Trump mock Schwarzenegger at prayer breakfast

President Trump offered up a prayer to Arnold Schwarzenegger as he addressed the audience at this morning’s National Prayer Breakfast.

Donald Trump can simply not let a chanse go wasted, to intimidate people. Even at a prayer breakfast.

“They hired a big movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger to take my place, and we know how that turned out,” Trump said at the top of his remarks.

He continued, “The ratings went right down the tubes. It’s been a total disaster. And Mark [Burnett] will never, ever bet against Trump again, and I want to just pray for Arnold, if we can, for those ratings.”

Schwarzenegger, a former governor of California who earned fame for his action movie roles, was hired to replace Trump as host of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” The president is still listed as executive producer of the show.

A spokesman for Schwarzenegger fired back at Trump this morning.
“Arnold is praying that President Trump can start improving his own approval ratings, which were the worst in history for an incoming president, by taking his job seriously and working inclusively,” Daniel Ketchell, the spokesman, told ABC News.

Source: ABC news.

My comment:

I shall weight my words carefully, not to upset a lot of Christian Trump supporters who reads News That Matters.

It is caught on video. No need to blame anyone for this report being “rigged”.

Please ask your self a few questions:

Would any true born again Christian, use such an opportunity to:

1. Mock a former Republican voting movie-star who did not vote for him?

2. Hail his own role as a TV-star, with high ratings?

3. In the next moments, talk a lot about “god”, but not take the name of Jesus on his lips?

What do the Bible says about this issue?

Luke 9:26
Whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels

I am sorry. I do not think Trump is a Christian.I think you are deadly wrong.

Trump is rather a religious person, who is capable of doing anything, while taking about “god”. We have seen many such carracters in Wold history. They were all loose and dangerous guns on the deck.  Do not forget the sloagans of the Nazis. “Got mitt uns”. “God is with us”.

May Jesus the Messiah help us all.

Written by Ivar

18 thoughts on “Trump mock Schwarzenegger at prayer breakfast

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  1. All I will say is the fact that he is praising Roma Downey and her husband was enough for me to turn off the t.v….

  2. It’s just an Ecumenical show, joining all religions together with no respect of the True and only One God in three persons, Jesus Christ. Notice they say “God”, but they never say which god, “One Nation Under God” which???. They are worshipping a god of their choosing. I guess you could call him (Trump) a type of false prophet. In Free masonry they worship many gods, especially Rome! 2017 is the 500th year of the reformation, and the Roman church is hard at work reversing it, they say the schism is over. They have infiltrated government, and churches. Now all religions are joining together against the LORD! “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: A good understanding have all they that do His commandments: His praise endureth forever.” Psalm 111:10. Jesus said, “….Take heed that no man deceive you.” Matthew 24:4

    1. The question you posed “which god” IS EXACTLY what I have been asking family and friends lately. Amen, Nannette!

    2. Dear Nannette

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      Its just an Ecumenical show, joining all religions together with no respect of the True and only One God in three persons, Jesus Christ.

      My reply:

      Exactely my point too. Who do these people think they are? If Trump was a Christian, he should have said that “I am only praying in the name of Jesus”. It would have taken him 5 seconds to do so. If we dont, we become fakes. Trump is not affraid of expressing his opinions, and even defame others. Related to his claimed “Christian faith” he seems to be a looser.

  3. I don’t believe he was supporting Mark Burnett and Downey, it seemed more ridicule. That being said, those that eventually did vote for him did not elect a Christian, that is a known. There were no Christians to vote for. What was elected was a leader, who will, now, let Christian leaders be leaders, not PC puppets. And that is a breath of fresh air from the last 28 years of NWO presidents. He is the best choice, now, to restore the America that our founding fathers dreamed……

    1. Dear godsfingers

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I have no problem of Trump not being a Christian. But when a not-Christian swear an oath holding his hand on the Bible, both the witnesses and the subject becomes hypocrites. Who do they think they are dealing with? I object. I will not sit in such an assembly of the wicked.

      1. Yes, the swearing on the Bible. I’ve always had an issue with it when I caught Jesus words not to swear in Matt 5:34. “christians” somehow skipped Jesus’ command and introduced putting a Bible in there to invoke a “fear of God” to the words, I guess. He was just following the Washington DC hipocracy of ages, if you will.

