Trump granted Islamic Order by Saudi king

President Trump receives the Order of Abdulaziz al Saud medal from King Salman at the Saudi Royal Court.

Donald Trump bow before the head of the Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Order of King Abdulaziz is a Saudi-Arabian Order of Merit. The order was named after Abdulaziz Al Saud, founder of the modern Saudi state.

Abdulaziz ibn Abdul Rahman ibn Faisal ibn Turki ibn Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al Saud (Arabic: ‫عبد العزيز بن عبد الرحمن آل سعود‬‎‎, ‘Abd al-‘Azīz ibn ‘Abd ar-Raḥman Āl Sa‘ūd; 15 January 1875[1] – 9 November 1953), usually known within the Arab world as Abdulaziz, and in the West as Ibn Saud, was the first monarch and founder of Saudi Arabia, the “third Saudi state”.

Despite the friendly history between the United States and Saudi Arabia, the over-the-top, pro-Trump euphoria here is remarkable for a country whose monarchs have sometimes clashed with Washington, and whose population has a history of deep distrust of Western influence.

During his two-day visit, Mr. Trump is expected to announce a $100 billion-plus arms deal with Saudi Arabia as evidence of a renewed commitment by the United States to the security of the Gulf region

Source: The New York Times.

My comment:

President Trump is a brilliant example of how power corrupts. It took a 100 Billion USD arms deal, for Trump to bow before the king of the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The Islamic Order Trump accepted, is a loyalty Order to the Islamic Kingdom. In front of the flag with the Islamic sword and quotes from the Koran, Trump accept to be a Order brother of the Saudi king, defending the interests of the Islamic Kingdom.

This is the new Order which Donald Trump has become a member of.

For all Christians, who have promoted, supported and voted for Donald Trump: Are these pictures what is needed to open your eyes, and understand that you are part of a massive global deception?

Its possible that a “president” Hillary Clinton would be a bigger evil than Trump. But a lesser devil, is not what Christians should present as the best way forward for America and the World.

Be sure you do not end up as a betrayer of the gospel, presenting a man like Trump as a “Christian”. But rather rebuke this act of evil. Yet another example of how American politicians and businessmen, partakes in the sins of the most suppressive Islamic kingdom, one of the moister prominent supporter of Islamic terrorism.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on your soul.

Written by Ivar

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  1. When I see the black halo on the saudi king’s head, it leads me to believe that he is under the black pope’s umbrella of power. I am aghast. Father, I thank you for exposing all darkness. Spirit of Truth lead us all into the Truth. Thank God for Christ Jesus and the Light that darkness can NEVER overcome. The only safe place in this world is in Christ and allowing Christ to live in us! Thank you Abba Father!

  2. Bless you Ivar. This article is more of an opinion piece than news. Some comments: (1) People take Trump’s Christianity as a given because he professes to be such, and unlike Obama he regularly attends church and is standing up against genocide of Christians. He asked the gathering of Islamic leaders to toe steps that Christians and Jews be able to worship freely in Islamic lands. He asked them to focus on creating employment for their youth and take strong steps to rid the earth of Islamic terrorism; and said this on the country that considers itself holy soul because Monammed lived out his life there. Nothing he said was cringing or apologizing for Islam. His wife and daughter wore no head scarf and he did not bow down. As for the photo of the award being given, being a tall person, he has to lower his head so a geriatric (and short) king could manage to get the medial around Trump’s neck. No sign of submission to Islam. Your readers should know he did not bow during the airport greeting ceremony or other introductions to Islamic bigwigs.
    (2) Getting some award from a rotten dictator is routine in international diplomacy. Did you expect him to read the fine print and refuse the item given him? You don’t do such things when negotiating with any foreign leader, let alone when it’s giver is part of a shame and Honour culture like Islam. Trump neither cares about the medallion’s meaning or would ever considered himself to be under moral obligation to Saudi Arabia.
    (3) The arms sale is in the interest of American workers, and is routine. In any event China, Britian, Russia, or France would love the business. The Saudi and UAE armies can’t defeat the Shia Houthi rebels in next door Yemin, more arms won’t change that.
    In summary, I will need more proof to accept the “Trump the phony betrayer of Christianity” meme. I voted for him, support him with both eyes open, and am yet to be convinced any of this will betray the Gospel. I also draw your readers attention to his remarks at Liberty University, where he said “Americans worship God, not the government.” He got lots of flack from the usual suspects. Christians in America know what he means, and are noticing his strong stand against attacks on Christians inside the USA and on the world. I don’t see how any of this merits attacks on Trump by Ivar or any prophecy minded Christians.

