Catholic Bishop blame Israel for Arab violence

“Judaization” of Jerusalem is a factor in spurring Palestinian violence”.

Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal kiss al-Fatha leader, Mahmoud Abbas.

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which represents the Catholic Church in the region, accused Israel on Thursday of responsibility for the recent wave of Palestinian violence, saying Israeli policy has created despair and frustration among Palestinians leading them to carry out acts of terrorism.

Dep. Defense Minister Ben-Dahan: Latin Patriarchate shouldn’t repeat Palestinian propaganda; Father Gabriel Nadaf: Latin Patriarch’s comments encourage terrorism, harm Jewish-Christian relations.

The Latin Patriarchate spelled out its position in a statement of the “Commission for Justice and Peace” of its Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries, a panel of the leading Catholic clerics in Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Cyprus.

It failed however to make any mention of incitement to violence within Palestinian society, on social media, or from PA officials , although the document did say that “Israelis who need security and tranquility.”

Thursday’s statement asserted that the current situation for Palestinians was “inhuman,” and said that settlements; the “siege of Gaza”; the “siege of the rest of Palestine”; military checkpoints; house demolitions; “and the arbitrary behavior of Israeli soldiers humiliating the Palestinians,” have led to the last five months of Palestinian terror attacks against Israeli civilians and security personnel.

The declaration from the Latin Patriarchate also said that the “Judaization” of Jerusalem was also a factor in spurring Palestinian violence.

Source: The Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Roman Catholic cult has done it again. Just like during the age of inquisitions, the Jews are targeted for their faith in the Hebrew Bible. In totalitarian pre-Reformation Europe,  Jews were burnt at stake by Roman Catholic Bishops, for practicing judaism.

When the Roman Catholic bishop, or “patriarch” of Jerusalem blame the Jews for Arabic terror, the representative of the Vatican support the Islamic narrative to history. The idea that God of Israel has abandoned His eternal premisses to the Jewish people. And that the Muslims now are the chosen people of God, all who summit to the sons of Muhammad.

Genesis 17:8

The whole land of Canaan, where you now reside as a foreigner, I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your descendants after you; and I will be their God.’

For all who believe in Jesus the Messiah, the Roman Catholic bishop expose the copy cat religion of the Pope and his false Christ. The Roman Catholic religion has absolutely nothing to do with evangelical Christianity. All true Christians understand that the Messianic faith has its origin and roots in Judaism. The eternal promises to the Jewish people about a promised land, is valid. Regardless if they believe in the correct Messiah or not.

Stand united with the Jewish people. Support their right to have Jerusalem as the eternal capital of their nation. The state of Israel is a fulfillment of prophecies, and a spectacular sign of God of the Bible’s faithfulness. Let all men be liars, and God the truth.

Written by Ivar

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  1. Without the Jews, there would be no Jerusalem as we know it. Catholics show their evil when they continually blame the victim, and speak lies in hypocrisy.

    May Yeshua bless you Ivar,

  2. Ivar, I have come to the conclusion that you are actually jewish. Probably Khazar jew and a member of what the Lord Jesus Christ calls “The Synagogue of Satan. You continuously defend the most outrageous acts committed by the Isreali jews and the destruction of the United States by the jewish Hollywood, jewish Neocons running Washington D.C and using our military to wage continuous war against our own interests and the mafia Federal Reserve jews who print our worthless money and loan it to us with lots of good interest on the money like good jews! What a scam! You are either the most blind Christian who has ever lived or you are agent of the jews spreading lies to lead Gods people astray into supporting those who Jesus said are “the children of your father, the Devil, who was a murderer from the beginning. You know the truth of how evil the jews are, that they say Jesus is in hell boiling in semen and feces. You know their Talmud (the most holy book in Judaism, above the Old Testament) says of us goyim (a derogative term they use for us gentiles) to “kill the best of them”. THEIR MOST HOLY BOOK says to murder the best of us gentiles. And you defend them! You have to be one, no Christian with any discernment could be so decieved. The Jews have rejected God, and He has rejected THEM!

  3. best way to minister to Jews about Yeshua is for them to see Torah in everything said,done, and the second is to show them in Tenakh, theJewishness of their own messiah. no amount of darkness/deception can bury this fact, Jews coming to Yeshua in waves now. hallelujah.

  4. In Genesis 17:5 that you quoted God was talking to Abraham, so the descendents could have meant both Jews and Muslims. So if the Jews and Muslims all turned to Jesus he could be God over all of them just as promised. Then everybody could get along as one big happy family. But sadly, the Pope would act like he was God of Christianity and ruin it for everybody.

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