The skull of saint Mammès is worshiped in Roman Catholic masses in the city of Langres in Champagne in France.

The Roman Catholic priest conduct a mass, with the bust with the skull next to the altar.

The skull of Saint Mamas – relic that was brought from Constantinople after the 4th crusade.

St. Mammès Cathedral is a cathedral Roman Catholic located in Langres , in the Champagne department of Haute-Marne , in France . It was built between 1150 and 1196 in the center of canonical quarter. It is dedicated to St. Mamas , martyr of Cappadocia in the third century.

Some historians date his birth in the year 259 and his martyrdom took place in 275 . So he was martyred at the age of sixteen.

A bust reliquary containing the skull of the saint, and kept in the Treasure room of St. Mammès Cathedral.

Source: Wikipedia

My comment:

First some more photos:

The bust of saint Mammes has a cap behind, where the skull has been fit in.
The skull of saint Mammes is kept inside the bust.
The order brothers carry the skull on thier shoulders, followed by the local bishop.
The skull is fasten with iron nails, so it do not fall out of the bust, if the golden head falls down.
The skull is hidden from the public. Why not take it out to be properly adored?


The skull is worshipped, as on of the brothers holds up what appears to be a Bibel.
What is presented in white as Christianity, serves as a tool for the kingdom of darkness.
Behind all the golden glitter: What appear to be like an angel of lights, contains the rotten remains of a human being.

When people see Roman Catholic priests and bishops carry a byst on their shoulders, it might not be only the gold or silver they are adoring. Inside many of these golden metal heads, there are skulls.

These kind of rituals, surely proves that the Vatican priesthood is a skull and bone society, defaming the Messiah in the most filthy way. Since they claim to k now “Christ”.

Matthew 8:22

But Jesus told him, ‘Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.’

This cult keep 1,1 billion people in bondage to the worship of death. That is a spiritual catastrophe, But also ten of millions of secular people, and kept away from Jesus by the wicked acts of religious people. Many hold their fingers over their nose, and do not want to have anything to do with what is presented as Christianity. Even evangelicals are not willing to brand the papacy as the seat of an antichrist.  That is a shame.

Jesus the Messiah is God of the living. Not of the dead. In one of his most stern comments, he told the “dead” to go and bury their own dead. This must be one of the best examples.  When Satan appear as an angel of light, he does the maximum damage to the true body of the Messiah.

What better example can there be, that Roman Catholicism defame the true messianic faith?

Repet or perish.

Written by Ivar