Fighting for justice for victims of Covid-19 paranoia

A human rights group in Bergen in Norway has taken local politicians into account. Police complaints have been filed.

Several police complaints have been filed against the Norwegian minister for health, Mr. Bent Høie.

It is critical for the survival of freedom, that we resist the fascism that follows in the footstep of Covid-19 paranoia. Our last frontier is the Human Right Courts. Like during the Second World War, a small minority might face their ultimate martyrdom.

Today I was blocked by Face Book to link up my articles. Dramatically reducing my freedom as an Editor. Not surprisingly. As the most powerful man on Earth, in theory, President Donald Trump faced the same limitation to his freedom of expression.

Link to the new forum:

May Yeshua the Messiah bless all who resist Satan and his goons , as we continue to run the race till the point of the sudden Return of the Son of God. Amen.

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5 thoughts on “Fighting for justice for victims of Covid-19 paranoia

  1. I too have been banned from face book for breaking the Covid rules. It’s a great big scam. A giant cult and the people who believe all the lies include the last days apostate church (2 Thess. 2:3). You can’t reason with them because they won’t listen. It is the same as trying to lead someone to Jesus who is a Catholic, or Mormon, etc., it is hard for them to ‘reason’ within themselves that they have been lied to through this massive media scam that has never been tried before. The mask wearing proves the allegiance a type of mark of the beast only they don’t openly claim to worship Satan. They had the freedom all along to resist it but in mass they put the masks on for more than a year, and in our state there was less than 2,400 deaths in 15 months attributed to Covid which is a lie too because the test is a fake. That number is so low it is ridiculous to count it a pandemic for more people die daily from heart attacks! Nations are to the breaking point spending money that belongs to the citizens to pay people to stay home and give wealth to the lying leaders. Once people get accustomed to free things they will vote for themselves more leaders who continue to covet what belongs to the ones who work for a living. Just wait by fall they will shut every one down again and ruin more lives, for Satan promised them riches by killing you with witch craft.

    1. Dear Naomi116

      Shalom and love in Jesus.

      I am sadended that many Evangelical Christians do not see the writings on the wall. A lot of my friends in Norway have been restricted on Facebook for the last 24 hours. They all have in common that they do not stop publishing articles critical to Covi-19 vaccinations. Related to the mark of the beast, there is a lot of confusion. The number 666 will not be written on the forehand of people. 666 is the number of the beast, a man. And it requires a calculation and wisdom to expose who this man is. There are a few good candidates around. My focus is on the function of the mark. It will be introduced to gain full control of its subjects. Those who do not have it will be refused to buy and sell. That is simply taken place right in front of our eyes, in the form of the QR-code on the Vaccine passport. Mike Zuccerberg and his Facebook family are going right into the trap set up by Satan. They have become puppets of AI, the robotics who has replaced human reasoning and compassion. Jesus the Messiah would have been blocked from his FB account, if he tried to use this socal media channel to communicate. Naomi. I have been convinced I have to go back to the good old analog way of communication. Inviting people for a cup of coffee, as we study the bible and pray to the Messiah for His urgent support and sudden return. Amen.

      1. Yes it seems like full control is almost here. The Great Reset, which reminds Bible students of Daniel’s fourth kingdom. They say, “you will own nothing and be happy.” The ones saying that believe that they are immune to what they are doing to others, but like you said Ivar, they are puppets for Satan’s plan. I do believe these evil people currently worship Satan, and speak to devils through there New Age, Yoga meditation techniques in which they have spirit guides telling them what they should do. These men and women are smug, they believe that they can upload their brains into machines and live forever, but we know what Satan said in the garden, “Ye shall not surely die.” in Genesis 3:4. Spiritually they are dead and they don’t know it, though they live in bodies of made of clay created by God Almighty. Yes, there are not many who know that we are in great deception. The world has been lied to believing in Darwin and survival of the fittest and Karma. I do meet weekly with a like minded Christian lady to study God’s word. There’s nothing better on earth than that. I love it. I love you Jesus! Thank you for saving me! Amen

      2. Dear naomi116

        Shalom and love in Jeuss.

        Thanks for your comment. I have read “Mein Kampf”, and I have seen the video “The Great Reset” by World Economic Forum. (WEF). They seems to be two sides of the same coin. Their ways to gain full control of the World are different. Hitler tried to knock down all borders. WEF and FN Agenda 2030 tries to knock you out by jabing you with a vaccine. They aproach you like a snake and bite you with a needle. Behind this are the jabed Pope, all kings and president’s on the face of the Earth. Some are still resisting. Just like in Germany before 1940. Jesus have fold us about this age of confusion and terrible deception, that will lead mankind towards the wide gates of destruction. There will only be two authoities left on Earth. You will have to bow before the antichrist and his QR-code, or face martyrdom. Only some few followers of Jesus will resist, and chose eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven. They considererd their life in the flesh worth nothing, compared to the free gift of eternal life with the Messiah.

  2. I’m sorry you’ve been blocked on FB. Anyone with a more conservative viewpoint or anti-vaccine perspective comes under their radar & can eventually be blocked. We may disagree on things, but you still have a voice.

    As for the media hoax, there is a Christian group in the US keeping track of the research pertaining to the COVID vaccines. Should you ever want to see how ethically the current vaccines are being produced, check out the Lozier Institute Online – specifically, look for their article entitled “ Update: COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates and Abortion-Derived Cell Lines”.
    See also the article entitled “ Trust Index: Does the COVID-19 vaccine contain a tracking device? Posts falsely claim that COVID-19 vaccines contain microchips, tracking devices” by Isis Romero, Anchor.

    As for other claims about the vaccines, credible proof is required. Speculation & fear need to be jettisoned. Jesus is the TRUTH. So speak the truth – not speculation.

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