They managed to hack Deep State. Dinesh d’Souza has exposed 2.000 mules who helped Joe Biden steal the US Presidential Election.

The US Deep State has been exposed. The documentary film team of Dinesh d’Souza hacked the surveilance cameras who was supposed to secure the mail-in vote boxes accross the swing states. They found videos of African americans dropping evelopes in multiple boxes. They hacked one of these mens smartphone, and used Geo fencing to trace his movement back in time. He made 53 tripes to 20 mail-in vote boxes. Not less than 2.000 mules are exposed in the up-comming documentary.

2 Timothy 3:13

while evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.

The consequences of this bomb shell is that the multitudes will have to eat lots of humble pie. And say sorry to all those who have told the truth about the existence of the US Deep State. What was supposed to be a fable was the truth. Next Joe Biden must be forced to resign as President of the USA. And a new election call for.

The Bible explains that wicked men will go from bad to worse. Where truth is spoken, persecution will follow is his footsteps. Let us hope and pray that more people will see that Yeshua the Messiah is the only solution. This evil world will surely burn, and all ungodly men will have to spend eternity in Hell. Only The Messiah can save us from the coming wrath of God. Repent, and confess faith in Him. Today. Amen. 

Published by Ivar