Hitlers vice-chancellor made Knight of Malta by Pope

Franz von Papen brought Hitler to power in 1933. In 1959 Von Papen was made a «Knight of Malta» and awarded the Grand Cross by the Pope in Rome.

Franz Von Papen, next to a US Military police, as a prisoner of war in 1945
Franz von Papen as a prisoner of war in 1945, next to an American military police

Nazi-Germany would not have been the same without Franz Joseph Hermann Michael Maria von Papen zu Köningen. He was the head of the Catholic Centre Party, that merged with the Nazi party after Hitler came to power in Germany.

In 1932 Von Papen was made Chancellor of Germany. And when Nazi-leader Adolf Hitler took over as the leader of Germany in 1933, Hitler made Von Papen the Vice-Chancellor.

Franz von Papen.

On 8 April 1933, Von Papen travelled to the Vatican to offer a «Reichskonkordat» that defined the German state’s relationship with the Roman Catholic Church. Von Papen secured the Vatican religious freedom in Nazi-Germany.

Papen and his allies were quickly marginalized by Hitler and he left the government after the Night of the Long Knives on 2 July 1934. Some of Von Papens confidants were then purged by the Nazis.

Von Papen was sent to Wiena as German ambassador. Even though he was dismissed from his mission in Austria on 4 February 1938, a month before the Anschluss. But Papen was not removed because He has deserted Hitler.
From 1939 to 1944 Von Papen served the Nazi-government as Ambassador to Turkey.

In August 1944, Papen had his last meeting with Hitler after arriving back in Germany from Turkey. Here, Hitler awarded Papen the Knight’s Cross of the Military Merit Order.

Papen was one of the defendants at the main Nuremberg War Crimes Trial. The court acquitted him, stating that he had, in the court’s view, committed a number of “political immoralities,” but that these actions were not punishable under the “conspiracy to commit crimes against peace” charged in Papen’s indictment.

Franz von Papen as a Nazi

Von Papen was later sentenced to eight years in prison by a West German denazification court, but was released on appeal in 1949.

Franz Von Papen was made a Papal Chamberlain by Pope Pius XI. But when this pope died in 1939, war time Pope Pius XII did not renew his honorary title.

But Pope John XXIII restored Von Papen`s title of Papal Chamberlain on 24 July 1959. Papen was also made a «Knight of Malta», and was awarded the Grand Cross of the Pontifical Order of Pius IX.

Why did the Roman Catholic Church honor Hitlers vice-chancellor, who had been rewarded by Hitler in 1944, at the hight of the Holocaust?

One answer has to be found in the merits of Franz Von Papen before World War II.

Papen was expelled from the United States during World War I for complicity in the planning of sabotage such as blowing up U.S. railroad lines. On 28 December 1915, he was declared persona non grata by the U.S. after his exposure and recalled to Germany.

Franz von Papen was awarded the grand cross by the Pope in 1959.

In April 1916, a United States federal grand jury issued an indictment against Papen for a plot to blow up Canada’s Welland Canal, which connects Lake Ontario to Lake Erie. But Papen was then safely on German soil. He remained under indictment until he became Chancellor of Germany in 1932, at which time the charges were dropped.

Later in World War I, Papen served as an officer first on the Western Front. From 1917 he as an officer on the General Staff in the Middle East and a major in the Ottoman army in Palestine.

Than, who was Franz Von Papen?

Like Tony Blair, He was a committed «papist». He was linked to the Papal effort to make The United State of America one of the Papal states under the Vatican seat of power.

He even served as a officer in the Ottoman Army in «Palestine», who tried its best to avoid Jerusalem being liberated by British forces. There were worse things that could happen to Jerusalem, than being under Muslim control. The Catholic faithful wanted to avoid a Protestant Christian take-over, followed by a Jewish home coming.

Today a former nominal protestant turned faithful papal soldier is trying to complete the task given to Franz von Papen. His name is Tony Blair. The former Prime Minister of Anglican United Kingdom has been given the Papal task to end the Zionist control over the «Holy city».

Franz Von Papen was not only a Nazi-collaborator. He had always been a faithful papist and a freemason. Thats why the Pope of Rome restored him in 1959.

20. Juli 1933. Franz von Papen signs the deal between Nazi-Germany and the Vatican
Franz von Papen with Hitler and Josef Goebbels.
After World War II, Franz von Papen was made a papal knight by the Pope
Freemasons on the march, the order of the Knights of Malta with Franz von Papen.
Papal soldier Franz von Papen with his Vatican order after World War II
After the war, Franz von Papen on the back of a horse. A free man, honored by the Roman Catholic Pope of Rome.

Read more about the Knights of Malta: Click here:

First published, 13th of February 2010.

By Ivar

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  1. The Mother of all Harlots has her legs and arms everywhere, seducing all and sundry.
    But she will come to her appointed end. It is written.
    May our God and Father of Lord Jesus Christ bring many seduced souls out from under her vile skirts.

  2. God bless you Ivar, for your continual witness for Yeshua our LORD.
    I have a question. There are so many Catholics in the world who have been born and raised in that tradition, so that it’s very ingrained in them. I have met a few that seemingly cannot be shaken no matter what. I wonder- what the chances are they will be saved, just because they seem to have a sincere belief and love for Yeshua? Outside of a supernatural sovereign act of the Holy Spirit, I am personally in great doubt of them making heaven.

    1. Dear Scarlett.

      Shalom and love on Jesus.

      We have to see the difference between a Catholic by culture and a Catholic by faith. There are saved Messianic followers among Roman Catholics. We can identify them by simply listen to them, asked to explain what salvation is. If they reply: “Jesus have died for my sins on the cross. I only pray in His name”, you have met a “Christian”. No longer a Roman Catholic, even if he calls him self so. According to Roman Catholic doctrine, such a person is no longer a Catholic by faith. They shall pray the Rosary to Mary, and pray to “saints” on their festival day, or face excommunication. Another sign of THS working inside Catholics, are his/hers statement that they do not belive the Pope is infallible. They are no longe subjects of the spirit of the Pope and his claimed authority.

      1. Shalom and Love in Yeshua…..Thank you so much for explaining this to me because it’s something that has bothered me for a long time. I believe it helps me to know how to pray for Catholics. I do know there are some who claim to be Catholic that seem to have the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

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