NGO’s do covet operations for Islamic traffickers 

People who set out in the Mediterranean from Libya can direct the course to ships they want to meet. The position of boat that promises to take passengers to a port in Malta or Lampedusa in Italy can be read on a smartphone.

Everyone with a smartphone can trace the position to the Nowegian wessel Ocean Viking, helping human trafiickers in Libya.

A retired sea captain from the Norwegian island of Sotra confirms that the position of Norwegian ships operating along the coast of Libya can be followed by anyone with access to a smartphone.

– All ships have an IPO number and automatically report the position via GPS. On the website, everyone can follow the position of all types of vessels over the entire world, the retried captain explains,

– Is it difficult to find the Norwegian supply vessel Ocean Viking off the coast of Libya?

– When the position of this vessel is known, it is a narrow matter to follow the course of this ship. Since the vessel has gone out in the media and stated that it will pick up passengers and go into ports in Europe, this is as effective as setting up a ferry route, says the captain. He adds that there are many Norwegian offshore vessels struggling to obtain assignments.

“If the customer pays well, it would not be difficult to hire enough vessels,” concludes the captain.  A director of a Norwegian shipping company confirms that the former captain understanding of maritime traffic off the coast of Libya is correct. Neither the  retired captain not the ship owner want their name to be make public.

The newspaper Norway Today went online to find the position of Ocean Viking. On the website, we were able to download and study the position of all ships off the coast of Libya, including all ships docked in the country. As is expected, the supply vessel Ocean Viking from the Norwegian island of Sotra. The ship is chartered for use by the French NGO, Médecins Sans Frontières

. On Sunday evening, the Norwegian vessel laid about 100 kilometers off the coast of Libya, just east of the capital Tripoli. This is about the distance between Bergen and Haugesund. The closest port in Europe is Malta, which is 230 kilometers north of the position of Ocean Viking. A map with the ship sailing in the Mediterranean can be read with a keystroke. Ocean Viking walked in a small circle in the sea just north of Tripoli when they encountered a vessel coming out of port in the African coastal nation. Ocean Viking was built in 1986 and has IMO number: 8506854. The ship is registered in the Norwegian Ship Register, and is owned by the Hoyland Offshore Reyars team at Sotra. The company says in a comment to Norway TODAY that they will not comment on the mission Mediterranean.

Due to the civil war in Libya, there are no regular passenger traffic in the area. Sunday night there were only 13 ships around Tripoli, in a coastal belt at 400 kilometers east-west. The coastline of Libya is 1770 kilometers long, about the distance between Bergen and Kirkenes.

Here is the list of vessels outside Tripoli.

1. Ocean Viking. 2090 tons, Offshore vessel. Flag: Norwegian.

2. Gas Concord, 9142 tons, LNG Tanker, Panama

3. Marios. 6704 tons, Container ship. panama

4. Seamerite. 23236 tons, Oil tanker, Malta

5. Voyager. 4233 tons. Dry Bulk, Palau in the Pacific,

6. Contship ECO. 7519 tons, Container Ship, Liberia

7. Crystal Galaxy, 4299 tons, Dry bulk, Syrian flag.

8. Spirit of Dubai, 10308 tons. Container ships. Portugal

9. Sea Juliett, 100 foot long tug, Netherlands.

10. Lillesand. 57,000 tons, oil tanker, Bahamas.

11. Belmar 61,000 tonnes, oil tanker, Malta.

12. EL Hiblu 1, 484 ton piles of tanks, Palau in the Pacific.

13. Tazerbo, 2938 tons, LPG tanks, Libya.

My comment:

I did the reporting as a journalist. Left leaning secular European NGO’s help muslims to enter Europe.  I praise Jesus the Messiah for helping to to expose these criminals. Mainstream media to portray the mafia as a part of a “rescue operation” and call the public for humanitarian aid.

Written by Ivar.

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