Chris Christie vows to shoot down Russian planes in Syria, blasts Obama as ‘feckless weakling’

Rand Paul correctly made a call on Chris Christi’s presidency, as the start of World War III.

Vowing to shoot down Russian planes flying in the Middle East if they didn’t adhere to a no-fly zone, Gov. Chris Christie blasted President Obama on Tuesday night as a “feckless weakling” who has damaged the country’s standing around the world.

The comments at the fifth Republican presidential debate drew an immediate response from one of Christie’s chief rivals, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who said the governor was inviting “World War III.”

Christie, who has advocated a no-fly zone in Syria where Russian planes have been flying bombing missions over the country, said Tuesday night he would absolutely enforce a no-fly zone.

“A no-fly zone means a no-fly zone, Wolf, that’s what it means,” Christie responded to a question from debate moderator Wolf Blitzer about whether he would shoot down a Russian plane.


My comment:

American GOP debate forums have become the new Hollywood. Donald Trump acts like the main clown, and New Jersey gouvernor Chris Christie as the possible starter of World War III.

If it had not been for the possibility of these men becoming in charge of the US nuclear arsenal, the best way to react would be laughing. But these men are not comedians. The are among the vert top elite in the USA, all of them supported by the big corporates and billions of dollars.

Behold: We know that mad men will lead us down the path to Armageddon. All the nations in the world will be summoned into Syria, to be fried in the last battle in Zion. God the almighty has offered us all a way to repent and be saved, by sacrificing His one and only begotten Son. But most men refuse to listen, and will eventually pay the ultimate penalty for their sins and foolishness.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all decived souls. Repent or perish

Written by Ivar