One of Indias largest tech giant Wipro will only allow fully vaccinated workers to return to their office.

Wipro in July had said that 55 per cent of its 200.000 employees in India were vaccinated. Fully-vaccinated Wipro workers will be allowed to attend offices only two days in a week.

Wipro owner and executive Azim Premji is a good friend of Bill Gates. Wipro and Microsoft employ around 200.000 workers each.

Source: The Times

My comment:

Since march 2020 I have warned many Christians. « The China Corona Scam will eventually make you take the mark of the devil, in the Bible explained to be the mark of the beast ». To my utter surprise. Many Christians had no clue about what I was taking about. In particular in my own camp of Pentecostal Christians and Evangelical Friends of Israel. I experienced the nadir, the very low of human consciousness. In one church I do frequently visit, almost all the members got Covid-19. Only the assistant pastor died, an 80 year old man with underlying heart problems, The rest recovered. Next, when the first round of Covid-19 vaccines were made available. they ran to get jabbed. Non of them took anti-body tests, or proclaimed that Jesus had healed them from Covid. They put all their trust in Big Pharma and the secular government.

The CR-codes will exlude the not-jabbed.

When I explained that the Green Vaccine passport represented a medical apartheid, I understood that something terrible had teken place in the spiritual realm. People who earlier was sceptical to pressured to take this vaccine had changed their mind. The «snake bite » had effected them, just like Eve in the garden of Eden. Supposed to be warn evangelical Christians now supported Big Pharma and the enforcement of a CR-code that would exclude those not vaccinated from basic public services. They had in fact become a part of the Satanic neo-Fascism we now see emerging. It is like a slow death. It took eight years from Hitler took control of Germany till the first death camp was opened, Auswitch being the largest and most effective murder machine the World have seen. It will take some time for a small minority of the workers of Indian IT-major Wipro to discover that they will be left jobless if they to not take the jab. Not getting a salary, not being able to buy or sell.

As Churches and synagoges are implementing the CR-code system, we literally see that Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah separates the sheep from the goats. Those who refuse to bow and take the mark, will be left outside. Well and good. When a Christian congregathion starts to behave like a gate to a death camp, you should count your self lucky to be excluded. When you are willing to lay down your life for the truth, you will gain life. Alle who became friends with the World, made them self an enemy of God. They continue to do their evil deeds in the name of «Jesus », the largest self betrayal of our age.

What shall the remains of kingdom workers do?

Eliah thought he was alone, and wanted God to take his life. Sometimes many Christians can feel the same way. But you are not alone. There will always be a remnant of God around you.

1 Kings 19:18
Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel—all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him.”

Because of their secular dress code, not submitting to Catholic leaders, you might not be aware of them. Many protestant leaders are included in my count, because they have surrendered to Rome. They do no longer represent God of the Bible.

Resist he devil, and he will flee from you. The last Christian congregations on Earth will be part of the present underground Church. Operating like the secret gatherings of believers you read about in the Book of Acts. Not bowing for Ceasar, the Pope or any Prime Minister, not listening to judges who threatens to penalise those who listen to and obey the commands of God. They continue to keep their doors open, laying hands of the sick anointing them with oil. They continue to share meals with larges numbers of other saints. They share their joy in the Lords with others who have not bowed their head before Baal and the CR-code system. They have remined faithful and kept their lamp burning. They have continued to be on the alert, and stayed awake. The Messiah will return out of a sudden to rescue these faithfull workers who are waiting for Him. Amen.

Published by Ivar.