A picture of Christian minister Sylvi Listhaug using a black hijab appeared under a “Free Palestine ” banner.  The concert took place in the city of Tønsberg in Norway.

The Christian minister of immigration is presented as a Muslim under a “free Palestine” banner.

It manipulated the picture showed immigration and integration minister wearing black hijab.

During the concert with the band “Children of honey” a  manipulated photo of Mrs. Sylvia Listhaug was displayed.

– “Free Palestine ” Palestine is all about the concert but it was tonight was about to liberate Listhaug for the demon who has taken over the heart Her , Says Edward Valberg, lead singer of the band “Children of the honey”.

Source: Norwegian daily Dagbladet

My comment:

There will be terrible times at the end of the age. Norway seems to be beyond the possibility of repair, qickly taking the path towards destruction.  Even among Christians there is a shameful lukewarmness. They keep silent when the only Christian minister in the present Conservative Right wing government is dragged down in the gutters by worshipers of Satan and “Palestine”.

The media campaign against Mrs. Listhaug has been on for several months. The immigration minister is considering to withdraw from politics.

Those along the path are the ones who hear, and then the devil comes and takes away the word from their hearts, so that they may not believe and be saved.


Jesus the Messiah has reserved a hot place for all who keep silent. They will face a terrible judgment. The same God who once regretted creating mankind, will eventually send billions of people to the fire of Hell. Be wise. Repent. Embrace salvation, as long as mercy and grace can be found.  Or face the axe of judgment.

I loved you enough to warn you.

Written by Ivar.