Warning: Norwegian NGO harm Friends of Israel

Today, MIFF blocked my latest post on their open FB page.

MIFF leader, Mr, Conrad Myrland harm freedom of expression and the cause of friends of Israel in Norway.

Be aware that this NGO has started to harm Evangelical Friends of Israel in Norway. And this way they to harm friends of the state of Israel.

As freedom of expression on Facebook now narrows, I feel I should again become more active on News That Matters.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on our souls.

Written by Ivar.

3 thoughts on “Warning: Norwegian NGO harm Friends of Israel

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  1. Ivar, this last email from you went into my spam ?? I have missed the reports you send. they are true. Blessings to you

    1. Dear Kim.

      Shalom and praise Jesus. Thanks for your blessings. I am no longer sure if FB will be open for freedom of expression. So I will use the WordPress plattform more than I have done for the pased two years.

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