Pope promise forgiveness in his “holy doors”

Pope grants 5.000 imigrants forgiveness as they pass through a “holy door” in the Vatican.

The Pope bow his head, as he prepares to open a “Holy door” inside the Vatican.

Pope Francis has invited 5,000 migrants to pray with him and attend a special mass at St Peter’s to mark the world day of migrants and refugees, the Migrantes Foundation announced Friday.

In Catholic tradition, passing through a holy door in a spirit of repentance enables a believer to be cleansed of his or her sins

The January 17 event, which is also part of the Catholic church’s Jubilee Year, will see a group of asylum seekers and migrants listening to Francis’s Sunday address in St Peter’s Square before entering the basilica through one of the ‘holy doors’ opened for the special year which is dedicated to the theme of mercy.

The group will be accompanied by pilgrims carrying a cross made from the wood of wrecked migrant boats that was crafted on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

The cross is to be carried by pilgrims from the island, which has witnessed some of some of southern Europe’s deadliest sinkings of the ongoing migrant crisis.

Source: The Express Tribune

My comment:

I have earlier written that the Pope do not understand the gospel.  This is a spectacular example of his heretic messages.

The Pontiff do believe he has the power and authority to forgive sins. That makes the head of the Vatican a master inventor of religious schems.  Like a jubilee year, where all who walk into a “holy door” of a Catholic shrine will be granted forgiveness.

Like these 5.000 Muslims walking through a “holy door” into the Basilica of St. Peter. If they are in the repenting mode, the Pope promises them salvation.

That they walk behind a cross made of planks of a boat made by refugees from Libya, do turn this scheme into a scam. The only true cross stood at Calvary Hill in Jerusalem. The Messiah hung there for a few hours, never to be hung on a cross, ever again.

How to be granted forgives?

Only those who accept Jesus the Messiah as Lord and God will be granted forgives of their sins. Regardless of any objection from the Jesuit Pope. No Muslim will be saved by chanting prayers, as they walk into the “holy” doors in the Vatican.

 John 10:1
‘Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheepfold by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber.

Paul the Apostle warned us about false teachers, behaving like fierce wolfs. They pretend to be followers of the Messiah, but bids to destroy the Messianic faith.  Paul warns us about preachers of a “different Jesus”. Such false apostles will walk in a false, copy-cat Holy Sprit, and present to us a different gospel. Just like the Pope do.

Do not be deceived by the papacy, but rather expose all his evils.

Written by Ivar

9 thoughts on “Pope promise forgiveness in his “holy doors”

  1. Dear brother Ivar,
    The Pope seems to make this stuff up as he goes along. Besides, he has no “holy doors”. Magic doors, like Pharaoh’s magicians maybe, like the rest of the hocus pocus of Catholic pontiffs. I do not wish to sound sarcastic, but I find Catholicism to be hateful against the true Christian faith and against our Lord Yeshua,

    1. Dear Scarlet.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      What is puzzeling, is that the Pope can not understand, what even small chlldren can graps. That only those who believe Jesus is Lord and God can be granted forgivess for sins.

      The Pope is a victim of the errors of the Church, who raised him. The RCC belive that the Church saves people. All who stay loyal to its priesthood, and goes regularly for confessions.

      The truth, is the radical opposite. All who stay loyal to the RCC priesthood, can not be saved. Because they support and acknowledge sin against the Holy Spirit as righteousnes.

  2. And you are so right, pure blasphemy all the way around..it grieves me and how can anyone follow this cult who says just ask the pope for forgiveness, but our L-rd say, I am the way the truth and the life and NO one can bring Salvation but the L-rd. we are to pray to G-d thru Yeshau only.. there is no Salvation thru any other..now more than even they are saying that the PLO will have a state in Jerusalem…G-d’s Wrath is on the way…Maybe that is why muslims ok the pope,, and obama, raised Sheiit rather than Sunni…now the war is on between them…G-d says all their weapons will destroy the enemies of Israel…and now in our day, most people will not except the truth..if is truly sad so what can we do, pray..there is power in prayer…we are to work till we can’t any more..stay in the Word so we don;t become confused..

    1. Dear Mama bear.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Many Christians also belive in forgiveness, without repentance. It is a very deceprive doctrine, that all sins are forgiven for people who continue down their path of sins. A pontiff who grant people forgivess, and let them remain as their are, will obviously be loved by people of all faiths and religions. They will all put their trust in the papacy, the only demand set by the Pope.

  3. Everytime you think you done heard it all…..would be funny if ones salvation wasnt on the line. My favorite is when one confronts a Catholic of what the pope is doing having a chair with the upside down cross on it.

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