A team of Israeli researchers have developed a hybrid organ – an organ from a pig with “human” blood vessels.

This is what Jerusalem Post reports: – that they believe could help alleviate the shortage of transplant organs.

There have been many attempts to implant animal organs in humans but this has largely been unsuccessful, mostly due to acute rejections, explained Dr. Shahar Cohen of Beilinson Hospital, whose team developed the hybrid organ.

The main trigger of an organ rejection is the internal lining of its blood vessels, he said. This coating is the point of contact between the transplanted organ and the recipient’s body.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The Jewish people are very intelligent. They have blessed the World with knowledge and wisdom. A nation which account for hardly 0,1 per cent of the Worlds population, have gifted us more the 10 per cent of all Nobel price winners.

The bible explains that at the end of the age of grace, ancient Israel shall come back into existence. We have all seen this in 1948. Just before the Messiah returns, Israel shall unfortunately become a failed state. The Jews shall welcome the last and finale antichrist, a false Messiah who will set up His throne in Jerusalem. We call this age the post-Zionist area. It will be a brief time of massive blasphemy against God of the Bible. Than the true Messiah will return.

Daniel: 11: 36

“The king will do as he pleases. He will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will say unheard-of things against the God of gods. He will be successful until the time of wrath is completed, for what has been determined must take place.

To put pig organs inside a human, is not exactly kosher. In Judaism pigs are unclean animals. A human with a pig organ will be consider a hybrid, a result of evil, an outright manipulation of God’s creation.

What about a piece of a pig set up in your body, the New Testament Temple of the Holy Spirit?

The Temple in Jerusalem had to be cleansed from the blood of pigs, the background and basis for the feast of Hanukkah. To mix a big organ and human blood amount to the same kind of evil. It is and act of Satan. This example display in all its madness that takes place inside Israel today. And that Israelis and others feel they have become so wise and cleaver, that they can challenge God of Israel. With catastrophic results, explained by God’s prophets.

Yeshua the Messiah will end this evil regime that has manifested in self in 2021.

Revelation 16:10.

The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and its kingdom was plunged into darkness. People gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.

Do not participate in these evils. Rather expose them.

Published by Ivar