Two Labour councillors have been suspended after they posted apparently anti-Semitic comments on Facebook. On of them is Salim Mulla. 

When evelated to offices of power, men like Salim Mullah bring with them sharia ned neo-Nazism.

Former mayor of Blackburn Salim Mulla, claimed Israel is behind Isil and reposted the same message suspended MP Naz Shah prompted on her Facebook page about the “relocation” of Jews.

A party source said an investigation will be carried out into the comments made by both men.

The UK should not give shelter to these kind of Muslims.

One councillor called for Jews in Israel to “relocate” to America in a series of apparently anti-Semitic posts on Facebook. Ilyas Aziz, who backed Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and appears on the site pictured with both Mr Corbyn and John McDonnell, also posted offensive images appearing to call for Jews to “stop drinking Gaza blood”.

Source:  The Telegraph, UK

My comment:

Salim Mullah is a former mayor of Blackburn. We have to question the Government in London what his man is doing in the UK?

The citizenship of this Pakistani born neo-Nazi should be considered revoked, and the former Mayor possibly deported to any Muslim nation who practice sharia.

This kind of reaction would make other Muslims resising in Europe rethink before copying Nazi-inspired messages.

Let us not forget that Nazism is a short form of National Socialism. Hitler mixed socialism with Jew-hate, and took most of Europe down the part of destruction.  The Islamic-Nazi nexus is well documented in history. The Grand Muti of Jerusalem being one of Hitlers most committed supporters.

For then there will be great distress, unequalled from the beginning of the world until now – and never to be equalled again.

We should not be surprised by this rise of evil in the UK. Jesus the Messiah promised us terrible times, just before His return. The rise of neo-Nazism and support of sharia in the UK, is just one of many examples.

Written by Ivar