the Koran as a “holy book”.  Islam is presented as the religion of peace, and the Ayatollah a suitable “peace partner” with Washington D.C.

The Ayatollah is not alone to be partners with the present regime in the USA. Also Islamic Jihad, the Taliban, the PLO and the Hamas is a part of the new brotherhood of “believers”, and of the plan of achieving World peace.

There can not be “true peace”, with the Messiah missing in the picture.  But surly there will be a gross false peace agreement in place, and all humans will be forced to live in submission to this falsehood.

Written by Ivar

24 thoughts on “Obama

  1. I’m sorry, your reasoning and “twist” in your above post seems bred from an inner prejudice verses a Christ-like perspective born from a benevolent heart… After two wars and a collapsed economy any sound of “sword rattling” coming from Christians these days over simplifies the reality of what war really costs verses any aspect of peaceful resolutions for any country. We should be respecting the peace process as it is an answer to what Christ would teach us. His Word reinforces this principle.

  2. If I become a jew can I work for Goldman Sachs..or become a Hollywood producer!! Make lots of money and steal bread from the masses!! Destroy all that is good and replace it with perversion! Let’s be honest when it comes to who has perverted what God has given to us through Moses to follow!!

  3. Guys, Yes Saudi is ruled by Wahabis. They are the core funder of Al-Qaeda. What I can’t understand is after Sept. 11. US got world to concentrate at Afghanistan leaving behind Saudi Arabia. Who was Osama? What about the Bin laden family? ALL SAUDIS. People of Afghanistan was never a Wahabi but brainwashed by those rich Arabs. The Wahabis will never allow a 3rd. Temple to be built on the Mount even if the Mosque is not damaged or fit to perform prayers. What can we do to eliminate this Wahabi Dogs? Nuke Riyadh?

  4. umm, wasnt bush supposed to have been the one to lead us into armagedon, it seems as if every president that pops up is the one, now it’s obama, yes, they are all part of the big picture but I laugh at the christians who come up with stories for itching ears, i can bet anything that there will be a president (puppet) after Obama and the same will be said about him/her. Focus on Jesus and spread the gospil, dont keep getting caught up in “mans” prophesy’s about the end of time, When it comes, the Holy Spirit will guide the believers, everyone thought Hitler was the antichrist and so this has been going on over and over again with each so-called “leader”. truth be told..they were/ are all anti-christ’s. There are many of them today, even in the church, saying things like…serpent seed, ufo’s, nephilim coming back, blue beam project, catholics/muslims will usher in this man of perdition “the antichrist”. Jesus kept on saying..”don’t let any man decieve you” (including me) study the word and stop getting into all the end time lies. Pray, study, walk in faith and the Holy Spirit will show you what you need to know.

  5. Let us read the scripture,what is the meaning of Nebcanineza dream? He thought he reign for ever,but IAM gave him the answer. Daniel interpretation was true,sure. No human prophecy will stand,but IAM will,and have never fails,let us trust in IAM,the stone which was cut without hand is coming,Jesus for sure is coming. Get you prepared.

      1. Dear Ains Worth.

        Shalom and love in Jesus.

        We do not know they day and hour. But we shall undestand the signs of the time, In the prophetic realm, we have been warned that we are very close. The winter of 2022 might be the winter that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24.

  6. if you understood anything about Islam then you would know that the extremists and Jihadists including the Islamic State criminals are Sunni Muslims who have twisted the Qur’an while the Iranians are Shi’a and have been in conflict with the Sunni since the time of time of the murders of Iman Ali(as) and Imam Jafar(as) in the 8th century. it is both a political and a religious conflict and is much more divisive than the Catholic/Protestant conflict in the Christian church has ever been…there are still fights and deaths especially in Yeman and Bahrain where the leadership is Sunni and most of the population is Shiite.
    A big part of the troubles with Iran started in 1953 when the first democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadegh was “taken out” by the British M.I.6 under plan formulated by the American C.I.A. President Carter removed aid to the Shah in the ’70s allowing the revolutionary government to take over and now the people of Iran are as unhappy with them as they were with the last Shah. The United States is not “making a deal” this time but rather removing our interference that has been causing hardships only for the regular people of Iran both Muslim, Christian and Jew.
    It is a little known fact that Iran has always had and does still have the largest community of Jews in the middle east outside of Israel and they are protected by the constitution of that country.