  3. When believers mark donald trump as a true believer they are failing to discern the spirit that is driving him.You must understand that the spirit of lucifer seeks to unite all creeds, religions and peoples in the name of peace for the end agenda. In fact that is the religion of the end time. “a nuance of of beliefs and ideologies uniting under a false god/lucifer”. Anytime someone want to unite Christianity with islam, catholocism, and worldliness in general. That influence is coming from the influence of the Anti-CHRIST and man working together. True believers outside of main stream Christianity will be the only ones that will not unite with other religions and ideologies in return bringing persecution. Remember the scripture says that the world will be saying peace and safety when CHRIST returns. The only way the world can achieve their version of worldly peace is to unite and intermingle and accept each others differences. Ushering them to believe the lie that there are many ways to same GOD.

    1 Thessalonians 5:1-4 But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.
    For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.
    For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

    1. That is a lot of freight to load onto the back of our discussion. Trump is engaging in diplomacy to get Arab and other Sunni leaders to carry their share of the load in the campaign to crush Isis in Syria and Iraq. This is no more constructing a one world religion than George W. Bush putting together a “coalition of the willing” to invade Iraq in 2003. The language of brotherhood used in his speech to the Islamic nations is simply trying to undercut the Isis and Al-Quaida claim to be acting in the name of true Islam. Of course if you look into Islamic history and Scriptures, Trump is wrong about that. ISIS is simply doing what Mohammed & his successors did in the 6th-8th centuries AD, However such language provides a real politic fig leaf for Muslim governments hide behind in order to justify joining in the fight against Isis to the Arab street. Trump and NATO can’t just go to Saudi Arabia and denounce Islam wholes bolus. You can’t take on 1.5 billion Muslims in one go. In war, you divide and conqueror enemies. Also, politics makes strange bedfellows. So what is going on here is diplomacy, and strategy, not to be confused with ecumenicalism. Terror by Muslims is a fact of life, a President has to deal with it, and in war you get your hands dirty. You seem to be judging Trump by Theological standards that only Jesus could meet. This is just a secular & geo-political matter. I can support Trump without worry that I am advancing the Anti-Christ’s agenda.
      In any event, we can agree to disagree.

      1. Dear Thomas Fisher

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        Normally, you are a very reasonable man. But on this issue, you do not see the spiritual implications. Bowing before dictators, accepting their Orders and symbols, was something men like Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Rossevelt would simply not do. Selling high grade iron to Nazi-Germany was good for Swedish workers. To support and supply the Islamic dictatorships of Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Qatar is good for American business too. Shame on you for taking the side of the oppressors. You need to repent, and bow before the King of Kings. May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on your soul.

        And pleace take notice, that Obama also bowed before the King of the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Before the signed the waiver, not to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Just like the Islamic forces demands. Now Trump also, has bowed before the desert demon called “allah”.

      2. I see my latest comment is still being moderated. I bear you genuine
        goodwill, and apart from my president Donald Trump, we’re on the
        same page with most things.

        In any event, I am certainly not on the
        side of the King of Saudi Arabia, they are oppressive to so many inside
        their borders, and rogue elements of their royal family of 5000+ princes
        are certainly funding ISIS, just like they did the 19 hijackers on 9/11. Nor
        would I be on the side of the moon God Allah, we’re on the same page
        about him, he is just one of the many masks Satan wears.

        But as a Baptist who values separation of church and state, I can’t rightly
        expect the US government under Trump or any other president to put bible
        doctrine as the supreme and only criteria for it’s foreign policy. If you want
        that, I am afraid we will have to wait until the return of Christ and the onset
        of His millennial kingdom.

