Italian Magazine: 98 per cent of priests are gays

Panorama is owned by Silvio Berlusconi and claims the Vatican is full of homosexual priests.

Many Catholic priests in Rome live a homosexual double life, claims Italian Magazine.

A preview of the article sent out by Panorama said:

“By day they are regular priests, complete with dog collar, but at night, it’s off with the cassock as they take their place as perfectly integrated members of the Italian capital’s gay scene.”

Panorama described its investigation as “deeply disturbing” as it detailed how the priests – two Italians and a Frenchman – happily took part in gay events and had casual sex.

In a statement on Friday, the Rome diocese insisted that the vast majority of Rome’s 1,300 priests were truthful to their vocations and were “models of morality for all.”

The Vatican did not comment on the Panorama investigation, but a senior source said:

“This is the usual silly season rubbish to attract readers during the quiet summer months”.

Source: Multiple media.

My comment:

Sometimes is takes guts to quote the obvious. Is there anyone who really believe, that The Vatican is a powerhouse of homosexual priests?

Is it the hetrosexual priests that rapes alterboys?

A report from the Government of Ireland, exposed the Roman Catholic priesthood to be being as many of 150.000 sexual abuse cases in Ireland alone sins 1930. Read the fill story:

The Magazine Panorama just report the painful truth about  the Sodom and Gomorrah like condition inside St. Peters square in Rome.

Written by Ivar

First published: July 30th 2010.

10 thoughts on “Italian Magazine: 98 per cent of priests are gays

  1. Probably the raped alterboys that become “heterosexual” priests. I did some strange reading on “Satanic ritual abuse” and MK ultra mind control. Apparently sexually abusing young children screws up their minds very bad, gives multiple personalities and makes them more controllable, programable, better servants/slaves. I suspect it’s true but it’s conspiracy lore, secret, and that is the definition of the word “occult”…done in secret. God sees in secret, often when reading the bible, in parts where God says he detests certain things I figure he has good reason to, more than I know.

  2. Because some states and governments are tolerant and political on this issue, that does not mean it is correct and the best for Human Kind. Let respect the voice of the people and not the opinion of a Judge

  3. You said something so true here that must be repeated, and that is that those who rape boys, are homosexuals. Because heterosexual men don’t want males of any age. But homosexuals want males of all ages. Pedophiles that prefer boys, are obviously homosexuals.

    1. Disgusting Andy but true. The crimes being commited by men who claim they are “innocent” because they choose to serve a god that is not the God of the bible is horrendous.

      And they all forget or choose to ignore: that all will bow, each and everyone of us, and confess to God.

      God Bless.

  4. The pope needs to decide if he is catholic or christian. Who is he talking to anyway. Maybe the pope is looking for an apology from Christians, Those blessed people who believe Christ is the head of the Christian church and believe in Gods word rather than the opinion of the pope.

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