The mummified body of Santa Rosa is seen in her shrine during a visit by Pope Benedict XVI to the Italian city of Viterbo September 6, 2009.

Pope Benedict XVI views the mummified body of Santa Rosa in her shrine during a visit to Viterbo
The Pope fold his hands and pray infront of a female who died almost 800 years ago.

This is recorded about this papal “saint” on Wikipedia.

Rose of Viterbo, T.O.S.F. (c. 1233 – March 6, 1251), was a young woman born in Viterbo, then a contested commune of the Papal States. She spent her brief life as a recluse, who was outspoken in her support of the papacy.

The skull and corpse of Rosa of Viterbo in Italy, whom the Pope pray to.

Rose died on March 6, 1251, in her father’s home.[3] It was long believed that Rose had died of tuberculosis. In 2010, however, researchers examining her remains concluded that she had died of a heart condition called Cantrell’s syndrome.

The Pope kneel and pray infront of the corpse.
The Corpse is elevated, as the Pope kneels and bow before it.

The process of Rose’s canonization was opened in the year of her death by Pope Innocent IV, but was not definitively undertaken until 1457. Originally buried at the parish church of Santa Maria in Poggio, in 1257 Pope Alexander IV ordered it moved to the monastery she had desired to enter, at which time it was renamed in her honor.

On September 3, the eve of the feast of St. Rose, the people of Viterbo follow the transportation of La Macchina (“the Machine of St. Rose”) a massive 28 metre high tower, illuminated with 3,000 tiny electric lights and 880 candles, and topped off with a statue of her, which is carried for 1,200 metres through the darkened streets of the old medieval town on the backs of around 100 volunteers called “facchini”. The tradition goes all the way back to September 4, 1258, when the body of the saint was exhumed and transported to the Monastery of Saint Damian; but it was not until 1664, following seven years of plague in the city, that a “machine” first appeared.

Source: Wikipedia

Firsts some more photos, that exposes the bad fruits that follows the Popes canonozation and worship of this corpse.

Italians carry this corpse on their shoulders on the day of its feast.
A rotten 800 year old corpse has been exhumed, elevated, and carried on the shoulders of Roman Catholics.

What you see is a Hell bound movements, of millions of people. With is epic center in the Vatican in Rome.

A massive procession is arranged for, headed by Bishops and Cardinals.
A bishop offer insence to the 800 year old corpse.
The huge idol of gold made to honor the “saint” Rosa of Viterbo.
Italian Roman Catholics carry the idol of gold on their shoulders.

My comment:

There are many pentecostal Christians, who have started to excuse Roman Catholics. They want to brand them as Christians, and even have fellowship with them.

When the topic of the Pope is mentioned, men Evangelical leaders compromise. They call the Pope a “Christian leader”, but take a stand against “some of his doctrines”.

Looking at these pictures, you get the understanding that Satan has succeeds. He has confused our leaders, to buy into all the lies of the Vatican. It is the Pope who legalize worship of the dead. The Pontif him self worship skulls, corpses and bones. He kneel before them, folds his hands and pray.

Mark 7:6

He replied, ‘Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you hypocrites; as it is written: ‘“These people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.

The Roman Catholics are told that to go to heaven they have to accept all the dogmas of the Vatican. The infallibility of the Pope, in particular when de canonized saints. The legacy of the young lady Rose of Viterbo in Italy is a typical example. Not only did she die of heart disease of tuberculosis. Today, the Catholics carry a disgusting idol on their shoulders, in her memory. The corpse of this female is kept in a rotten condition, and beautified with female garments and a metal ring around her neck. And all Catholics are called to worship her, as the Pope him self has set an example.

What you see is a Hell bound movement. A false Church who taints Biblical Christianity is the most morbid and tasteless manner. But because our own Christian leader cover up the crimes of the papacy, you will never see such pictures presented in your fellowship. Non of your teachers will ever tell the truth. As the Pope moves towards the gates of destruction, also many disconnected protestant leaders will follow suit.

I pray that you will not share their destiny. May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on your soul. Amen.

Written by Ivar