Rome enforce “nude sharia” to please Iran

Classical nude sculptures in Rome were covered up, to please the visiting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

The Iranian president and the Pope seems to serve the same “god”, and pretend to be men of holiness.

Italy’s desire to court visiting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani extended to covering up classical nude sculptures in the museum where he met Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, it emerged on Tuesday.

The two men made speeches in Rome’s Capitoline Museum after a signing ceremony on Monday which saw Italian companies tie up 17 billion euros ($18 billion) worth of deals with the Islamic Republic.

The covered nude statues in the Capitolina Museum in Rome.

A huge statue of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius on a horse featured prominently in many of the photographs of the event.

But nude statues, including a Venus dating from the second century BC, had all been covered up in temporary wooden cartons, removing the risk of them creeping into any of the shots — or catching Rouhani’s eye.

“You can not hide your culture, your religion or history itself. It was the wrong decision,” Giuliano Volpe, head of the Superior Council for Cultural Heritage at the Italian culture ministry, told public broadcaster Rai3.

“We must enhance rather respect and differences,” he said.

The museum cover-up was not the only step Italy took to ensure the Iranian visit passed off smoothly. As Rouhani refuses to attend official meals at which any alcohol is available, wine was strictly off the menu at both lunch with President Sergio Mattarella and dinner with Renzi.

According to media reports, France has baulked at making a similar placatory gesture, leaving diplomats preparing for Rouhani’s visit to Paris from Wednesday with a major protocol headache.

Source: AFP

My comment:

What is the difference between the islamic state who destroy symbols of pre-Islamic civilizations, and a Roman Catholic nation who is ashamed of its art and culture?

Shall Europe also remove Christian symbols, to please Iranian President Hassan Rouhani?

In post-Christian Norway, the secular government demanded that Christians should remove Christian symbols from buildings where refugees from Syria was about to be lodged.  Rejecting the Son of God, who brought mercy and grace to their nation, in a bid to please Muslims.

 Mark 8:38
If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his Father’s glory with the holy angels.’

The Pope is the root cause of all this evils. He accept Islam as a way of “holiness”, and that Muslims can be saved by the “god” of the “Holy Koran”. Since the Pope aim for the top spot of the Islamic movement, he will do whatever to please the Iranian president.  There are 1,4 billion Muslims, and the Pope desire to become the “Holy father” of them all. Like he already is “Holy Father” for 1,1 billion Roman Catholics, and almost a billion apostate protestant Christians of different kinds, who accept the claimed authority of the papacy.

If you fear God, you will stay out of such assemblies of the wicked. Do not betray Jesus the Messiah. But remain loyal to Him, till the day of his second coming. You do not know if this is your last day. You might be promoted to the Kingdom of Heaven at any time. Amen.

Written by Ivar.

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  1. Love your articles,Ivar! You make me happy. Your writings are refreshing!
    Most christians today do not dare to say anything publicly,that may be questioned.
    In my book,you are a hero!
    Gods richest blessings upon you,your family,and your ministry!
    Your friend,Eivind.

    1. Dear Eivind

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Thanks for blessing me. It will keep me on the blog.

      Yes, I do speak from my heart. Sometimes, I am too sarcastic. I have to apologize. But I do encounter people who can not accept humor at all. They just need to look at this planet, and let the laugh flow. We can not sit down an cry over all its errors, evils and idolatry. We are placed in God’s creation to admire what He created.

  2. I to enjoy your articles Ivar. God bless you. Thank you for balancing out the news with the bible lesson you give. you got that right they pretend to be holy and they are far from it.

    1. Dear Andrea

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Thanks for blessing me. It is truly pathetic to cover nude statues, in a bid to please the present political leader of the Shia revolution of Iran. Europe is bowing before the sons of Muhammad.

    2. Dear Andrea

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I have background as a ambitious, not Christian, youth politician and news reporter. I am astonished by evangelicals who do not understand that politics is about winning elections.

