The pro-Trump shaman was an anti-Trump and anti-Christian puppet of Roman Catholic US President Joe Biden. This is likely to have been the start of the age of the last and final antichrist.

Please watch this 3 minute video. A short version of a Fox News video just published in the USA. A Great piece of investigative journalism. It has now become a matter of life and death.

Anti-Trump people dressed up as “Trump supporters”, attacked their own politicians inside Capitol Hill on 6th of January 2021. Helped by the police. This is a classical example of the technique used by Hitler when he grabbed power in Germany. By dressing up his own people to look like Social Democrats and Communists, and order them to attack the supporters of the Nazi-cadres. That this took place in Washington D.C gives Putin a few points, as he warns all who are willing to listen. Trump supporters were criminalized by an anti-Trump shaman who was guided by the police, up to the throne of power. To shout: “Hail Trump”. Well done. All truth seekers needed was another Wikileaks Julian Assange. Looking at the US Congress own CCTV-cameras, and not the CNN.

This is what CNN and global media told us….The Shaman lead the TV-viewers into prayer: “In Christs holy name we pray”.

And this is what the CCTV camera inside the US Congress builing have recorded…

The Bible tells us what will happen at the end of the age. People at large will be deceived and brainwashed. They will fall into the arms of the last false Messiah, because they desire « peace and safety». Even though the true Messiah said He would not bring peace, but a sword. And that all who love Him wil be hated by all who do not know Him, and in particular those who follow a copy-cat Messiah. There has to be a false Messiah present in Jerusalem at the end of the age of grace. If not the true Messiah can not return and terminate this satanic figure. He seems to have come to power in Washington D.C, on 6th of January 2021. The false Holy Spirit took millions of people captive in an instant. They copied CNN. – Trump and evangelical Christians are terrible people. Roman Catholic Joe Biden is now at war with Russia. He has many puppets who are supporting him.

There is a way to escape the coming onslaught of God of the Bible’s wrath on all flesh. Keep in mind that a Jew, was willing to pay for your sins in Jerusalem. The Son of God. His name in Hebrew, Is Yeshua. The Biden’s shaman prayed in the name of «Jesus Christ». His blaspemy ended with: “In Christs holy name we pray”. For a billion Roman Catholics, the Christ is a mixed up version in English and Greek. A very lawless being. I am pretty sure that neither of these fellows, Biden and his Shaman, knows the Messiah at all. But they call on someone, who seems only to bring deception into the minds of people. Who take them down the path to serve Satan, in the name of « Christ ». Let me underline that millions of true Christians also use the English version of His name. But I often ask my self, why its so difficult to say and call on «Yeshua»?

Keep in mind I loved you enough to give me my sternest warnings.

Published by Ivar