Boycott of Jewish settler tests Netanyahu


Foreign Ministry officials urge PM to cancel Dayan appointment.

Even from inside the Israeli Foreign Ministry, settler leader Dayan face opposition to his appointment as ambassador.

Foreign Ministry officials warn Israel headed for embarrassment with Brazil; Dani Dayan blames Tzipi Livni for lack of progress.

Dani Dayan, Israel’s candidate for envoy to Brazil, began a course this week at the Foreign Ministry for new ambassadors, despite not receiving official approval for his appointment.

As Jerusalem waits for a response from the Brazilian government, Army Radio revealed Monday that Foreign Ministry officials have grown increasingly uneasy about the situation and recommended Prime Minister Binyamin Netanayhu appoint Dayan to a different country.

Doing so would prevent Israel from finding itself in the midst of a diplomatic embarrassment should Brazil outright refuse the appointment, which officials believe is likely.

Last week, Dayan met personally with Netanyahu to discuss the appointment and Brazil’s lack of response, which is estimated to be connected to Dayan’s previous position as head of the Yesha Council. Dayan, meanwhile, accused MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union) and the Arab Joint List on Monday of torpedoing his appointment to Brazil.

“14 Knesset members worked tirelessly against my appointment to Brazil: 13 members of the Joint List and one Tzipi Livni,” he tweeted.

Source: Israel national News.

My comment:

The appointment of Dani Dayan as Israeli ambassador to Brazil, was a brave move by Benjamin Netayahu. It proves the PM’s commitment of support to Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria.

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, ‘Your God reigns!’

Brazil is a part of the global antisemitic movement, which brand Judea and Samaria as “occupied territory”. The latin-Americans side with the Islamic narrative to history, and wants to see the Islamic forces in control of the Mountains of Zion.

Not to strange, Brazil has the support of the papacy. The Roman Catholic Bishop of Rome controlled Jerusalem from 1099 A.D to 1291 A.D, and claim divine ownership over the city of Jerusalem. The rise of Radical Islam in the mountain ranges around the city of David, serves the interest of the Pope. These Muslims are the only force that can evict the Zionists from controlling the Eastern part of the city, and the “holy basin”.

Let us pray that Netanyahu will stand his ground. If the appointment of Danny Dayan is cancelled, it will be a moral blow to the settlers movement. It will also weaken the coalition government, which only have one vote majority in the Knesset.

Let us pray for Netanyahu. That he will receive divine guidance from Yeshua the Messiah. That God of Israel will not only keep the state of Israel safe, but also save one of its greatest sons. Amen.

Stand up for the Jewish people right to live anywhere inside the districts of Judea and Samaria.

Stand up for the state of Israel.

Written by Ivar

11 thoughts on “Boycott of Jewish settler tests Netanyahu

  1. As Christians, Our kingdom is not of this world. As the Christians are the children of Abraham, we like our forefather look for a city whose builder and maker is God. The zionist synagogue of satan, has used the jewish owned press to create war between muslims (also children of Abraham and Semites)and Christians in order to have the goyim destroy each other and usher in a jewish world order. Please prove me wrong. I wish with all of my heart that it were not so, but it is the TRUTH. And truth seems to be something that psuedo christians (judaizers)are not interested in.

    1. John Daughterty.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I am a Biblical zionist, and I would like to know why you call Messianic belivers like me “psuedo Christians”?

  2. Easy now, I’m sure the “Synagogue of Satan” expanded out, once the Gentiles were grafted in, to include anyone acting like the “moneychangers”acted,

    1. Dear Edward.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      The synagogue of Satan is a gathering of people, who claim to be Jews, but are not. If we understand this verse based on the defintion of people of etnic Jewish background, it will disqualify 99 per cent of the worlds population.

      Remember that a “Jew” is branded a Jew”, even those who called for the punishment and death penalty for their own Messiah. There were not gentiles.

