Trumps ex-General calls critics for Jews

Retired army lieutenant general Michael Flynn retweeted an explicitly antisemitic message regarding the leak of thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee. Associations of antisemitism returned to shadow Donald Trump’s presidential campaign on Sunday, after the Republican and his allies, including a three-star general who was a vice-presidential hopeful, were forced again to answer… Read More Trumps ex-General calls critics for Jews

Demonized Norwegians defame Christian minister

A picture of Christian minister Sylvi Listhaug using a black hijab appeared under a “Free Palestine ” banner.  The concert took place in the city of Tønsberg in Norway. It manipulated the picture showed immigration and integration minister wearing black hijab. During the concert with the band “Children of honey” a  manipulated photo of Mrs.… Read More Demonized Norwegians defame Christian minister