Two different stories of what took place in Bethlehem.

Dear brothers and sisters. I greet you in the name of Yeshua the Messiah, and hope all are well?

For a long time I have desired to met you, but Satan and his children have for the last two year’s stopped me. Therefore I write to you about a serious problem that has surfaced among the brethren. A bid to replace what took place in Bethlehem when our Lord was born, with a different narrative. About three claimed vise men, three kings being present at the crib of the first born of Miriam. Some scrupulous souls have done this. You are aware that the pagans who have come to faith, do not know, nor do they understand our history and traditions. So they easily fall into the trap of our enemies, and copy their falsehoods and present it as truth. The main problem is linked to the three kings who came from Persia, from the east, from where many of our lost tribesmen live. They came two years after the Messiah was born. When the genocide against our smallest children took place.

There were not three kings at the crib in Bethlehem. Its a Roman Catholic narrative that amount to falsification of the truth.

Some false witnesses claim their kings were present at the crib during His birth. There were no kings there. Only some few shepherds. False apostles have replaced the true story with a fable. They have even told their followers to make such cribs when they celebrate their winter solstice, and place their kings there with their false Messiah. They and their «Messiah » have never considered to travel up to Jerusalem for the feasts of Tabernacle, nor Hannukah. The truth is: A star appeared to these three noble men, so they could be present in Jerusalem at the time of the appointed feast they obviously had forgotten. They came at the time of the year they expected the new King was born.

The crib-event with three «kings» never took place. Many of the claimed followers of the Messiah do not understand that what they read in Matthew chapter two has been falsified by these false crib-makers. The truth is that three god fearing men from the East came, their forefathers well versed in the Jewish laws and prophecies. They came to Jerusalem two years after His birth. They were astonished that the Jewish leaders had no clue what had taken places in Bethlehem. That they had no prophetic knowledge. Strangely enough, neither King Herod nor his high priest and scholars had heard about His birth. They must have been busy with their Worldly affairs. When Herod became aware of the circumstances, he plotted to kill the new king of the Jews. What a terrible price we all had to pay. If we only had had an Hadassah (Queen Esther) present among us, this brutal mass murder could have been stopped. Unfortunately our people had forgotten both the Law, our history and feasts, deceived by those who had become Hellenist Jews. They adopted and mixed in religious practices and the culture of the pagan Greeks, became blind to spiritual realities, and lead us right into this disaster.

When our three brothers came from Persia to Bethlehem, the star guided them to the the house of our toddler king and his mother. There are still no record if his step father was in town that day. But shortly after he was warned in a dream to take his family and run away from Bethlehem to Egypt. (Luke 2:8). They escaped this mass murder. If these men of falsehood had succeeded, our king would have been killed. He would not have been able to carry our sins to the cross in Jerusalem as foretold by our prophets. There would have been no victory at Calvary, no salvation and no power of the resurrection. We would all have been doomed.

What is at stake?

If we present falsehood and truth, why should they believe us?

Why should the spirit of God, the spirit of truth continue to work through us?

Kindly refute their narrative, and present the truth about took place when the Messiah was born. Hopefully some of the deceived will be able to see and repent. Do never forget the mass murder of our smallest children. Rachel is weeping for all of them. By His mercy, both she and her children are all home in the kingdom of Heaven.

Sincerely yours.

4 thoughts on “Two different stories of what took place in Bethlehem.

  1. What you say is the truth. I have noted this some years ago according to what is written in Scripture. The three kings knew of these things as most likely at the time of Daniel prophecies were passed on to those who were exiled into those areas, jews who never left those areas, which is a historical fact. Not all left Persia and Babylon, about 10,000 returned) at that time, so there were, and are today, descendants in those areas. The scripture says the kings of the east came to “the house” not a manger. There is not listed 3 kings either and it is not really known how many there were. I have read it was up to 9, but we won’t know the answer until we are with Him.
    If Hadassah were alive at that time, most likely Herod would have her killed (unless the intervention as it were in her time occurred.) Herod murdered his wife and son, killing was no problem for him.

    1. Dear Kabar 77.

      Shalom and love in Jesus.

      What we understand from scripture and history, is that the last 200 years before the Messiah came in flesh, were turbulent and difficult. I have always questioned why the Westen nations call Alexander “the Great”. He reigned for 13 years, just like Hitler. And the death and destruction in their path’s were the same. Keep in mind that Alexander brought almost 400 years of Persian greatness to an end. The Kings of Persia were used by God of Israel in mighty ways. This was the age of great awakenings. I just read the two books of Maccabeans. They disply the horror of the Hellenist age. In the New Testament age is was Rome who represent this evil, in particular from 320 A.D onwards.

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