  4. I just want to be clear to you the more does the More true colors comes out , people like you paid government to create a site like this with truth, but use for monitoring those whose eyes are kept open from the lies, you are not a Christian, you can’t be a Liberal and be a Christians that’s nut, Trump is not perfect but at least he is not a Puss and he standing against an evil regime and empire who hates God , the people of God both gentiles and Jews and the Bible which is God.God calls all man to hate evil and The Children of God are not call to be a bunch sissy puss cowards we are call to be bold and strong with protection of God yo preach the Gospel and to stand up and preach to this anarchist and liberal without violence. I am not saying Trump is a Christian but at least he is trying and he respects the Counstitution his country and flag he loves America not perfect but America is like the role model of the world because Of the morals responsibility it was set on , not perfect but at least its stand for good not evil, since back in the date the Evil rogue man infiltrated the government and that’s why America has issues we live in a imperfect world, get over it and get it. The reason this world is the way it is is because good man and Christian man are not thought to fight and be strong , bold and couragious, churches are teaching Christians to be pussies instead, we need to be like the disciples and David that’s the way we need to be, the they Christian man stop and refuse to be oppress and stand up with the Gospel on the Enemy with is Satan things will move better in a goid direction until Christ comes back. The Bible says to love my enemies and pray yes, to love yes, to forgive have grace and mercy yes and be like Jesus Christ Yes and have faith yes turn the other cheek yes, but it also says to hate evil and it also say about making other people sin the sin is accountable on the ones who creates the drama, there’s also a time to. .. . and so on, so yes I will put a man like Arnold swashnagger on his place and yes I will use self defense on reprobate like GOLIATH if they touch me , my wife and my kids friends pastor and family, otherwise lets talk about hypocrisy , how you justify a Cop going against a criminal and A soldier fighting against evil man who rape kill children and women and innocent people . We living in the times and am glad I voted for trump , this is the time The Christians that are thought to be a bunch of scary live in safety and be a bunch of pussies , thus is the time to rise up and preach the a Gospel to this people blinded by Satan , the anarchist the lubraks the communist the socialist and the low and atheist. Is time this is it, after 8 years from now , is going to be pretty bad trust me.

  5. You are so legalistic , i have done a lot of bad things in my life, but is because if Jesus Christ that am standing , Donald Trump hasn’t done the things am done , and I am still fit to be a leader of a community or a lead on teenage boys, you know why because I learn from the evil , from drugs from the underground and from my mistake and I try to find pleasure and non of that feel me, my lord and savior Jesus Christ is the key The god of Israel is the key everything else is a dead end, I have set a mofo on fire for just pushing my buttons and slapping me in the face ended from an island in the Atlantic to the Boston hospital for burning victims , am trump smack some fine looking women , in my tines of being out of line I start from Kerry Perry all the way to Sarah Palin.Really dude am pretty sure you have stuff in your closet too everybody those , the important thing is to pray for people and each other for Jesus Crist to convict them and be led to him for the glory of the true king and for our well being and at least people trying to change instead of being evil , lying deceitful skimmers and twisting fools making bad goid and goid bad full of lies. People are trying in this world at least and that’s what matters is us to us that know the true God and kings of kings to lead them to the right direction and be behind them not being legalistic prices. We don’t live in a Candy world , so Man up or you get eaten by Wolf. Wake up. Is time no fear God says when is time not Satan not demons not his army not kings and activist , groups , handlers or assosiations, the God of Israel , of the Jews and Gentiles the king of kings lord of lords Jesus Christ is with me with us who have faith and believe in him , this people that put it fear and oppress are like ants under are shoes there nothing and Karma is coming for them if they don’t change their evil ways and wake up . in other words they are the real cowards is all a mind game , the enemies and the enemy plays with the phsycological game, is all with the mind to get to your physical or to your physical to get to your mind , and your spiritual to get to your heart and mind and it leaves you physically and mentally screw up, their tactics is to make people that are smart and believe in good and believe in God , the whole game is to make you look like a nut job, the only way to defeat them is with Jesus Christ and to stand your ground with your head up without shame, and say thank you lord for using this idiot fools to make me wiser and a better person and a man I just learn from that mistake, you rise up while they are choosing to drag themselves to the pit and lake of fire, it not a joke . let people tell you story about karma and trust me and this choose to be low followers blinded by satanbwould thing twice, but Jesus Christ is The only way to unblind. I am done writing, get the freaking point and start putting some real articles that lead people to Christ out Of their slumber cause people are being blind as we speak a lot of false hopes, speakers and leaders, Rise , up Christians and 💘 we will get the love part right one day by perseverance. Peace .

  6. I am beginning to wonder if some of the brethren are “triggered” by President Trump. He is the President now, get over it! Everyone knows the prayer breakfast is ecumenical, and the comments about Arnold’s ratings were something of a joke. Trump was not bullying Arnold. As if, the whole idea is laughable. All of this angst about whether Trump us a proper Christian strikes me as legalistic. He does not need to pass theological tests, why not focus on the fact he spoke at the prayer breakfast about his goal of rescinding the Johnson amendment so that pastors will be able to have an opinion in the pulpit about some issues before the body politic without having to fear the IRS will revoke their church’s tax exempt status. This will revolutionize politics and give the church her voice.

    1. Dear Thomas P. Fisher

      Shalom and love in Jesus.

      Yes we can rather debate the Johnson amendment. But I would like to warn people about a President, who do not respect a verdict by a Federal judge. As usual, Trump send a tweet, this time defaming a upholder of the Constitution as a “so-called judge”. I can only suggest that the US can start to think about Trump as a “so-called President”. Presidents who turns dictators, always start the process of enforcing martial law by intimidating judges. Portray them as “enemies of the state”. I have warned all my readers. When the respect for the legal system breaks down, its barbarism next.