      Being an evangelical inside the Republican Party, has never been more painful. Facing an increasingly popular Donald Trump, who insult people in the most arrogant ways, use filthy language, truly a self-centered casino Don.

      1. Ivar peace to you as well. I look at Real Jew News also with Bro. Nathaniel Kapner he is on the web. He lives in U.S. Was Jewish now Russian orthodox Christian. I think a lot of people who are talking about the Presidents running now and in times past would get a different perspective on looking at his site to see who are the real mover and shakers behind EVERYONE of these puppets. Yes God knows what is in a persons heart but it seems to me they all make an allegiance behind closed doors to Satan. seems an requirement. It is sad learning to whom their real allegiance belongs to. My eyes started seeing back in 97. I was given a book to read Trance formation of America by Cathy o Brien. This is a sick world. That is why I enjoy your site Ivar it gives me hope that God is still in control. From what I learned from Kapner the man who wrote Obamas speeches has his hand on trumps as well. This is the kind of stuff he puts on the site with the names of those pushing agendas. The so called holy man from Iran makes my skin crawl. I remember Notre Dame covered pictures of Jesus something to that effect for the fake Obama to speak as well. Speaking of Europe bowing down to please Muslims the site I mentioned will open up your eyes to that as well. You wouldn’t agree with everything on his site but the verse makes sense to me why God called the place they crucified our Lord Sodom and Egypt and why he would overturn the idols in Revelation. Kapner would definitely understand your stance on what you said about them winning the elections. He is the one to open my eyes on that issue.

      2. Ivar, Shalom and love in Jesus to you as well. I look at Real Jew News with Brother Nathaniel Kapner site on line. He grew up Jewish now is Russian orthodox Christian. Anyways I go to his site he gives names and organizations that is pushing the politics in the U.S. and those running for president. He has opened my eyes of what has been going on in America and Europe. Also back in 97 I read a book called Trance formation of America by Cathy o Brien. I was agitated hearing trumps voice all the time as well then when I read and watch Kapners videos I know why the different politicians are running for president by those behind the scenes and pushing their agenda. ( I can’t watch the debates on tv my sarcasm comes out) I can’t help but wonder who else is going to come out of the woodwork. If I remember right Kapner said the same person who pushed Obama is pushing trump. Remember trump was on the wagon about o’s birth certificate back in the day? Thank you Ivar again.

  3. shalom Ivar, if i may to your comment a out being an evangelical within the betrayal brazenly played out within the so called ” conservative movement”. Consider the appraisals that men heap upon each other to gain the moral high ground in elections here in the US. Enough about Trump; ye shall know them by the fruit. A fool and his money are soon parted; the other candidate Cruz- his testimony to Jesus, his testimony of his father being led to the Lord. The first debate, Cruz declared Jerusalem capital of Israel emphatically. He has never declared that as president, he would ” move” the US embassy to Jerusalem like that Trump guy; as if Israel will step aside and allow him his way and he would work a deal and he would sway the enemies of Israel to negotiate. And I shake my head and mutter to myself, just get in the line, not the only one. not a simple nod and a wink, ” christian”. The US is lost her way , there are none turning to the One who has the power because not a jot nor a tittle will pass away, measure for measure as God word will do to us e actly as He does to all backslidden nations

    1. Dear Bruce

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Bush senior said: “Read my lips, No new taxes”. It did not take much time, before Bush did just the oposite. I would love to see the US embassy being shifted from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but feel it is more likely the moon would become a cheese.

      Still, I feel Ted Cruz would be a good President of the US. If I had the option to vote for Cruz or Hillary Clinton, I would vote for Cruz. Any day.

