Biden fall short in claimed support for Israel

Vice President Joe Biden refused to say that the USA will stoop Iran from getting nuclear arms.

Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu disagree on how to handle the nuclear ambisitons of Iran.

Vice President Biden warned Wednesday that the U.S. would not hesitate to act against any “conventional” military activity by Iran outside of last year’s nuclear deal, underscoring the Obama administration’s concern after apparent back-to-back missile tests by Tehran.

Biden said during a visit to Israel that the U.S. “will act” if Iran violates the nuclear pact. He also said that all Iranian programs outside the scope of the accord will be closely monitored. He reiterated that “a nuclear-armed Iran is an absolutely unacceptable threat to Israel, the region and the United States.”

In Washington, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the U.S. would “redouble” efforts to limit further expansion of Iran’s missile program.

Source: Washington Post

My comment:

Empty words.  That is all US Vice President, Joe Biden can offer the Israeli government.  Iran knows that the US will not “act”. Therefore the Ballistic missile program continue.

That the US “will act” do not mean anything serious. Obama and Biden might call for a press conference in Washington D.C, and “condemn in the strongest terms” the policy of the regime in Teheran.  After gifting the Iranians 150 billion US dollars in the “nuclear deal” the Obama regime in Washington D.C now display a non presidential act of blunt hypocrisy.

The US has to say, like Benjamin Netanyahu. “We will not permit Iran to develop Ballistic missiles who can carry nuclear weapons. If they do, they will face a military respons”.

Hypocrites triggered stern words from Jesus the Messiah. He called men like Joe Biden “brood of vipers”, “whitewashed tombs”, and even “sons of the devil”. This seems to be suitable words for the present rulers in the White House. One a double faced Muslim, the other a religious Roman Catholic.

Written by Ivar

11 thoughts on “Biden fall short in claimed support for Israel

  1. All this is not surprise to all of us that read the bible. everything in prophecy tells us how it will be. the thing too is so many refused the truth of prophecy and fact that G-d said HE is the light of Prophecy. and wanted us to know it..and those who refuse the truth , G-d said HE would send a lie and that they would believe the lie. a sad day for sure, but there is power in prayer, and also doing what G-d has asked us to, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, support her in love, money, weapons and getting home and any thing we can think of…and stay in the word, so many have fallen into apostasy, we are told to always go to the WORD to see if what they say is true or now. and none of us will have an excuse. and for such a time as this, we know HE IS COMING. World WAR 3, with all the nations in place, I say come quickly ..the shi and sunni are fighting, Russia has the hook in their mouth, America supply’s weapons and support to the enemy, refusing needs to Israel,,In the end, Israel wins..

  2. That makes sense Andrea, The black pope likes to stay in the shadows, so he needs persons like Obama/Biden in the spotlight. Every 4-8 years people can have “hope and change” with a new set of faces in the spotlight. Though it’s mostly just a feel good measure.

    1. Agree Edward. I would fall for it myself but there are to many exposing the plans of the u.s. who were born into families who set up plans for the new world order. They are Christians now but they said things will get worse because it is planned more riots and division and we know who owns the media. A couple of them said back in the 80s they knew and were exposing there would be a black president. So I am thankful there are those exposing the plan they want us not to think and react. I look at the media and shake my head it is ridiculous. Look at Infowars sometime it’s a real mess. Lol I am thankful for the bible as well to read there were paid mourners back in the bible day. Nothing is changed. Lol

  3. Google Project for a New American Century, read the wikipedia article where it sums up the PNAC agenda as “military might and moral authority” . The “moral authorities” meaning is sort of vague; but outside the article see who they are calling it . Obama just recently called the pope the “moral authority”, same as president H. W. Bush did years ago. when he declared a “new World order” coming into view with the pope as its “moral authority”.

  4. Edward, have you heard of the Noahide Laws? This article talks about the pope being the moral authority. Also he has other articles with the pope being the moral authority. I looked up PNAC like you said. It is crazy at the end of the article said a voicemail and 1 person left employed. Then I cross referenced with the same site I mentioned real Jews news with PNAC. With Bro. Nathaniel. What else is interesting I learned on another site yesterday the Vatican is working with Russia for Jerusalem. It’s like you hear the stuff but we can’t see it all happening. I am learning myself and still go into denial I think at times. I do know this the people I mentioned (and the guy on fb lol) all said to keep your eye on the Vatican and the pope. Doc always said and the others there is the black pope the white pope takes orders from. Doc said the black pope takes orders from the Rothschild. At least the article on PNAC explained why the U.S. Is the war machine. Crazy and disgusting. Thanks for the information and thanks for reminding me of the pope being the moral authority.

  5. The bible sums up authority pretty well. The one who decides what is true. Global warming for instance, once the authority declares it true, the lawyers start writing laws etc etc. then it all rolls downhill.

  6. I agree with everything you said Edward. At least it is good to have some kind of forwarning of where there thinking is. Like the bones issue Ivarfjeld exposes. Never thought much of the seriousness until he said something.

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