Banjaras in Goa celebrate the bible

180 Evangelical Christian Banjaras in Goa, India, came together to celebrate their new audio-Bible.

There are about five million Banjaras in Southern-India, the large majority of them illiterate people of gypsy origin.  On the eve of 15th of January 2017, 180 Evangelical Banjaras in Goa came together to celebrate that the New Testament is made availbale in the Gormatti (Lambada) language. As an audio-bible.  All glory to Jesus the Messiah.

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2 thoughts on “Banjaras in Goa celebrate the bible

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  1. How sad that so many have turned away from the True Scripture and written their new bibles with taking way from or adding to the word. great apostasy everywhere and like the Bible says, how the people love it. I see so many millions now have made themselves gods unto their self and deciding what is a sin and what not is..and Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…Never in my life time have I seen so much evil all around the world. but like in the days of Noah were , so shall it be in the time when Messiah comes. No one seems to be afraid of apostasy or their souls. but G-d warns of lukewarm beliefs. also they will not listen either to truth. so,,, we pray and stay in the Word so we do not become confused as to what G-d’s truth is. Everything is in place for HIS Coming…Stand with Israel and remember how G-d will be with us to the end. Shalom

    1. Dear Mama bear.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      But among the gypsy’s, there is revival. Did you watch the movie? True celebrations….

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