The true face of islamic slavery

Sondos Alqattan is criticised for attacking new laws that give Filipino workers better working conditions.

Sondos Alqattan is a slave owner in Kuwait who exposed the common national atitude before her 2,3 million followers in social media.

A Kuwaiti social media star is facing a backlash after criticising new laws improving conditions for the country’s Filipino domestic workers.

Sondos Alqattan, an Instagram star and makeup artist with over 2.3 million followers, criticised new laws giving Filipino workers a day off per week and preventing employers from seizing their passports.

“How can you have a servant at home who keeps their own passport with them? What’s worse is they have one day off every week,” she said in a video posted online, which has gone viral and attracted criticism in the Middle East and the Philippines.slavery2

Alqattan slated reforms introduced in May to protect the rights of Filipino domestic workers: “If they run away and go back to their country, who will refund me? Honestly I disagree with this law. I don’t want a Filipino maid any more.”

She is facing a storm of criticism for her comments, including from Migrante International, an advocacy group for overseas Filipino workers, which likened Alqattan’s comments to those of “a slave owner”, and said she was clinging “to a backward outlook which literally belongs to the dark ages”.

Roughly 660,000 people out of Kuwait’s population of 4 million are domestic migrant workers. According to Human Rights Watch, the country’s “kafala” system, which gives employers extensive powers over migrant workers, often forces them to remain with abusive bosses, while those who flee can be punished and imprisoned.

Source: The Guardian, UK.


My comment:

This new Kuwaity law is a step in the right direction. The US Administration has for decades been aware of the slavery enforced in states like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  Foreign domestic workers have to surrender their passports at their arrival in the Perian Gulf. Many of them face false criminal charges for stealing, and are banned from returning  to their native countries.

Still these Islamic dictatorships are not a part of the Trump administration “muslim ban”, who denies visas to nations who sponsor terrorism.

From a Christian perspective, Islam represent despotism is many forms. This young Kuwaitian lady appear beautiful on the outside, but her heart is full of hatred for her slaves. Jesus the Messiah did not permit his followers to harm anyone, but rather bless, even their worst enemies.

Matthew 5:44

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

Islam has always enclaved people, in particular captured Jews and Christians. The US trade with nations like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait makes the lawmakers in Washington compromise on freedom and human rights. There was notting that made the Messiah more angry and hypocrisy. Just read Matthew 23.

Matthew 23:33

‘You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?

We need to pray for America, call its leaders to put freedom and human right before the desire to maximize profit.

Written by Ivar.

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