      But if you think that God has no relationship with the Jewish people today, and that Satan is behind the restorstion of Israel in 1948, than there are no Jews today, but only liars. Than the state of Israel will be the synagogue of Satan.

      And than comes the obvious next qestion:

      If the state of Israel is of Satan, than who are the true Jews today?

      Well, Rome has the answer. Baptised Roman Catholics are the “holy people of God”, the true Jews. I will therefor claim that the Vatican is a synagogue of Satan, and all decived anti-Zionists souls who proclaim the Pope’s replacement theology.

  3. I believe by “jews who are not jews” he means hypocrites. Those who call themselves “God’s people” but do not act like Gods people.

    Romans 2:29 No, a person is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a person’s praise is not from other people, but from God.

    1. Dear Edward.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      But hypocrites are not liars of whom they are. They do not practice what they preach, and they are found in all kinds of religious and etnic groups. You use your own understanding, and not wisdom than comes from The Holy Spirt.

      A Synagogue, or the Beit Knesset, is a “house of prayer”. Those who claim they have replaced the Jews, and claim they, now, are the true Jews, but a liars, gathers in such buildings.

      The second Temple in Jerusalem destroyed in 70.A.D, and the Jews never rebuilt it. But the Pope established the new Temple in Rome, on the site of the ancient Temple of Jupiter. Truley a replacement.

  4. Hypocrites are liars. They call themselves God’s people but by Gods standards are not. They do not speak the truth, in that respect, so they are liars. They mix truth and lies, truth when they teach correctly but liars because they call themselves God’s people and are not.

    1. Der Edward.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You are again falling into the error of semantics. If you believe that only those who follow Jesus are “true Jews”, than the state of Israel is of Satan.

      You miss the point. The people who claim to be Jews, are liars. Not liars about what they say and do, but about their origin. That is the point in the Book of Revelation. This was written in first centry A.D. There was no Pope at this time, but John receive a vision about future events.

      This is not a question of who is a Christian or not, or a true follower of the Messiah. But who is originally of the tribe of Judah, from the house of Jacob, a man renamed Israel. Regardless of their claims, the Roman Catholics are not from the House of Jacob. The New covenant was not made for Catholics, but for the house of Israel.

  5. Well Jesus does call them the “branch that has fallen off”, But Jesus eludes to saying he will put the branch back on the tree by saying, “if I can graft an unattural branch to the tree of Isreal how much easier will it be to graft a natural branch back on”?
    Until then how much should one get behind the branch that fell off? You certainly wouldn’t want to learn the gospel from non Christians. The Apostles did not attempt to do any harm to them but made every effort to bring them to Christ. Continuing to call themselves brothers in regards to what they did have in common. Paul gave all the money he collected to the Synagogue leaders at Jerusalem saying it was for “the poor of my nation”.
    Also by calling them the Synagogue of Satan, seems directed towards the people running the church, people like the moneychangers. Those kind seem to be who God has the biggest gripe with. So I guess you have to keep your similarities and differences in perspective.

    1. Dear Edward.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      There is a difference by being Jewish by origin, and accepting the Jewish faith. You can not claim, that Jesus was not Jewish by origin. Surely He was dedicated in the Temple, and circumized as a baby, as the Law of Moses require, the law of circumzition being an Abrahamic sign of ethnic belonging.

      In a similar way, the promises to the Jewish people of a nation, is valid. Regardless of their faith. The rebirth of the state of Israel is not a matter of the result of a human majority vote, or not, of more or less faithless people. The existense of Israel is a matter of the faitfullness of the Messiah, and the validity of His Word.

      If we mix up these issues, we end up proclaiming the Replacement theology of Rome.

  6. Oh I agree God gave Israel to the Jews. But the world seems to like to mess with that fact as much as they like to twist scriptures. So what can you do? I mean with the money they’ve spent on war they could have bought every palestinian a mansion on a hill somewhere else.

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