        It is unavoidable, but in statecraft, governments often do business with
        bad actors, and sometimes find themselves with a common interest
        with said bad state actors. I agree that Saudi Arabia is very bad.
        But selling their ineffective military arms puts food on the table for American workers, keeps the
        production lines of US arms manufacturers open, increases the volume
        and makes the per unit cost of upgrading the US military cheaper. Australia,
        for instance, is totally dependent on foreign arms companies for its military
        equipment, and that’s a bad place to be. Better to
        follow the adage, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

        In support of my analysis, notice how Israel sells arms to other countries,
        some are not as white as the driven snow, for the same reason. For instance,
        Israel has India for a big arms customer. Yet the Indian government allows Hindu
        militants in its borders to burn down churches and kills Christians. And besides,
        they can buy arms from Russia, China, France, Great Britain.

        Also, keeping Shia Iran from overrunning the Sunni Saudi Arabia is in
        Israel’s best interests as well. Have you notices that Israel has
        supported unsavoury characters in Syria’s civil war? These people getting
        medical care in Israeli hospitals are murderous Sunni killers of Christians,
        but If Iran and Hezbollah are on Israel’s border with the Golan heights,
        and Iran ge’s an unobstructed land bridge across Iraq into Syria,
        Israel will have game changing huge defence problems. So if the arms
        deal keeps Sunni and Shia at each other’s throats, that’s all to the good. Why
        shouldn’t Satan’s Islamic kingdom remain divided against itself?

        In any event, as the song says, “why can’t we be friends?

      3. Dear Thomas. P. Fisher.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        I am sorry for the delay. I do not know, why your comment was stopped in the spam filter. You are always welcome with your comments on News That Matters.

      4. i love how you twist satans kingdom cannot be divided to satans kingdom is divided. i know this is a “small” matter and that you do not have any intention of attacking the bible. but this shows your attitude. maybe when you keep your attitude right, you will realize that trump is not really for christians?

      5. i also love how thomas fischer refers to trump as “my president”. does he has the same attitude towards Jesus i wonder. i mean it shows the insanity that people are having towards worship of man. i thought our allegiance should only be to Christ? you can argue that perhaps trump is doing Gods work which i doubt seriously but then to also insinutate that he is a man of God? of course i will have no issue of him saying that if trump was a man of god which everyone knows he is not even if they are voting for him. i also love how he is now justfying a wrong in order to prevent a greater disaster from happening. i thought evil regimes like the communist regimes are doing that as well. mr thomas. who are you exactly supporting may i ask. the spirit behind trump or Jesus

  4. Dear Ivar:
    Grace and peace to you in Christ. I can see you are heavily invested in your concerns about President Trump.
    I agree that there are spiritual implications to current events, and evil works its way in the world pushing towards it’s goal of uniting humanity in a rejection of God.

    But if one is to cherry pick from among Trump’s actions, such as
    Trump receiving an award in Saudi Arabia, or delaying the relocating of the embassy, and then pile on Trump by associating him with prophetic trends of concern is a distorted picture. Viewing Trump as a Christianis not a global deception. The Anti-Christ is presented as riding to world authority on a wave of popularity. Trump does not aspire to be a ruler of the world, he is a nationalist who puts America first. Trunp is hated by leftists, globalists. Muslims, and the media. Nor am I deceiving the world by asserting Trump to be a Christian; the world hates Christians, and would take this as another reason to hate him all the more.

    Patriotic Americans love Trump as he loves America and its working people. And he is keeping his promises. What are the spiritual implications of his pulling the USA out of the Trans-pacific Partnership, the Paris Climate. accord, the 70% drop in illegal immigration, his travel ban on persons from 7 terrorist wracked nations, his support for Brexit? These actions are body blows to the program of globalism. These actions frustrate and hinder Satan’s agenda in the last days. And I must repent of agreeing with Trump on these issues, and by being on the same page with Trump I am Betraying the Gospel? Are nationalism and patriotism sinful? Please help me to understand, as I am puzzled. Why can’t we just agree to disagree? My enquireing mind wants to know. Cheers…..
    Tom Fischer

  5. In response to Mr Gen’s 2 posts, I think my previous posts would address your areas of sincere concern.

    But allow me to observe that I sympathies with how hard it is for many Christians living outside the USA; to understand and sympathize with belief (most Americans have) in American exceptionalism, or patriotic nationalism.

