Pope Pius XII opposed Jewish Homeland in «Palestine»

Documents discovered by Jewish groups show that at the height of World War II Pope Pius XII warned against making Palestine a homeland for the «Hebrew race» and had no complaints about the Nazi occupation of Rome.


The discovery of the documents in U.S. archives cast new light on a pope whose failure to speak out publicly against the persecution of the Jews during the war is still causing controversy, especially now that the Vatican is considering him for sainthood.

In one document, a Vatican spokesman informed the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt that the Pope’s help in saving 4,000 Slovakian Jewish children and getting them to Palestine must not be construed as a sign that he was in favour of setting up a Jewish homeland there.

«It is true that at one time Palestine was inhabited by the Hebrew, but there is no axiom in history to substantiate the necessity of a people returning to a country they left 19 centuries before», said the letter the apostolic delegate to Washington, Archbishop A.G. Cicognani, wrote to FDR’s special envoy to the Vatican, Ambassador Myron Taylor.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, the dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles, said his group discovered the letter in a collection of documents that Taylor had bound in leather and presented to the Library of Congress.

Cicognani added in the June 22, 1943, letter:

«If a Hebrew home is desired, it would not be too difficult to find a more fitting territory than Palestine. With an increase in the Jewish population there, grave new international problems would arise. Catholics the world over would be aroused. The Holy See would be saddened, and justly so, by such a move».

Hier said it was clear the Vatican did not want the rescue of the Slovakian Jewish children to be considered an endorsement of Zionism, and he added:

«The pope made a pronouncement against a helpless people at the height of the Holocaust. If only he had written Hitler a private letter attacking his policies against Jews. I am outraged that he did nothing of the kind»

Meanwhile, the World Jewish Congress said it has discovered a November 1, 1943, memo written by the British Ambassador to the Vatican, Francis D’Arcy Osborne, recounting a one-hour conversation he had with the pope months before the Allies liberated Italy. Osborne quoted Pius XII as saying he had «no complaints» about the Germans occupying Rome and that the Germans had «behaved correctly» when it came to respecting the neutrality of the Vatican.

The ambassador said he told the pope the Germans«were systematically stripping [Rome] of all its supplies, transport and labour, were arresting Italian officers […] and youth and were applying their usual merciless methods of persecution of the Jews».

He also said it was the opinion of a number of people that the pope had «underestimated his own moral authority and the high respect [in which] it was held»by German Catholics. «urged him to bear it in mind in case in the course of coming events an occasion arise for taking a strong stand,» Osborne said.

WJC executive director Elan Steinberg said the document «is troubling in its implication. It suggests a morally insensitive Vatican».

Source: Washington Post on July 3, 1999.

My comment:

The secular socialist dentist in the Island where I grew up once said: «Establishing a Jewish state in the Middle East is the biggest mistake the United Nations have ever done».

Since Pope Pius XII of Rome was of the same opinion, I guess we can be pretty sure they both were not Zionist, and did not understand or believe the prophetic word in the Bible. Its also worth noticing that Islam also agree with them.

Ezekiel 36:24

For I will take you out of the nations; I will gather you from all the countries and bring you back into your own land.

(only one of many verses).

There has only been one Jewish exile into all nations. That ended in 1948.

Rome did not recognize Israel before 1994, and established diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. At that time Israel had fought four wars for its survival. Israel did not needed the support of the Pope to survive. It needed only a few miracles and divine support of God of Israel.

Read more about the Papal views on Israel: Click here

First published, June 12th, 2009.

Written by Ivar

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  1. I have little use for any that does not support the prophetic word of G-d and the place that G-d has placed Israel.

    1. Dear Dallas.

      Shalom. We agree. The restoration of Israel is a fulfillment of the prophetic Word. God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can be trusted. The question is what`s next? Who is the Messiah, and when will He come and bring peace? We might disagree on who the Messiah is, but still stand together in our support of Israel and the Jewish people.

  2. That is a easy question in my book my friend.
    Ezekiel has the answer and it will be explosive.
    You are correct in that we will disagree about who the Messiah is but it will tell you in Daniel and other places who the world will accept as the messiah but he will be a false one.
    Don’t be fooled by him, he is deadly.
    He will be possessed by Satan himself if that tells you anything.
    I wish you and I could talk one on one face to face for you words make you a person worth knowing.

    1. Dear James.

      Shalom, and welcome you this site.

      If you have been a regular reader of this site, you know that I agree with Martin Luther and the reformers of the Church, that the Pope in Rome is an anti-Christ.