      1. Dear all readers.

        I will make an exception from my own ban on external links, and give you a link to Trumps last tweet. I hope you understand what can follow next, when a “President” do not respect the Constitutional role of a Federal Judge. This judge was nominated by GOP President George W.Bush and apporved by the US Senate.

      2. Dear Ivar, fellow believer in Jesus:

        Conservatives in the USA have been vocal in condemning activist left wing judges for Legislating from the bench for decades now, and nothing barberious has occurred. (That is if you overlook what occurred at San Bernadino & Orlando). As I have noted in another post, this judge is biased in favor of
        Open borders globalism. He made a name for himself as voicing support for the George Soros funded “Black Lives Matter” group that constantany agitates for killing policemen. In his free time he represents illegal aliens who are trying to avoid deportation. He is biased and should have reclused himself out of his huge conflict of interest. That was what an ethical honest judge would have done. But he wants to legislate from the bench, so ethics be dammed. To say this fellow is a “so called judge” is very accurate, and a mild choice of language, given what is at stake. Eventually President Trump will be vindicated, but meanwhile Hitler-adoring Muslims continue to flood into my country. They are the enemy to worry about, not President Trump. I agree with Milo Yiannapoulis of, there is no such thing as “moderate” Islam, just Islam. Aren’t you a little bit upset about how dangerous it is for women to go out in public in Sweden, for instance? Stockholm is now the rape capital of the world. This particular judge is just another of the “useful idiots” Lenin wrote about. For me, Trump is a political leader, not a religious figure (true or false). He has none of the markets of the coming anti-Christ, and as a nationalist he is hated by all globalists. Do you remember in Marc 2016, how pope Francis tried to intervene in US politics by saying Trump was not a Christian. Why are we echoing what he says? Trump is no more likely to be an anti-Christ or False prophet, than Nigel Farange in the UK, or Marie Le Pen in France. We can’t know who anti-Christ will be or when Daniel’s 70th week will occur. These events could be just 5 months, or 500 years away. In the meantime we can agree to disagree on politics. But the more my president is attacked, the more I will defend him. Peace to you and yours, in Christ.

  7. Dear Ivar: American Christians & other conservatives have been grinding their teeth and denouncing progressive federal judges for legislating from the bench for generations, and the body politic has not collapsed into barbarism. I don’t have to “respect” this judge. He is a biased globalist tool. My saying this does not make me a Nazi. The real Nazi’s are the Moslems this judge wants to flood the country with. He is not worthy of Trump’s respect or mine. We’re this man an ethical judge, he would have reclused himself from the case over his conflict of interest. The conflict is that he spends his spare time in the courts representing (pro bono) Illegal Aliens fighting deportation orders. But he is not an ethical man, he is an open borders activist. He cares nothing about the safety of Americans, and by bring in Muslims he is putting my safety at risk.
    Please explain to me why you have such a dislike for Trump, when his enemies are our enemies? One example would be pope Francis when he tried to insert himself into the politics of the USA. This occurred just prior to the South Carolina primary when he said Trump was not a Christian because he advocated a wall on the Mexican border. Yet the pope lives behind high walls all around Vatican City. What a hypocrite! You know, the Jews have a question “is it good for the Jews?”
    I am more interested in whether Trump is good for the Christians. Hence my comment about repealing the Johnson ammendnent would allow Pastors to comment on political matters and endorse candidates during elections. This unshackling of the church would have a great effect on reversing the cultural decline of America. So whether God thinks Trump is a Christian or not is beside the point. He likes Christians and wants to protect Christians from lawsuits if they don’t want to bake a cake for a LBGT wedding. Trying to slot Trump into end time prophetic scenarios gives Bible prophecy a bad reputation. We can’t know who the Antichrist will be, nor can we know whether the rapture and Daniel’s 70th week is 5 months away, or 500 years away. Trump is simply a politician, not a religious figure. Whether he will make a good president or not is a secular matter, not a spiritual issue. I voted for Trump, and love his cabinet picks, and his executive orders. He is hated by the globalists at Davos, by the EU commissars In Brussels, by Isis, by George Soros, by the Pope, by the media and Hollywood, but beloved by blue collar working people in America, because he fights for the Americsn worker. He loves his country, and his enemies are enemies of Biblical Christianity. So why carry water for Globalists and Moslems? Why be the “useful idiots” that Vladimir Lennin wrote about?
    That said I am able to agree to disagree about these political issues. But as a voting American patriot, Trump is my president. When he is attacked, I will firmly and politely defend him. Grace and peace to you and yours.

  8. Dear Ivar: grace and peace be yours in Christ.

    In line with the saying that “silence implies consent, “. Am I to assume you agree with the thrust of my arguments about Trump being a nationalist bulwark against globalism and its fellow traveler Islam?

    By the way I find yours website to be unique, info here on Catholicism is very useful in witnessing to Catholics, many of whom have never seen the relic worship that occurs more often in Europe and Latin America.

    Blessings,….. Tom Fischer

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