Iran build missiles to wipe out Israel

‘Israel must be wiped out’: Iran launches two missiles with threat written on them in Hebrew as the country ignores criticism of its ballistic weapon tests.

The totalitarian Iranian regime works towards the destruction of Israel.

Iran has launched two missiles with ‘Israel must be wiped out’ written on the side in Hebrew as the country continues to ignore criticism over its ballistic weapon tests.

The rockets were test-fired in Iran’s eastern Alborz mountain range in a new show of force by the Islamic Republic as US Vice President Joe Biden visited Israel.

Such phrases have been emblazoned on missiles fired before by Iran – but the latest test comes after the country recently signed a nuclear deal with world powers, including America. It also comes a day after the country carried out a similar launch.

Source: The Daily Mail, UK

My comment:

Before Barack Hussein Obama decided to gift Iran 150 billion dollars, the Israeli government branded this deal as morally bankrupt. You simply do not finance regimes, who openly give threats to destroy other nations.

But since it is Israel who are in the receiving end of these threats, the International community remains silent. The large majority of people wont mind the Jewish state to disappear.  The melody seems to be: ” let the Iranian deal with the Jewish problem”.

The historic parallel to Nazi-Germany is relevant. When Hitler started to blame the Jews for Europe’s problems, a lot of people agreed. Also in Paris, London and Washington D.C.
Shame on all world leaders, who backed Obama to secure the US backed Iranian nuclear deal. No one make Intercontinental ballistic missile to send flowers across the oceans. They are developed to carry nuclear bombs.

Jesus the Messiah, do not take pleasure in people who excuse Iran. Such spirtitual blindness might force Israel to strike the Ayatollah regime hard, to avoid a second Holocaust. We are living inside the apocalyptic age. Be ready for His second coming.

Written by Ivar

19 thoughts on “Iran build missiles to wipe out Israel

    1. Actually it is interesting to me I talk to a guy on fb who is from Iran who lives in the U.S. He had been talking about it along hates what happened to his country. IRI taking over. Yes Edward he is concerned about Trump being in office. He would agree with Ivarfjeld he would rather have Clinton in office says we will go to war fast with Trump. Personally I am tired of all the media will leave you with this. Lol

    2. Actually it did make the news. CBN. Christian Broadcast Network. Out of Virginia Beach. Had a big segment about it. Pat Robertson’s news network

  1. Some guy on facebook says it’s so, so it must be so. I don’t see Trump as a warmonger, But the nobel peace prize winner has done nothing but war. If he means Iran will attack fast if Trump gets elected what then, should we be intimidated by Iran? What happened to land of the free, home of the brave? Personally I suspect the UN and its affiliates need to keep everbody armed and pointing guns at each other to remain relevant, and to increase their power as peace keepers. They will never allow peace no matter who gets elected.

    1. Dear Edward

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Who can stop Iran from getting a nucler bomb?

      The USA obviously can. But not by granting the Ayatollah 150 billion dollars in cash, which had been frozen in US banks since the Iranian revolution in 1979.

      How to stop Iran?

      Israel has opined, that the removed economical sanctions were working, and that the Ayatollah regime was about to fall. That scared Obama. He acted quicky, and came to their resque. Ted Cruz will reinforce such sanctions, as proposed by Israel. Cruz is a firmly ideological based evangelical conservative.

      What Donald Trump is capable of, nobody knows. The US billionairs believe they can make lots of money in the newly open Iranian market.

      The military option, is the last option. Benjamin Netanyahu has promised that Iran will not be permitted to develop a nuclear bomb on his watch.

  2. If Obama acted alone the media should have been all over him like they are Trump. But they are all conspired together virulently opposed to change. Trump seems to be an outsider and all those conspired together are coming out against him.

    The “system” allowed Iran to get to this point but you still put your faith in the status quo.

    1. Dear Edward.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Conspired agaist Trump? A man who have made billions on gambling and alcoholism? A man who have gifted millions of USD to Democrats running for office?

      Is this some kind of a joke?

      I support Ted Cruz. Simply becaue I feel He is the best of the Republican candidates, still standing. I will never have voted for Donald Trump. I do not trust this man for a second, as less as I would have trusted Al Capone.

    2. Edward, Obama has been following orders Trump was chosen from the group of the back of the U.S. Dollar Bill The all seeing eye or lodge of the eagle or whatever other name they go by. (It is run by the oil, bank and weapons..) The U.S. Has been following a script from a book called the Hiram Key. Not us average U.S. Citizens but politicians. There are others as well who see Trump as a hot head. Others who love him. Personally, I come to see it as different societies fighting each other that is just me. Then they pat each other on the back at the end of the day. I don’t see Trump being conspired against just made to look that way. Ivarfjeld, you are right what you say about the money market in Iran. I talk to others on fb his site (Bahman) he is trying to tell them to wake up over there and the young people carry on about how wonderful the economy is in Iran.