  4. not finished my point.. cruz speaks at liberty university- this is a man of God who speakes the believers witness. i know this as a soulwinner among believers. do i know his heart? no. but out of the abundance of the heart are the issues of life. Trumpet blows his horn with much boasting and quarrelsome. Jeremiah 6:15 makes me think his role in end times as much flattery and wondrment. Jeremiah 6: 17-19. so libertyUniversity liken Trumpet to Falwell Sr. the man who shamed theMoral Majority in 1980s? yes, jr said Trumpet was like Sr? Astounding. partial birth abortion until last year? same sex irrelevant now? trumpet paying both sides of political spectrum and both love him yet evangels so called flocking( key word) to the wolf on shepherd clothing? yet Cruz, why , he has a crown waiting for him in glory. how do i know, the man being assasinated for not assimilating as the ” compromiser” Blessed are those that revile you, that speak evil of you for My name sake,”JESUS says. let me tell you, my fellows in the true churches pick up our crosses and double time our soulwinning outreaches like never before! day of salvation is closer than when we first believed, my friends..

  5. Ted Cruz, a Hispanic born in Canada running for president of the USA. He is the North American Union. And a protestant. Will you be upset when he kisses the pope’s ring Bruce?

  6. no, because he is not you at all. 1 john 9 -11 was written just for you. and he confesses jesus the resurrected Son of God. you are a cloud without water,trees with withered fruit , a mere brute beast and not a stick plucked from the fire: Jude 10,23 ,19

  7. I saw right through the NAU connection fairly quickly for a blind man. Ted Cruz’s papa was a Roman Catholic who attended a bible study and was so moved he became a protestant just like that, so he says, according to wikipedia Now he’s raking in the dough preaching. Scripture says not only does one confess with their mouth but also believe in their heart.

    Romans 10:10 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved…..for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.…

  8. dear Ivar and shalom.It is interesting that Bush Sr mentioned; his ” kindler/gentler” slogan was beginning/end to the Reagan conservation ideology. Reagan without a doubt was a man of faith from his days as a governor of California. Though rare in form and circulation, Ihad opportunity to listen in on his remarks about free loveLSD lifestyle in the 1960s. This man would not have gotten anywhere without evangelicals being vessels fit for the Masters use considering the social ills of those days. Yet Bush, a true globalist in form and function, thought to loosen the perception of “zealout” and “fear mongering” ( key words) within the political party base as his kind were ” progressive” . Hence the Moral Majority. This very byline preceded ” conservative.” Yet moral majority being a force of contention against radical progressives in the political ranks of US politics, had to shoulder the public shamw and scrutiny of Falwell, Jim Bakker,Jimmy Swaggart- Swaggart ministries still air on TV here ministering LatinAmerica congregations and this was good, but his error in judgment through secret sins broke chunks into this moral majority caucuses evangels carried. At least Swaggart cried on national Tv and repented, but moral majority was finished as a political force. Bush and his lukewarm sons partnered with the very punditry that the ” conservative” party now finds itself being strangled with now. It is interesting to note that these parties always quip ” free market” sloagan as such a brand as ideal to the ” Founding Fathers” ( key words) is oh so closer,oh so purer and ideal; oh yes, the love of money is the root of E very kind of evil. JESUS never liked baal among other false deities and He revealed His righteous displeasure toward the Laodicean churches regarding this as something He would eject from His mouth as malodorous as a stench in His nostrils. Fast forward to Liberty University present day. I must also add that Cruz has the support of Iowa top evangelical minister, Vanderplatt. What i understand was he was the runner against Iowa current governor who just endorsed Trumpet earlier this week. The minister would’ve run and defeated this current governor if not for that meddlesome Sarah Palin, yes that’s right. Sarah Palin was the one who endorsed the current governor against Cruz. The money and betrayals here, flip side nowadays is the falsehoods and masks coming off due to Strong deceptions and believing the Lie and backsliding paramount to Righteous Indignation.The tickling ears and 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.

  9. The head “Romish guy” compromises the TRUTH of God the Father- something Jesus NEVER did! All the more reason to see that he is not the vicar of the TRUE JESUS.
    Like Andrea I can’t stand these debates. I can’t watch them it makes me angry to listen to lies. I am HOWEVER comforted by the FACT that I KNOW Who my King is and it is NO ONE on this earth!
    Thank you, Ivar, for continuing to share the truth!
    God Bless!

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