    But there are others who understand in some other countries. I empathize with and like Vladimir Putin just as I do with President Trump. I love how he believes in Russia’s destiny, and encourages Russians to marry and have families, increase the birth rate, and to share his very real belief in Russian Orthodox Christianity. He loves Christ in his own way, and he loves his motherland. That’s not saying he hasn’t done some bad things.

    I love how the Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, and Hungarians love their countries and have stood up and told the EU to get lost, they won’t take in any Muslims. How inspiring to hear a Polish politician say, Jesus Christ is the king of Poland, and keep your Islamic rapefugees to yourselves.

    I don’t see any conflict between my patriotism, and my belief in Jesus. Nor am I likely to. But I think it is better to agree to disagree, than to suggest that I or other Christians are dupes of an anti-Christ spirit, or somehow worship Donald Trump. That’s just an ad hominem attack dressed up on Christian vocabulary. I don’t impute any spiritual impurity, sin, etc to those (on this wonderful blog that Ivar clearly puts heaps of work) who may not share my view. But I think it is fair that I have the right to be treated the same way.

  6. I really cannot believe that you compare the Poles, Czechs, Slovaks and Hungarians to Americans.Do you know that I predicted that Trump would win even before the actual election started. Trump victory was meant to deceive people such as you. I mean the elites wanted Trump to win just to provide you guys with a false sense of security and also to give you guys an illusion of choice. People around the world can see it. Do you also realize that I actually used your very words against you? Your own words betray you. True Christians value spirituality over patriotism. I mean what’s there to be patriotic about when an evil ruler goes into power. Isn’t it better to come to the Lord espacially at a messy time like this? You seriously think Trump cares for America? How many promises has he broken?

    You do realize that Russian Orthodox is just another form of Catholism? Yeah. Let’s see how love of motherland gets you. Look at mainland China. They also promote nationalism right? What happened after that.

    You are falling for the psyop friend. Because your spirit is not right with God. Anyone who sees the truth knows Trump is no savior. And I include the Atheist in that group.

  7. Dear Mr Gen,

    Well you have stopped writing to persuade, but have fallen into ranting. I do know where Orthodox Christianity and Roman Catholicism have areas of doctrinal overlap, and areas of divergence. But if you told any Orthodox Christian they are a knock off of Roman Catholicism, they would be furious. Don’t you wonder why the Pope has never been allowed to set foot on Russian soil?

    You put up the PRC as an example that nationalism is inherently bad. Not so. The Chinese Communist Party was thoroughly evil from it’s inception to this very day. They promote Chinese nationalism now, because they know the people have lost belief in Communism, as even they have. So if they want to prop up their rule they stir up territorial disputes with Japan, Vietnam, Phillipines, Malaysia, etc. in the long run it won’t work. Every dynasty in Chinese history has eventually collapsed and given way to another. The Chinese Communist Party is no different.

    Now as to your repeated ad hominem attacks that I am not a true Christian because I don’t share your view of President Trump, or that American patriotism is somehow anti-Christian, etc. This is simply a “knock down the straw man argument.” Your assertions of themselves prove nothing, least of all whether I am a true Christian or not. I am Dissapointed you have stooped to mud slinging dressed up in Christianize. Thank goodness God is my judge and not other Christians. But I refuse to attack you in return. I don’t expect I’ll reply to any other of your posts, as dialogue does not interest you. As the saying goes, “a man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.” Via con Dios.

      1. Thank you for your encouragement. I would suggest everyone who visits this site pray for President Trump, as
        there are big problems in the realm of North Korea and Iran. He needs wisdom, and so do his generals. What bugs me is that many evangelicals who believe in prophecy about the 2nd coming, can’t be bothered to pray against
        North Korea, and that obese man child. I live In Australia, and am a dual citizen, having been born in the USA.
        Kim Jung UN has threatened to nuke Australia unless we give up our alliance with the USA. So many people in my church seem to have a fatalist idea that you should not pray and ak God to please keep Nuclear War at bay, it might delay the 2nd coming! Imagine that. I asked a fellow member of my church, what if we don’t pray, perish by
        nukes from North Korea (Unlike the USA and Israel, Australia has zero missal defence). What if that occurs and there is no rapture for 500 years?

        If it is all ok with God, I don’t want to arrive at the pearly gates, (following my death as the hands of North Korean
        Hydrogen bombs) glowing in the dark! I bet millions of South Korean Christians might agree with that

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