Jews might be exiled to new Islamic Nazi-state

A source from the Prime Minister’s Office said that Palestinians should accept Jewish settlers as residents in a future Palestinian state, causing a massive storm. ‬‬

The Jews might face another Gaza in the Mountains of Zion,  as Obama desires.
The Jews might face another Gaza in the Mountains of Zion, as Obama desires.

The idea has a long history, and some settlers, as well as some Palestinians, are not so sure it’s a bad one‬‬

The right flank of the Likud and rightist coalition partners Habayit Hayehudi were enraged by the news that a senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office said that the Palestinians should allow Jewish settlers to remain in the West Bank should a Palestinian state be formed.

However, West Bank settlers are not so quick to reject the idea. “That will be the solution in the end,” said a resident of the settlement of Efrat.

Sunday, a source within the PMO told the Associated Press that “The prime minister believes that in peace, just as Israel has an Arab minority, there is no logical reason why the Palestinian state could not contain a Jewish minority and that Jews living in Judea and Samaria would be given the option to stay”

Shmuel Peleg, 30, from Efrat, agrees and says that there will be no choice but to let the settlers remain under Palestinian sovereignty, should a Palestinian state be formed in the future.

“On the one hand the state cannot allow itself to reimburse so many settlers and on the other hand it makes no sense to uproot settlement blocs. This reality would be very complicated and would entail difficult dilemmas – will the Palestinian people be willing to live side by side with us? How will we visit our family and friends in Israel?”


My comment:

The Jews lived in exile for 1878 years before they were permitted by God of the Bible to have their ancient statehood back.

Now, the Prime Minister of Israel opens up for Jews being exiled again from the promised land, now to live under the sovereignty of a terrorist organization named the PLO.

Interesting. So the Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria shall not be “uprooted” as Benjamin Netanyahu has promised They shall just be excommunicated from being Israeli’s and citizens of the the state of Israel.

There might be many practice good reasons, for why this should be done to please Obama. But the ideological conclusion of such an idea, is the bevy end of Zionism. And the final excommunication of the Word of God, who proclaim that the Jews shall return to the mountains of Zion, and rebuild the ancient ruins. No longer as a part of the state of Israel.

This will be the end of Biblical Israel, turned into a secular state like any secular state, to please the hedonists who live in Tel Aviv and Haifa, Obama and the PLO.

Behold: The Messiah is about to return to Earth. This time not coming as the lamb of God, but as the Lion of Judah. Obviously to rescue the people from the tribe of Judah, His own brethren of the flesh. And all the gentiles who are His spiritual children,  grafted into the enlarged Holy people of God, the New Israel of God.

Written by Ivar

Netanyahu: In peace deal, I will not uproot a single Israeli

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his vision of a peace deal does not include removing any Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria.

The Israeli Prime Minister defended Jewish settlements in Judea and Samadia
The Israeli Prime Minister defended Jewish settlements in Judea and Samadia

“I have no intention of removing a single community; I have no intention of uprooting a single Israeli,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday at a press conference in Davos, Switzerland, where he was attending the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

And, speaking of efforts to boycott Israel, Netanyahu said: “Economic pressure on Israel does not help move toward peace; it moves peace farther away. Those who want to advance peace must choose the opposite path — you need to be fair and balanced.”

Netanyahu also briefed reporters about his meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, saying:
“The meeting was very good. … I restated the two principal issues that concern us: mutual recognition of two nation states — with one of them being recognized as the Jewish people’s nation state — and of course, security.”

Source: Israel Hayom

My comment:

Netanyahu expressing support for Jews in Judea and Samaria will at lest maintain peace inside the Likud party.  And National religious Jews will not withdraw their support for the present government.

But many Jewish settlers are skeptical to any statement given by the present Prime Minster. They remember to well the bold statements of former Prime Minister, late Ariel Sharon.  Sharon suddenly turned hostile, and demanded a destruction of Jewish properties in Gaza.

The word “uproot” can be interpretated in many ways.  A replacement of Jews and be included in this phrase. Jews might be forced to vacate their settlements, and move into the larger settlement blocks. Many Jewish settler would have liked Netanyahu use the word “remove”. That the government of Israel will not remove settlements existing in Judea and Samaria.

So, we have to watch closely, and see what comes next.

Written by Ivar

Bennett: “I will ‘torpedo’ any agreement with “Palestinians”

Bayit Yehudi leader says alliance with the Right in Likud would make it impossible for PM to make concessions to the Palestinians.

Naftali Bennet fights for the survival of Israel as a Jewish state.
Naftali Bennet fights for the survival of Israel as a Jewish state.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will not have enough support to pass concessions to the Palestinians in the Knesset, according to a plan hatched by Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett.

Bennett intends to draft the support of enough MKs to block Netanyahu from adopting any of the proposals that are expected to be presented later this month by US Secretary of State John Kerry. He is obtaining the support of MKs in Likud Beytenu to prevent Netanyahu from replacing Bayit Yehudi in the coalition with Labor and Kadima.

“An alliance with the Right in Likud is an important mutual interest,” Bennett revealed in closed conversations.

“The goal is to torpedo any agreement and prevent deterioration to pre-1967 lines.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The internal political affairs in Israel is getting muckier by the day. Both sides of the right-left divide use strong words, and even insults.

The left feel the Jewish settlers are extremist’s, not being willing to work towards peaceful relationship with Arabs. The right feel the left has walked away from the Zionist ideology, and endanger the whole Jewish statehood.

There is no middle path in this matter. The same mountains of Zion can not belong to both to a Jewish state and a new Arab state. The Bible is crystal clear that this small piece of land was gifted to the family line of Jewish King David. Those who wants to take this land away from the Jewish people, are thief’s and robbers.

Written by Ivar

272 settler homes approved as Ofra gets “master plan”

Peace Now attacks decision saying it exemplifies Netanyahu’s “obsession with settlement building”.

The construction on Jewish land in Ofra in Samaria must continue.
The construction on Jewish land in Ofra in Samaria must continue.

The Civil Administration authorized 272 new homes for settlers this week and gave the Ofra settlement a boost of legitimacy by approving the first-ever master plan for the West Bank community since it was created in 1975.

“After 40 years of waiting, this is a celebration,” Ofra secretary Sami Karsenti said on Monday night. Both he and Peace Now spoke with The Jerusalem Post about the approvals.

Ofra is located 15 kilometers over the pre-1967 lines in the Binyamin region. It is outside the boundaries of the security barrier and is considered an isolated settlement.

Ofra is considered a legal settlement under Israeli law because the government approved it in the 1970s, even though it fails to meet all the technical criteria for an approved community.

A master plan for the settlement of 3,400 people was never approved and as such its buildings are considered unauthorized. The settlement’s situation is particularly complicated because many of the homes are situated on land that is privately owned by Palestinians.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

I feel this is a bold move by the Israeli Government that somehow reaffirm that the Jews have a birth-right to live in Samaria.

Let us hope and pray that Benjamin Netayhahu do not succumb to pressure, and let Obama decide the borders of Israel.

God of the Bible is the Lord of Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria. In the prophetic Word of the Bible, God Him self promised to rebuild the ruins of Zion, and populated the house of Jacob on the Mountains of Zion.

The Word of God is the truth, reaffirmed by the Messiah coming in flesh 2000 years ago. All man made plans that contradict the Scriptures, are rubbish, and a fruit of rebellion against the Lord of History.

Written by Ivar

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