Trump trades the Kurds for business in the Gulf

Trump says he’s ending the US role in Middle East wars. But he’s sending 1,800 troops to Saudi Arabia. Where he danced the Islamic sword dance. 

Please keep in mind what Trump did on his first foreign trip as the US President.

This is yet another part of the US-Iran standoff.

The Trump administration will send nearly 2000 troops and advanced military equipment to Saudi Arabia to deter threats from Iran — a move that will increase America’s presence in the Middle East, even as President Donald Trump falsely boasts about ending wars in the region.

The announcement, made by Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley on Friday, continues the administration’s campaign both to increase pressure on Tehran and deepen ties with Riyadh. The US has sent an additional 14,000 military members to the Middle East since May, which the 1,800 authorized Friday will add to.

That makes sense, as May was when the US and Iran became looked in a standoff  that’s seen the US aggressively increase its stance in the region and consider striking Iran  only to call it off in the last minute. It’s also seen Iran bomb oil tankers in strategic waterways and oil fields in Saudi Arabia, which Esper specifically cited as a reason for the increase.


My comment:

I have just raised the possibility that Trump might be the ultimate friend of Israel who will betray the Jewish state.  Religious Jews in Jerusalem has minted a silver coin of Trump, where he is portrayed together with King Cyrus of Persia. The ancient king who permitted the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple. 20.000 of this coin has been sold, and minted 1 million USD to the project of building the Third Temple in the city of David. If it gets ready in time, Trump will be hailed on the Temple Mount as “God in flesh”, a modern day Messiah.

The new coin that made Trump the new King of Israel.

Is Trumps praises for Israel just flatter, for his own political gain? Trump and the Republican Party can not win any election, without support from Evangelical Christian friends of Israel.

Daniel 11:32 

With flattery he will corrupt those who have violated the covenant, but the people who know their God will firmly resist him.

We have to wait and watch, and see what there is the Trump administration’s “peace plan” for Israel.

Trump did not pull the US forces out of Syria. He just relocated them to “safe” positions. Away from the US former allied, the Kurdish soldiers, whom Erdogan wants to bring to silence. Pentagon gave the Islamic dictator in Ankara the new GPS koordinates of the US commandos, so that Turkish NATO-fire should not harm American citizens.

What should we call such behaviour? 

Betrayal. Nothing but a betrayal in full daylight.

President Trump’s betrayal for the Kurds is alarming. The Kurdish forces in Syria is a loyal allied of Israel. The US put their guns on the shoulders of the Kurds, when the Kurds defeated the Islamic state. Thousands of ISIS-terrorists are detained by the Kurdish forces, awaiting trial and judgment.

Turkey has always been a silent supporter of the Islamic state, and wants these ISIS prisoners to be released and continue their Jihad. Erdogan wants to build an united front of Muslims , who will move on toward the Golan Heights. Keep in mind that its was a call to take back the Golan Heights, that was the main trigger of the uprising in Damascus against the Bashar-al- Assad regime. The very start of the civil war in Syria.  Now Erdogan call his new war “ operation peace spring”.

1 Thessalonians 5:3

For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.

The USA and the Trump-administration is short of cash, and the Kurds has less than none to offer. When the US now move 1.800 new troops into Saudi Arabia, keep in mind that the Saudis will pay the bill for US presence in and around Mecca. Keep also in mind that Saudi Arabia was the host for Trump on his first visit abroad. Trump danced the war dance made in honour of the Islamic Kingdom. Just look across the border to Dubai, where the Trump-family has invested in Real Estate.

The message seems to be: To Hell with the Kurds, as long as business will continue as usual in the Persian Gulf.

Behold: God of Israel is not to be fooled by flatter and empty talk. Jesus the Messiah is the only one who can resque and save Israel. To my Jewish bothers and sisters: Put your trust in Yeshua. Your king died for your sins on the cross in Jerusalem. He is coming back soon.

Written by Ivar.

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