Atheist Richard Dawkins rebuke the Government in London, who let the Lords prayer be banned from advertisement in public cinemas.

Richard Dawkins propapbly see those who say “allahU Akbar” as a bigger threat to his freedom, than Christians.

The Church of England has received unlikely backing from the biologist and prominent atheist Richard Dawkins after the UK’s three leading cinema chains refused to screen its advert featuring the Lord’s Prayer.

The 60-second advert was due to be shown before Star Wars: the Force Awakens, released on 18 December, which would have guaranteed it a huge cinema audience in the run-up to Christmas.

But the Odeon Cineworld and Vue chains, which control 80 per cent of screens around the country, have refused to allow it because of a policy not to allow political or religious advertising.

The decision prompted an angry response from the church, which warned of a chilling effect on free speech. Many expressed support for its position including Dawkins, the evolutionary biologist best known for excoriating religions.

He told the Guardian: “My immediate response was to tweet that it was a violation of freedom of speech. But I deleted it when respondents convinced me that it was a matter of commercial judgment on the part of the cinemas, not so much a free speech issue. I still strongly object to suppressing the ads on the grounds that they might ‘offend’ people. If anybody is ‘offended’ by something so trivial as a prayer, they deserve to be offended.”

Source: The Guardian, UK.

My comment:

The Western civilization is about to collapse.  The Lords prayer has been the foundation stone of our culture for more than 1000 years.  Because of massive Islamic immigration in one generation,  Europeans gives the Muslims the upper hand.

The first rule of the Sharia law, is to remove from the society everything that is offensive to Islam. Like Christian symbols, and even public prayers to anyone but “allah”.  Only when a spiritual vacuum has been created by this fear tactic, than Islam can be enforced on the population.

John 8:24
I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do not believe that I am he, you will indeed die in your sins.”

It is an alarming signal, that suppoised to be Christian nations like the UK, are in disarray. They simply do not have any resistance to put up. While pastors and Christian leaders keep mum,  a declared atheist is used by God of the Lord’s prayer to rebuke the secular humanists.

Dawkins must be aware that the sons of Muhammad will behead him too. As an infidel. Dawkins must have got a sense that a Christian culture is the base for his freedom to reject God. Not a possibility in the age of Islamism.

The great falling away has to come. At the end of this process, the multitudes will worship an anti-Christ. Who has replaced Biblical truths with hallow and political correct religiosity.

Than the true Messiah will return, to save all who have resisted this non-sense, and have kept enough oil on their lamps, still shining in the midst of utter darkness.

Jesus of Nazareth, came to Jerusalem as God in the flesh. He is the Messiah. No one else can save man from his sins.

Repet or perish.

Published by Ivar