Jesuits to elect new “Black Pope”

The 30th successor of St. Ignatius of Loyola is elected in Rome, the “Black Pope”. India has the highest number of Jesuits in the world.

Superior General Adolfo Nicolás is going to be replaced by a new “black Pope”. Two Jesuite popes are reigning in the Vatican.

In Rome, a spiritual meeting is underway, as the Society of Jesus, a Catholic religious order founded by St Ignatius of Loyola, prepares to elect the Spaniard’s 30th successor — a new ‘Black Pope’. Representing 112 countries, 79 provinces and six continents, 215 members of the order have been involved in deep prayer and intense discussions at the 36th General Congregation (GC 36), held at the Jesuit Curia in Rome, and, on October 14, they will elect their new general.

India has the largest population of Jesuits in the world and there is strong feeling among the 3,000-odd Indian Jesuits that 476 years since its existence, the general may be one of their own. But, sources from inside the Jesuit Curia in Rome say that it could be a South American, considering that Christianity is more widespread and a bigger part of the local culture in Latin America than Asia.

The Catholic Church broke stereotypes by electing a non-European Pope, an Argentinian Jesuit — Jorge Bergoglio, in 2013, and by 4pm on Friday, the world will know if the Society of Jesus will take a similar plunge at its 36th General Congregation during which Jesuits will elect their new general, who is also called the Black Pope.

The election will take place after the delegates concelebrate the Eucharist at 7.30am in the Church of the Holy Spirit in Rome. The thirtieth and most recent Superior General is the Fr Adolfo Nicolás, who officially resigned on October 3, 2016.

What makes GC 36 special is that it’s the first paper-less congregation. The Jesuits will digitally vote for their new general through a tablet.

Source: The Times of India

My comment:

It is interesting that India’s largest English daily reports on the election of a new “black Pope”. Few outsiders of the Jesuit Order might be aware that India has the highest number of jesuits in the World.

There is a reason for this. Old Goa was the Rome of the East. In Goa, the second in command of the Jesuit order, Francis Xavier, established the Popes base for expansion into Asia. In a bid to win the whole world for the papacy. The crimes of the Jesuits in India are enormous. Particularly committed during the inquisition in Goa, that lasted for 252 years. From 1560 A.D to 1812 A.D.

There are records of more than 13.000 trials before theca claimed “holy tribunal”. To be able to cover up these crimes, the Jesuit has made hundred of thousands of pages, written hundreds of books. To avoid being exposed in India, is a matter of protection of the Pope. The acts of the Roman Catholic Church is Goa are repulsive. They have defamed the true Messiah is the most horrible ways. And in this way kept millions of people in India away from embracing true Biblical Christianity. May these criminals be judged according, on the day of judgment. May Jesus of the Bible have mercy on their soul.

Written by Ivar

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