Lutheran priests carried a “holy stone” into the church at Stiklestad. Some of the priests called for a return of a “holy bone.”. Katolsk1

The call for an endgame union with the Pope of Rome increases in force. The promoters of a new Apostolic Reformation (NAR) gains momentum. Reformed bible teachers are being silenced.   

The Norwegian King “Olav” was canonized in 1031 A.D by local Vatican-bishop Grimkell Some Lutheran priests has started to worship items belonging to this king. Like a stone, which Catholic traditions are “holy”. Because the king rested his head on this stone, when he died.  During the “feast of St. Olav” in 2007, this stone was carried back from the local museum, and into the local Church.

In a Roman Catholic inspired procession, the “holy stone” is transported from the local Museum.

The local Catholic Church in Norway, desire to see all Norwegian’s join Catholics in prayer to this “saint”.

Catholic and Luthans takes care of their “holy items”.

28th of July, 2007, Lutheran priests and Catholic priests, joined hands in prayer to the Norwegian king “saint”.

The present Roman Catholic arch bishop in Oslo lead the priestly class into this prayer.

“Pray for us, Holy Olav, the eternal King of Norway. 

You who introduced Christ in Norway, the servant of Christ, King Olav. 

Pray for us, Holy Olav, the eternal king of Norway”.



My comment:

How can Lutheran priests participate in religious blasphemy of this kind? 

Are they no longer in agreement with Martin Luther, who called the seat of the Pope, the seat of an antichrist? 

There are many people who claim to be be “Christians”, but are nothing but enemies of God.  There was nothing that made Jesus the Messiah more angry than hypocrites. The Son of God called them sons of Hell, white washed tombs and brood of wipers. 

The bible is crystal clear. The followers of Jesus shall not pray in any other name than His. There is no other middleman, or moderator between God and man, than He. The Messiah. 

 The letter to Timoteus, 2:5. 

For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, 

In the end of the age of grace, there shall appear a movement of spiritual prostitutes, and  the whore of Babylon shall reign.  The falling away shall be of apocalyptic proportions.  Do not participate in prayer with people who participate in such kind of evil.

Written by Ivar Fjeld.