      But this is a belief that has to be based up on scriptural evidence, not on images from Rome, Washington and Jerusalem. The Music video lack Biblical relevance.

      I have let your link stay published, If anyone wants to visit Toutube and take a look.

  3. no need to worry about the israel.it is already declared by the God that new jerusalem will be formed.and the time will come all christians and jews will unitedly fight against forces who wish to occupy israel-th promised land.God is on the side of christians and jews.

  4. Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli was not at all Pious, he signed the Reichskonkordat with Nazi Germany enough said?

  5. A few miracles? Gods help? More like US support. The aren’t even from there they descend from people of persia.

  6. The “Jews” admit that they are not the descendants of the Ancient Israelites in their writings. Under the heading of “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following;

    *’Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”* (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3). _(“ish” is the main word for “man” in Paleo-Hebrew, “Jew” is a shortened corruption of “Judean” which is a resident term of the province of Judea when it was under Roman Empire control of whom anyone could be regardless of tribe blood line, not “Judah” which is a tribal blood line of the 12 tribes of Judah which produce “Judahites” not “Jews”. Thus the wannabe Israelites of today who call themselves a “Jew” [either deliberately in falsehood or by willful ignorance] have been playing a bait and switch semantic game on purpose with the words “Jews” “Jews” and “Jew’ish” since at least late English (at least 1200s AD on or so) and been teaching the gentile world that “Jew” means “One of the tribe of Judah” which is falsehood according to 1st century factual history. So the false Israeiltes aka self-named “Jews” use the word “Jew” as a modern neologism for “Judah” man when this is FALSE and thus we are deceived into this semantic very old trick by the synagogue of satan an thus they are the number one imposters of claiming to be “Israelite” when today, no true “Israelites” exist unless you got a DNA sample from Jacob [Israel])._

    *”We have already seen substantial evidence that any notion of Pharisaism (or later rabbinic Judaism) as the true and direct descendants of the Old Testament is contradicted by the most fundamental assumptions of one Mishnah-tractate after another. These stand wholly separate from the Priestly Code… and generally contradict it!”* –Jacob Neusner _A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities_ (Brill Academic, 1974), p. 7. – ISBN-10: 9004038973

    The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia confirms that Judaism is based on the teachings of the Pharisees and not upon the Law of Moses: *“The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single member of that literature.”* – Vol. VIII, p. 474 (1942).

    Philippians 1:21 For the Christ is to me lyfe and deeth is to me a vauntage. – Tyndale Bible 1534

    1. Dear Junior.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Judaism do not have a uniform code. So your claims fall flat. But there are a couple of thing that mainstram Judaism agree on. 1. In the book of Genesis, there is a promise of a land to the tribes of Jacob. 2. 1948, is a fullfilment of the Prophetic Word, where God promise a return to this land, after a global disapora. 3. There is, and will eventually come a Messiah.

      Its always possible to defame the state of Israel, for the viewpoints of some sects of Judaism. But the big heart of this state is based on Zionism. That all different kinds of community, sect, of member of a Jewish community, is welcomed home. As a citizen of the Jewish promised homeland.

  7. Well… Read Isaiah 5:3-8
    3 “Now you dwellers in Jerusalem and people of Judah,
    judge between me and my vineyard.
    4 What more could have been done for my vineyard
    than I have done for it?
    When I looked for good grapes,
    why did it yield only bad?
    5 Now I will tell you
    what I am going to do to my vineyard:
    I will take away its hedge,
    and it will be destroyed;
    I will break down its wall,
    and it will be trampled.
    6 I will make it a wasteland,
    neither pruned nor cultivated,
    and briers and thorns will grow there.
    I will command the clouds
    not to rain on it.”
    7 The vineyard of the Lord Almighty
    is the nation of Israel,
    and the people of Judah
    are the vines he delighted in.
    And he looked for justice, but saw bloodshed;
    for righteousness, but heard cries of distress.
    Woes and Judgments
    8 Woe to you who add house to house
    and join field to field
    till no space is left
    and you live alone in the land.


    1. Dear Cindy Rogers

      You wrote:


      My comment:

      It is possible to quote the Prophetic word, and use it to defend all kinds of ideologies. Also antisemitism. Surley Israel is not perfect. Surely God has punished His own people many times. But to claim the Jewish people are involved in “Apartheid” is pure non-sense. There are 2 million Arabs with fully Israeli citizenship. While Israeli citizens are not granted visas to most of the Islamic World. Please repent, or you will perish.

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