THE HAGUE, Netherlands –  A media report linking half of the cardinals and bishops who served in the Netherlands between 1945 and 2010 to abuse cases has drawn the country’s Catholic Church into the church’s global sex abuse and cover-up scandal.

King Wlhelm Alexander and Queen Maxima of Holland at an audience at the Vatican.

The leader of a group of Dutch victims of abuse by Catholic clergy called Monday for the church to make public all it knows about such cases if it wants to win back trust.

“If they want this misery to end — these are crimes committed against children, you can’t just walk away from that — then they have to make things public and set up a new system where people can file complaints,” said Bert Smeets, an abuse victim who represents a group of survivors called Mea Culpa.

Smeets’ comments came after a weekend report by respected Dutch daily NRC linked 20 of 39 bishops and cardinals to abuse. The paper reported that four bishops committed abuse and a further 16 senior clergymen transferred priests who had been accused of abuse to new locations.

The report was based on a 2011 Dutch Catholic Church report about abuse, victims’ testimony to a commission of inquiry and the newspaper’s own research.

Source: Fox News.

My comment:

The Roman Catholic Church find it self in the center of global turmoil.  Jesus the Messiah said plainly. Do not just listen to what people say. By the fruits you will be able to recognise my disciples.

The fruits of the Vatican priesthood is terrible. The sexual crimes of these priests are not located to one or a few nations. These crimes takes place all over the World. The cover up for sexual abusive leaders has been organised by a union of criminal priests and bishops. They are connected through the Vatican, the epic center of a crime syndicate. With the ruling popes as the leader of the gang.

Most Evangelicals, and even the majority of the Roman Catholics are not aware of th foundation of the Vatican statehood. The papal state in Rome was a gift to an exiled pope in 1929. And the gifter was the Italian Facist leader Benito Mussolini.  The Pope got his state and diplomatic passport, in exchange for his support of the facist regime.

How can any Christian expect good fruits to come from such a bad tree?

Matthew 7:15-16. 

 ‘Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognise them.

Matthew 7:18

A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

How can Christians be so disconnected from the Holy Spirit, that they accept Roman Catholicism as a part of the Christian family?

When we face such Christian leaders, its just terrible.

In one way, the global exposure of the Roman Catholic Church is good. No one who decide to remain inside this religious movement, can complain on the data of the final judgement, and say: “ I never knew. “. The crimes of the Vatican is obvious, and plain even to non-believers of all kinds.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all Roman Catholics. As he convince them to leave the Church, and join spirit filled Christians in fellowships all over the World. Amen.

Written by Ivar Fjeld