  3. Maybe you don’t see the American media trying to slander Trump, The establishment republicans coming together to stop Trump, the fact that Trump has barely any endorsements from Senators etc. Al Capone was a criminal and murderer, Donald Trump made billions legally and has a lot of friends,

    Ted Cruz ate a bugger on live TV… Not long ago you were fine with Hillary Clinton being president. So why do you care if Trump gave money to Democrats? You are playing games.

    Perhaps you wish Israel to feed of the story, Iran has a nuclear bomb with Israels name on it, give us money and weapons. Why would Iran bomb Israel and leave it a nuclear wasteland when its also full of Palestinians, Muslims and claimed to be sacred sites? You think Ted Cruz will keep the ball rolling, content to feed on buggers, but Donald Trump might call the bluff.

  4. The pope is the head of the “All seeing eye group”, Rubio and Cruz are not far from being Roman Catholics and the evangelical Christians are so blind and helpless they can do nothing about their Catholic trained leaders sent out to their churches to deceive them.

    Google all seeing eye Vatican. You should find some pictures of the all seeing eye symbol in the vatican.

    1. This symbol is understood to be the “Eye of Providence (God watching over us). 

      The Catholic Church added a “triangle” around this pre-Christian image/symbol and surrounded it with “rays of light” to show that God Is Trinitarian.

      Behold, the eye of the LORD is upon those who fear Him, upon those who count on His mercy (Psalm 33:18).”

      This Catholic Christian symbol has always been understood to be the “Eye of Providence” – the “All-Seeing Eye” of God (watching over us).

      Now it is been used to slander the Catholic Church.

  5. Yes there are plenty of pictures of the Vatican and the all seeing eye. The unholy trinity some in the U.S. calls it Rothschild, Vatican and D.C. So many lodges and organizations and double agents. Then people changing their names. Then the ascended masters claiming to be the key players throughout the years. ROFL. What a mess. I just can’t help wondering if this is another Ross Perot stunt. Time will tell.

  6. I think Trump is for real but he has a challenge to win. For exampe the chicago rally. The catholic all seeing eye controlled system has fostered all these radical groups like black lives matter, etc. So the catholic / all seeing eye controlled radio stations put out the message for these radical groups to protest the rally. Then the catholic all seeing eye controlled police department stands aside and lets it all happen. Then the catholic all seeing eye controlled media spins the story to make Trump look like the bad guy. The slander machine rolling against Trump but we will see what happens.

  7. Agree Edward. I looked at Infowars and I have to tell you the headlines are ridiculous. I would like to know (like the mourners got paid in the bible days ) who is getting paid to act like they done lost their minds. People are not acting like this in the U.S. Except what is put on the media. It was said Soros was paying black lives matters. This wasn’t the first time Trump was going to run 2012 also don’t know if you are aware of this.

  8. Infowars is probably run by the same “all seeing eye” group; as a disinformation website. They always point you to Soros. Soros is just one man, but to do what they do they have to control the whole system, and that takes a much bigger fish. We can only see small clues like the all seeing eye in the Vatican. The rest is hidden in the secrecy of the federal reserve bank. Who better to secretly fund black lives matter and more importantly the media who reports on black lives matter, than those with a printing press? And who has more to lose than those with the printing press that prints money?

  9. Nobody knows who owns the federal reserve, it’s a secret. Probably the pope since his all seeing eye symbol is on the dollar bill. That was one of Ron Pauls big plans if he became president was to audit the federal reserve and answer some of these questions.

  10. Hopefully you all will go to and read some of the real Christians and real Americans report. one caught my eye, TED CRUZ “Kill the Gays” article. He is a dominiomism church cult. in the bible it says some will kill us Christians and think they are doing G-d a favor. another one was Donald Trump and the new world order. you will see Donald is NOT part of this crap. I also went to and seen a picture of McCain, Rubio and Lynsey Graham in arab country setting up the Arab Spring. Rubio too is a part of it all. unusally the bad guys go after the good guys, think of that. Donald had no idea of Christianity, about repenting etc. but prayed and got Saved. He is new at it but trying. then the so called Evangals has treated him like any sword they can find. He is aware of the demonic plan of the Democrats and Cruz and Rubios , Kashish etc. old Romney is a Mormon, helping them along. Go read it and others and see what you come to see that you are mssing now. they hate Donald because he would not sign on to the gang of either once he realized what they were doing. and anyone who thinks he won’t win or thinks bad of him and excuses the others slamming is not thinking. He loves America and doesn’t want Islam here, and knows they already are and training in the 51 jihad camps we have. I say G-d bless Trump who puts up with so much and his family and all of us..HE knows this is our last chance. think. and go read and make your choice

  11. In the picture when they all three were there, smiling and talking with the enemies of the US and Israel..making the peace sign.. the enemies have many blinded and Donald has the courage to stand and put his life on the line, no greater love than someone to lay down their life. He also has help from our retired Military and some fired too because Obama doesn’t like those in the know and love G-d. the left also had the same enemies at Ferason , black panthers, move on org. Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers along with black lives matter and the paid gangs to destroy ..

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