300.000 “lost” Muslim refugees inside Germany

Senior CDU politician Jens Spahn calls Angela Merkel’s open door policy a “failure of the state”, as 300.000 not registered refugees are missing inside Germany.

Jens Spahn rebukes Andrea Merkel, and warn of the consequences of her “open door” policy.

A bestselling book by a senior politician from Angela Merkel’s party dismissing her open-door policy on immigrants as a “failure of the state” is adding to pressure on the German chancellor, amid growing division in Europe over the migration crisis.

The lady who created chaos, is hailed by one of he major western media houses.

The book, by Jens Spahn, 35, a senior minister and member of the Christian Democratic Union’s ruling council, describes the influx of migrants into Germany — expected to reach 1m by the end of this year — as “the ­biggest social experiment in decades.

“The border cannot be secured, law cannot be enforced and thousands of asylum applications cannot be processed,” writes Spahn, who has become a regular on talk shows since the book appeared.

“Over 300,000 people are now unregistered in Germany and no one knows where they came from and where they are”

Source: The Sunday Times, UK.

My comment:

This is a strong statement, from a senor CDU college of Andrea Merkel.  “Failure of the state” is not the same as a “failed state”. But if Islamic violence and terror starts to cripple cities in Germany, we might see something similar to the break up of the Weimar republic in the early 1930-ties.

With 300.000 not accounted for Muslims inside Germany, we are approaching a catastrophe of Biblical apocalyptic dimensions. This is fruits of a headless Western policy in North Africa and Middle East for the last two decades. The radicalization of Sunni Muslims is a fruit of the USA and EU’s own foolishness.  Soon, refugees will start perishing in the cold winter in Europe, as non of the Muslim nations in the Gulf opened their swimming pool resorts for them. Shame on the present International leadership.

For then there will be great distress, unequalled from the beginning of the world until now – and never to be equalled again.

The Messiah has warned us in advance. There will be chaos and distress, un equal to what we have seen since the creation, as we approach His second coming. Be ready for a bumpy ride, as you stay put in your faith in Jesus the Messiah. Amen.

Written by Ivar

10 thoughts on “300.000 “lost” Muslim refugees inside Germany

  1. Obama forced Texas to take refugees. I guess the global powers at the UN are seeding the world with Muslims. Refugees are pretty helpless, it’s the ones with money and means you’ve got to watch.

  2. Is this God’s retribution? For every Jew,/gypsy life they took,now is replaced with a Muslim.300,000 is not even a quarter, guilt ,stupidity and a need to distance themselves from the holocaust allowed the biggest mistake of Germany not closing and controlling its influx of refugee’s on the boarder’s .The sin’s of the’Fuhrer’ will rest on the shoulder’s of the people…

  3. “The sin’s of the’Fuhrer’ will rest on the shoulder’s of the people…”

    I watched a show on netflix about WWII called The Apocalypse. One part caught me by surprise where it said Hitler asked the Vatican to step in and make peace for him with Russia, so that he could focus on another front. I wonder if Hitler had ties with the Vaticdan, perhaps they helped him to power, he felt assured he had their support until the doublecross left him hung out to dry. Two countries that suffered bad in WWII were Germany and France. Two countries that the Vatican might have had a score to settle with. Germany for giving protestantism a hand, and France for the French revolution; weakening British power in the process.

  4. conspiracy from the vatican against the Jew to be wiped out as a score to settle with German protestantism and the French revolutionist ?A righteous gentile Pope Pius xII and the Jew’s from the book The myth of Hitler’s pope by Rabbi David G Dalin,Over the year’s many Historian’s have written there thesis on this subject of the pope’s relationship with Hitler and his supposed support of the Nazi regime based on the alleged silent stance he took in relation to the plea for help It is a documented fact that Hitler was wanting to crush the politcal catholic church so to speak and Hitler harboured a deep seeded dislike toward catholicism,The Vatican released historic record’s and document’s that showed pius did condemn what was happening to the Jews ,but he also knew he was on a fine wire with Hitler was he trying to protect the catholic’s from the same fate as the Jews ?Hitler needed little provacation Germany and France suffered bad yes at the hand’s of a Megalomaniac hell bent on creating an Aryan race and who suffered a God complex

  5. If the pope is the head of a global conspiracy, secretly the head of the Masons and things like that. They would have no problem finding historians to write a narrative professing their innocence. But If Hitler was really bent on creating and Aryan race in any realistic sense, who would be allies with him? I do not think the Japanese fit the blonde haired blue eyed mold.

  6. There are Rabbi’s who have studied and written on this subject and many non catholic historian’s as well .It is well documented that Hitler detested any deformity and imperfection and was open to all sort’s of experimentation to gain knowledge on human condition’s and affliction and gave permission for his henchman to do what they will,it wasn’t so much as to have a blue eyed blonde haired race it was to have a better race a pure race with supposedly no mixed blood delusional GOD complex maybe

  7. More like a Godless complex. Hitler unleashed all the things the Godless wanted to unleash on the world, where moral people given a choice would have objected. I heard they moved alot of those scientists to the USA to continue their work, who knows though. Kabalism is said to be practiced in Freemasonry, perhaps some Rabbi’s have more in common with the Catholics than others. Historians need to make a living…

  8. Well pope’s dont elect themselves but Hitler did and this post was about the 300000 odd refugee and the on coming impact it will have on Germany. Kabbalah is rooted in TORAH and really has no ties to catholicisim Freemasonry took parts of both,and both were well before F/Mason’s created there ”RELIGION”and there is a difference between having a GOD complex and being a elect head of the church a supposed representative of CHRIST,but yet again it’s that damned vatican and popes fault for the refugee crisis in Europe nothing to do with the extreme idiolgy of Isil and let’s not mention the white supremacist and kkk which has been in AMERICA long before the Nazi war crims escaped to the states,it started with the Mohicans and the puritan’s or was it the Negro slave’s and the Baptist and Methodist, WHICH were the predominant ”Christian religion’ in the civil war era oh POO what no catholics to point the finger at for that mess

    1. Dear Rommgirl.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      The Pope is not elected. He is selected. By a gathering of about 120 Cardinals. To become a Cardinal, you have to have been a loyal Bishop, always obeying you regional Cardinal and the Pope. So the Pope select loyal Cardinals, who will select the next Pope. This is also how you breed puppets.

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