Gypsies are daughters of the tribes of Israel

Nomadic tribes and the tribes of Israel are related through the female line. The Messiah said He only came for the lost sheep of Israel.

In my latest book I highlight the relationship between a gypsy nomadic tribe in Southern India and the tribes of Israel. Many Jews and evangelical friends of Israel are interested in the topic of the 10 lost tribes of Israel. Where are they? Can they be recognised today? The not explainable relationship between Jews and gypsy tribes has also been considered a mystery of time.

While most researches have been focused on the male family line of the sons of Israel, their females contributions to World history have been neglected. Laban from Haran was not only a blood related uncle of Jacob. Laban became his father-in-law and contributed the female line of the people of Israel. Laban the Aramean tribesman is the key to understand why gypsies are in a global diaspora and have been trashed and persecuted. Keep in mind that half a million gypsies were terminated in the Holocaust. The large majority of them European Roma.

You can freely down load (PDF) my book at this website. May Yeshua the Messiah bless all who read it. Amen.

There is also an open FB group if you are interested in following my work.

The Banjara community and links to ancient Israel

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