Norwegian blogg on a disciple of Jesus

This is a Norwegian website with information about my works for Jesus the Messiah. May He get all the honor.

The projects of Ivar Fjeld

2 thoughts on “Norwegian blogg on a disciple of Jesus

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  1. I normally view your articles on your main website. I am enjoying this app on my phone to read the articles as well as view comments. Will you add all the old (or archived) articles to this WordPress site/app?

  2. Ivarfjeld i am One of the Sons of Light , i have been receiving your newsletter’s for quite some time now . ? where do you stand to one knowing this claim that i have said i am being one of the sons of light and now that you know about me perhaps you would allow me to meet you in person someday soon.
    I am a paranormal investigator /researcher this field of work helps locate the adversary’s men one of which is called by the name of (((((((( Belial and the sons of Belial . )))))))) A Quote from CHRIST to remember LUKE 9 :18 – 50 ~
    ( 49 ). Master , said John . “we saw a man driving out demons in your name and we tried to stop him , BECAUSE HE IS NOT ONE OF US ” (50). JESUS said “” Do not stop him for whoever is not against you is for you “

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