Hillary Clinton announced Friday that she has picked Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia as her running mate.

Goldman Sacks and the Popes picks for President and Vice President of the USA.

This pick is a safe, centrist choice that will likely disappoint some in the progressive wing of her party.

“I’m thrilled to tell you this first: I’ve chosen Sen. Tim Kaine as my running mate,” Clinton wrote in a text message to her supporters Friday night.

Clinton is expected to appear with Kaine this weekend in south Florida, where the 58-year-old former governor of Virginia will likely show off his fluent Spanish picked up in his younger days during a year in Honduras working alongside missionaries. The pair is set to campaign together in Miami on Saturday and then head to the Democratic National Convention next week.

Kaine offers Clinton many strengths as a running mate: He has foreign policy experience from his time on the Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate; he can boost her chances to win the battleground state of Virginia; and he has a squeaky-clean, nice-guy image that could help Clinton with her trust issues among voters. Kaine is self admittedly “boring,” and is a middle-aged white man,

Source: Yahoo.news.

My comment:

The US is heading for disaster. If Donald Trump becomes president, a gambling fascist will take over the oval office. If Hillary wins, Goldman Sacks and the pope will rule America, by a proxy.

This is what Wikipedia reveals about Tim Kaine:

Kaine attended Harvard Law School, taking a break during law school to work with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Honduras. Kaine worked in Honduras for nine months from 1980 to 1981, helping Jesuit missionaries who ran a Catholic school in El Progreso

Tim Kaine is a former Jesuit missionary and a supporter of the US land owners in the Banana Republic of Honduras. He has served the pope,  and his bid to rule the World.

Now Kaine will be used as a mediator between the lobbies that ran the government in the USA. With Hillary Clinton as the puppet of the forces of the One World Government and One World religion. The evil works of the Investment bankers in Goldman Sacks and the Pope will continue.

Jesus the Messiah has warred us in advance. The rule of the last and final antichrist must come first. Before the Second comming of the true Messiah. People will get a last chains to chose between heaven and hell. Be wise. Chose to obey the God of Shem, God of the Hebrews, God of Abraham Isaac and Israel.

Written by Ivar