Pope and Imam reconciled with hug and kiss

With a hugely symbolic hug and an exchange of kisses on the cheek, Pope Francis and the grand imam of Cairo’s al-Azhar Mosque.

Pope Francis is in the kissing business, embacing the Grand Mufti of Cairo. They argreed to work together.

The Cairo Mosque houses a 1,000-year-old university, took a major step toward restoring relations between major branches of the world’s two largest faiths, Roman Catholicism and Sunni Islam. The two met privately for 25 minutes in the pope’s private library at the Vatican.

“This meeting is the message,” the pope told the imam, Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayeb.
More than five years had passed since comments made by the previous pope, Benedict XVI, put religious authorities at al-Azhar on the defensive, and relations on ice. After a Christmas Eve bombing of a Coptic Christian church killed 21 people in 2010, Benedict said the attack was “yet another sign of the urgent need for the governments of the region to adopt effective measures for the protection of religious minorities.”

The kissing Pope do not represent the Messiah, and is a decieiver of the flock.

Tayeb, who remains al-Azhar’s grand imam, had found Benedict’s statement insulting.

A religious council under his direction “reviewed in an emergency meeting …the repeatedly insulting remarks issued by the Vatican Pope towards Islam and his statement that Muslims are discriminating against others who live with them in the Middle East,” according to a written statement from January 2011.

“The council decided to freeze dialogue between al-Azhar and the Vatican for an indefinite period.”

Mahmoud Azab, an adviser of Tayeb’s, told Catholic News Service that Francis reached out to al-Azhar soon after being elected pontiff in 2013. “It was magnificent. We got a letter signed by the new pope,” Azab said. “His Holiness said, ‘I put a lot of importance on working together to realize a good understanding among our people.'”

Source: The Washington Post

My comment:

When Grand Mufti el-Tayeb call the Pope “His Holiness”, the Imam acknowledging the claimed authority of the Pope.

The Muslims do not have a central leader, who can unite the different branches of Islam. The Pope seems to be a good candidate. Since the supreme leader of the Roman Catholic faith includes the Muslims as a part of “god” plan of salvation.

In Islam, the Pope find his new global support base. Unlike among Evangelical Christians, who brand the Pope as an antichrist. They would rather be rolled over by a bulldozer, than to kiss the Pope.

When the grand Mufti of Cairo utters these words,, pals pay attention. “I put a lot of importance on working together to realize a good understanding among our people.'”. The leaders of the Muslim world see the Pope as a suitable leader for a  new religious movement. A man who can unite the World and bring “peace”.

This ultimate peacemaker was already during the Reformation being branded as a son of the devil, and the ultimate deceiver of the flock. When 1,4 billion Muslims and 1,2 billion Roman Catholics unite, we will see the perfect fan clubs being established to elevate the last and final antichrist.  They will agree that all who love “god” will be saved. And that all of his creation, are his children.

Run for your life from these new assemblies of the wicked. Stay put in tour faith, that only by a surrender to Jesus as God and savior, you will escape the eternal fire of Hell.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all deceived souls.

Written by Ivar

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  1. Tower of Babel…sorry to say but it is evident that they are of their father… Not ours that ART IN HEAVEN…

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