    1. Dear Teva1

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I agree that there are resons behind the Iranian Islamic revolution in 1979.

      After World War II the British Victorian empire collapsed, and the US took over as the leading culprit, enslaving people with their New Colonialism. In the 1950-ties, Uncle Sam controlled 25 per cent of the World resourses the Americans being less than 5 per cent of the World population.

      But the crimes of the USA, do not make the Ayatollah righteous. Neither do it make Islam truth. The Koran promote violence Sunni and Shia Muslims quote from the Koran, to justify slaughtering even their own brethren. Blowing up each others mosques. They want to copy Muhammad…

  7. What you have all failed to realize is that all this so called god, Allah, and Jehovah are all simply made up, furthermore, organised religions, particularly the theological ones do more harm than good and you still continue on with your fear mongering as always.

    1. And you atheist are still clueless, furthermore your presence do more harm than good and you still continue to deny and hate.

  8. The prosperity of america is not evil; other nations would prosper if they also respected human rights and had stable governments. stop being evil and hating america for our creative innovations and freeing people of america from grinding labor and poverty. EVERYONE is benefiting from America’s success and yankee ingenuity. Other nations should develop and use resources rather than having ideas stuck in the stone age, and attacking America for being great.

    1. Dear Noni

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      There are surley great sides of America. Like that this nation has a high number of Evangelical Christias. America was a nation where presecuted European Jews and Christians could find speace and peace, and be accepted an assets in a new and free nation.

      But America also have dark sides. It is the only nation that has used nuclear weapons, and have enforces its military doctrines on dozens of nations. The USA cosnume almost 20 per cent of the worlds resources, accounting for less than 5 per cent of its population. To be able to feed this highly materalistic and ego-centered society, the US ecconmy is a war ecconomy. It feeds all sides of the table with weapons, in exhange for access of American products and services.

      Jesus said that the love of money is the source of all kinds of evils. Its true. Capitalism can never escape that fact, that its core value is to make more money. A capitalist will never have enogh of it.

    2. Oh, there isn’t much prosperity in America anymore. Our government is corrupt to the very core. President Obama is creating fear, chaos, civil unrest right now across the Nation.His goal is to strip us of our Second Amendment right, in fact, we are losing rights every day. We live in a Police State following the False war President Bush & Tony Blair started with Iraq so many years ago. They both should be tried as war criminals but apparently in Washington DC, crime is legal. Just look at Hillary Clinton. Unemployment, homelessness, and poverty are very high. We all fear Obama will declare Martial Law due to his Problem, Reaction, Solution agenda. Things are not good for us right now, and he, and those above him, will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing to prevent Donald Trump from becoming our next President of the United States, because the script says Hillary Clinton is suppose to win to carry on the Government corruption running wild right now. Many of us are very worried and scared right now. We have reason to be.

    3. So True Noni – If it wasn’t for America and our sacrifices – all of Europe would be speaking German…. and If it wasn’t for our American Military – we just might be speaking Japanese…….. I love America home of the free because of the brave!

  9. ivarfjeld,
    Yes Capitalism’s core value is to make more money. That’s why people have jobs to go to, roofs over their head, and food on their table. That is why this country has been a leader in technology, medical advancement and space exploration. Is everything about Captilism great? No. Is there a better system? No! Do I need to make apologies for it? No! Although Captilism’s core value is to make more money, it is not mine nor this country’s only value. I am absolutely blessed in my life and proud to live in this Capitalistic country!

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