Pope let 1142 priests forgive super sins

Dubbed ‘super confessors’, for one year only they can absolve sins usually only pardoned by the pope himself.

The Pope gives an elite of priests the authority to forgive the sins of not believing Jesus is physically present in the Eucharist.

And on Wednesday over 1.000 of these “missionaries of mercy”, handpicked by Pope Francis, were sent forth to win back the hearts of those who have left the Catholic Church and open the door to repentant sinners across the world.

There are certain evils the Vatican ranks above other sins, from attempting to assassinate the pope to defiling the Eucharist — the rite of consuming consecrated bread and wine in Church — by spitting it out or using it in a Satanic ritual.

Since the 12th century, those guilty of these so-called “reserved sins” had their cases evaluated by a secret tribunal in the tiny Vatican city state before they were sent before the pope, who would determine an appropriate penance.

Now, 1,142 priests and monks from around the world have be given the power, for the Vatican’s Jubilee Year, to forgive sinners in their flocks — and possibly fellow priests as one of the special sins is breaking the seal of confession.

Maltese Franciscan Marcello Ghirlando, 53, told AFP he thought giving the ‘super confessors’ authority usually reserved for the man in white was “a symbolic gesture” to show people the Church is ready to wipe slates clean.

“I think the pope wants to insist that ‘listen, God is always going to forgive us if we turn to him with a clean heart, with a repentant heart’,” he said with a grin, adding that he was relishing the challenge of bringing people back to church.

Source:  AFP.

My comment:

Regardless of what people claim, there are sins that can not be forgiven. Not even by the Pope.  And certainly not by a false spiritual authority, delegated to 1142 priests.

Mark 3:29
but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; they are guilty of an eternal sin.’

Those who refuse to forgive others, will also be disconnected from the kingdom of light forever.

Matthew 6:15
But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

I did not know that “defiling the Eucharist” was a sin, that no Catholic priest, bishop or cardinal could forgive. But only the Pope. This is an interesting ancient practice in the Roman Catholic Church.  The very idea that the Pope is the only human who had authority to forgive a particular sin.  That makes the Pope a “super apostle”, and term used by the the apostle Paul, in his warning to us about false teachers.  Since the RCC also brand the Pope as an infallible being in interpretation of scriptures, the Pope share the character and authority of God.

It is terrible that people can believe in such a lie.

The Roman Catholic priests also claim that people can consume God, by swallowing the “bread-Messiah”. And by doing so, their sins will be forgiven.  In this way, the Eucharist is branded as God’s replacement on Earth.

It is terrible that people can believe is such a lie.

Only the Holy Spirit is the replacement of Jesus on the face of the Earth. And the Holy Spirit is equally available for all who have surrendered their life into the hand of the Messiah. The Messiah is not physically present inside the bread of the Roman Catholic mass. This is a damnable lie, and blasphemy against the Son of God.

If you what to escape judgment, you must renounce the claimed authority of the Pope as falsehood. If you don’t, you run the risk of being a partaker in his sins. The Pope is the promised man of lawlessness, and his seat of power is destined for total destruction by the returning Messiah.

Please remember: I loved you enough to give your a stern warning. Leave Rome, and surrender to truth. Let Jesus the Messiah become your King, savior and God today. Please do not delay.

Written by Ivar

9 thoughts on “Pope let 1142 priests forgive super sins

  1. We need U Jesus Christ to av mercy on us. Forgive us Lord, av mery on us Sovereign Lord for we’ve ALL sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Protect us ALL from the false prophets cover us with thy Holy Blood of yr righteous Son JESUS CHRIST. AMEN!

  2. Of all the evil we know from scripture and all over the world is growing by leaps and bounds. this is the last days apostasy that is getting into most churches and cults.. the more it grows the more people believe it , maybe so they can go on sinning and feel like all is well..and many say because love covers all, they take that out of context and some do good works, but G-d will not be mocked, and sin is sin and breaking one is breaking them all. how sad..and they won’t listen

  3. it is my understanding that the eucharist wafers have babylonian sun etching. unsure it the entire catholic nexus have enscription. Back of altars in certain parishes contain large star like symbolism. should draw it back to semiramis.

    1. It’s amazing to see the time chart when Rome implemented certain traditions. You are right Bruce it goes all the way back to Semiramis. On a site I look at time to time you can tell who is Catholic they all sound like robots. Thanks to their catechisms.

  4. Good article.
    There was a time, you could end up burning at stake for words like “The Messiah is not physically present inside the bread of the Roman Catholic mass.”
    To me this alone is proof, Eucharist dogma is Satan’s invention.
    People were willing to kill & massacre many Jews & even none Jews too, for the sake of Eucharist propagation.
    Just read what Jewish literature says about absurdity of medieval roman catholic superstitions regarding Host desecration.

  5. The Apostle Paul handed the “super sinner” over to the authorities to be punished accordingly, even put to death.

    1 cor 5:5 hand this man over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, so that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord.

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