Retired army lieutenant general Michael Flynn retweeted an explicitly antisemitic message regarding the leak of thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee.

Antisemitism by claimed to be friends of Israel expose their evil minds. Like in the mind of ex-General Flynn.

Associations of antisemitism returned to shadow Donald Trump’s presidential campaign on Sunday, after the Republican and his allies, including a three-star general who was a vice-presidential hopeful, were forced again to answer questions about supporters with explicitly bigoted views.

Flynn, who was on the shortlist to be Trump’s VP and spoke during primetime at the Republican national convention last week, retweeted a post in sympathy with a Trump supporter who mocked Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which has blamed Russian hackers for the leak.

The spirits manifests them selves. All spirits have to be tested.

The pseudonymous Trump supporter tweeted: “CNN implicated. ‘The USSR is to blame!’ Not anymore, Jews. Not anymore.”

Trump also hate the Zionist Jews, deep down in his heart.

The retired general deleted his retweet and later said “the earlier retweet was a mistake” and that he had meant to link to an article on Clinton and the DNC emails. “My sincerest apologies,” he added.

On Saturday, Trump hinted that he would consider Flynn for secretary of defense, although he is ineligible under federal law, which requires candidates to have spent at least seven years out of active service.

Source: The Guardian, UK

My comment:

The US election is not a soap opera. Its a reality show, where peoples true inner feelings are exposed.

I have said it earlier. No person in the USA, can become the president without claiming to be a friend of Israel. The pro-Israel lobby must be tricked to vote for the person, to get a hair thin majority.

But with friends like Donald Trump and ex-General Flynn, Israel do not need enemies.
Most Christians are aware that the two remaining candidates for the post of Commander in chief, is unfit for the task.

The question that remains is: Who us the most incapable, and dangerous of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

The unstable fascist-styled gambling billionaire, or the puppet of the investment bankers in Goldman Sachs?

I have come to the conclusion, that Hillary is the lesser evil. Even do she support abortion and so-called gay marriages. With Hillary we know what we will get. With Trump, anything is possible. The idea that Trump is a supporter of Conservative ideas, is built on opportunistic inspired falsehood. The GOP lead majority in the Washington D.C has not done anything to tighten the abortion law, and will never place a bill that criminalize gay-partnership, also called “marriage”.

People who believe in a revoke of the path towards destruction for the USA, live in denial of the prophetic word. All nations shall serve Satan and befriend the last antichrist. And only a few faithful followers of the Messiah will resist them, and remain faithful to Him till the very end.

You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

Do not be deceived. We are living at the end of the age, and the soon totalitarian reign of the last and final antichrist. Stay put in your relationship with Jesus the Messiah. Do not become a friend of this wicket and unfaithful generation.

Written by Ivar