Sweden: Muslim minister resign after anti-semitic slur

Sweden’s Housing Minister Mehmet Kaplan will resign.

Swedish PM ‪Stefan Löfven‬ wasleft with few options, and had to sack his Muslim minister (left).

This is following his comments, where he likened Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to what happened to Jews in Nazi Germany, the prime minister said on Monday.

The comments that daily Svenska Dagbladet first reported last week were made in 2009, before Kaplan entered the newly formed centre-left government to represent the minor coalition partner the Green Party in 2014.

The resignation comes amid reports of tensions within the centre-left minority coalition.

Source: UNI

My comment:

Mehmet Kaplan is an example of what the Western Civilization faces, when we let Muslims rise to power by appointing them as ministers. Turkish born Kaplan felt he did nothing wrong. Just copied what the Islamic government in Ankara publishes on a regular basis. False accusation against the state of Israel.  This one to serious to be left unpunished.

To get into the offices of power, Muslims do not mind becoming “peace parters” with liberals and also left-wingers. Mehmet Kaplan was a minster from the Green Party, commonly believed to be a party based on secular and so-called humanist values. Social Democratic PM ‪Stefan Löfven was left with few options, but to sack this anti-Semite.  If Sweden would be left with any hope of having any credibility in the Jewish world, and among all who know what the Nazis did to the Jewish people.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all decived souls. ‬

‪Written by Ivar ‬

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