France will call for international peace conference with Israel and the Palestinians – and to unilaterally recognize the state of “Palestine,” should the conference fail to bring peace.

The President of France give the leader of an Islamic terror group a red carpet welcome in Paris.

Israel is still responding angrily to France’s proposal yesterday to call an international peace conference with Israel and the Palestinians – and to unilaterally recognize the state of “Palestine,” should the conference fail to bring peace.

Political officials told Arutz Sheva that they wonder “whether France will propose an international conference with ISIS, after it armed and spread terror in France?”

Another official explained that “The French proposal effectively gives the Palestinians an excuse to blow up the talks and still get all they want without negotiating at all.”

He added: “This is a mistaken approach. Why should the Palestinians give up something as part of the conference, when they already know that they will get what they wanted from the beginning if no progress is made? If and when we get an invitation to the conference, we will consider whether we want to treat it with the necessary seriousness.”

The US has also questioned the proposal. A senior official in the State Department said, “America’s official and clear stance is that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be resolved through direct negotiations between them, and not by unilateral steps.”
He added that the US will continue its attempts to seek a two-state solution, though he noted that the US will not be pushing to renew the process at this time.

Source: Israel National News

My comment:

I have commented on the double standards of the President of France before:

When Islamists kill in Paris, they are branded as terrorists. When they kill in Tel Aviv, they are hailed as freedom fighters.

The difference, is that the people of France consider them selves as the owner of a legitimate state. No son of Muhammad has the right to use a knife to slaughter its citizens.  But the President of France, do not consider the state of Israel to be legitimate. The view of Paris is that the Sons of Muhammad therefore has a divinely inspired right to use knifes to butcher Jews.

In this way, the socialist President of France walk down the same path as the National socialist movement in Germany.  NSDAP  (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei ) was convinced that the Jews had to be put in place to bring peace to Europe.

To side with the Islamic terror group al-Fatah, and force the state of Israel into “peace” is as immoral as the acts of the Nazis.  The same logic is applied in Berlin and Paris: Violence and terrorism shall come with a premium, as long as only the Jews suffer.

Mark 13:19
because those will be days of distress unequalled from the beginning, when God created the world, until now – and never to be equalled again.

The Bible explains that this kind of views have surfaced many time in history. From the days of Queen Ester, through the age of Papal inquisitions, and into our modern day of Fascism.

Jesus the Messiah warned us that there would come a time, with chaos and distress unequal to what the World has experienced since the creation. Keeping in mind the massive evils of the last hundred years, we are up for the mother of all betrayals. All who refuse to the political correctness of Paris, Moscow and Washington, will be branded as enemies of peace. And the ruling majority will grace the execution of such individuals.

Be ready for a rough ride, and the possibility of a sudden martyrdom and promotion to the Kingdom of Heaven.

 Written by Ivar