National records were smashed in the scorching start to March, as the driest January-February in parts of northern Australia for half a century.

The massive damage to the Great Bariere Reef is an apocalyptic event.

This led to an unusual build-up of heat, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

In a special climate statement on the heatwave that is yet to ebb in parts of south-eastern Australia, the bureau said the first three days of the month were each warmer than any previous March day, based on area-averaged temperatures across the nation.
The average maximum temperature of 38.14 degrees on March 2 broke the previous record for the month by 0.98 degrees – a margin that has only been surpassed once before, in July 1975, the bureau said.

Source: Sidney Morning Herald.

My comment:

The signs of the end of the age are obvious.  Not only for all who believe in the Bible, but also for a lot of secular people, who believe the World is heading for a climatic catastrophe.

The secular people have no answer to what come next.

Jesus the Messiah warned us in the book of Revelation, about apocalyptic events and horrors, just before His second coming.  A few days ago, the news broke about 90 per cent damage to the Great Brier reef off the east cost of Australia. The reason, much hotter than normal sea waters.

a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.

Unfortunately for most of the people: They will not let their brains be disturbed by such messages, as they continue to play game on their smart phones. Surely the broad gates  of Hell is wide open. And the path towards the gates are crowded.

Please, switch them off and pay attention. Go preach the gospel. On the way, knock on the door to your neighbor, and see of he is still alive.

Written by Ivar