A day after returning from a 2-month suspension, Joint List’s Zahalka says “the increase in Jews who ascend [the complex] will cause the third intifada.”

This Arab member of Knesset is a rascist, and should continue to be suspended for incitment of violence.

A day after he returned from a two-month suspension from the Knesset, Israeli Arab MK Jamal Zahalka (Joint List) made a call to the Palestinians to prevent Jews from visiting the Temple Mount complex “in any way possible.”

“In light of the daily increase of (Jewish) ascent to the Aksa Mosque, it is up to us to stop it in any way possible,” he told the Palestinian site Dunya al-Watan on Wednesday, ahead of next week’s Passover holiday in which Jews flock to Jerusalem’s holy sites.

“Our people have the right to the mosque, and we must protect it with all of our power. The Palestinian nation is the guardian of the mosque,” he said in the interview published Thursday.

“Israel continues its 100-year-old colonial Zionist project,” he charged, adding that Israel “is not acting like a country but rather as Zionist settlement organizations that try to besiege the Arabs, expropriating their land and denying them their livelihood.”

Source: The Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Arab narrative to history, is based on delusions and fairy tales.  In particular to their presentation of the history of the city of Jerusalem, and non existence of two Jewish temples.

The Middle East did not come into existence with the birth of Muhammad in 600 A.D. Before Muhammad, there was no Muslims and no mosques.

The city of Jerusalem pre-dates the birth of Muhammad with 1500 years years. Obviously the Islamic occupation of this city, lead to the destruction of previously built religious places of worship. In particular Jewish synagogues.

The second Temple in Jerusalem is the best documented construction in World history. Not only is the Bible the source of its construction, and a testimony of Jesus the Messiah being present there.  Hundreds of archeological findings proves the existence of a temple, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Also Roman historians are witness of its existence. Not to forget. The emperor of Rome bragged about its destruction in 70.A.D.

When Muslim members of Knesset wants to ban Jews from entering this site, it is nothing but pure racism.  It shown the true face of Islam.  The Temple mount is not a religious shrine, but a tourist attraction in Israel. People of all faiths must be permitted to enter. Only the state of Israel can secure this right. An Islamic re-occupation of East Jerusalem will lead to Islamic terrorism getting a foothold in the capital of a sovereign state.  The idea of East Jerusalem being the capital of “Palestine” must be resisted. It is a trap set up for the Jewish people, and will only bring more devastation to the embattled region.

Written by Ivar