The end of the age

Just before God of Israel take all nations into judgment, you will see the ungodly using Syria as their assembly area.

The World will assembly their forces in Syria, on thier way to face God's jugdment.
The World will assembly their forces in Syria, on their way to face God’s jugdment.

There will be only two people at the end of the age. Those who have their names written in the book of life, and those who have rejected the Messiah.

It is God of the Bible who drag his enemies into the assembly area. To march troops into Syria will be as fruitful as sending men to the Eastern Front in 1942. The soldiers of Europe were told they were fighting for freedom and peace. In and around Stalingrad, they all perished.

Likewise, the assembled soldiers in Syria will perish. There will be a false peace treaty with ISIL, where the Sunni and Shia Muslims agree to fight the ultimate enemy.  The civil war within Islam will end, and the global forces of “humanism” will unite with them in the battle for “real world peace”. We will be told that the only enemy left to defeat is Zionist Israel.

Like on the East front in Russia, hundreds of thousands of fighters for “allah” and “global peace” will perish.  They will enter into Israel from the north, and from the East. They will come over the Golan, believing they are doing something great for “god”. Many people in Israel will desire to see this “peace movement” take a dig at the uncompromising Zionists. Even within Israel, there are enemies of God, some of them called “self-destructive Jews”.  They hate the Word of God.

 Isaiah 52:7
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, ‘Your God reigns!’

 Ezekiel 36:8
“But you, mountains of Israel, will produce branches and fruit for my people Israel, for they will soon come home.

The new universal brotherhood of soldiers will march on the Jewish settlements on the mountains of Zion. There will only be one stumbling block in their way. As they cross into the Jezerel Valley, they will face the fields of Armageddon.

As the Zionists in Israel face their enemies, God Him self will act. Just like He did in 1948, when He established the state of Israel.

Why do all these people persish?

They perish because they rejected the Messiah, the scriptures and all the warning from Evangelical Christians?

They perish because they were lead by pagan leaders, who have become the enemies of God of the Hebrews.

The perish because they did no longer want to listen to sound doctrines taught by spirit filled Messianic leaders, but rather followed the guidance of apostate Christians and religious people.

Revelation 17:8
The beast, which you saw, once was, now is not, and yet will come up out of the Abyss and go to its destruction. The inhabitants of the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the creation of the world will be astonished when they see the beast, because it once was, now is not, and yet will come.

Their gross error was to reject God of Israel, and His servant the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. They rather followed deceivers of the flock, who have changed time, calendars, laws and God’s instructions to mankind.  The main deceived is the Pope in Rome, and antichrist in the flesh, the man of lawlessness.

Revelation 20:15
Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.

How to escape this movement of evil doers?

Resist the devil, and He will flee from you. Stand up for the truth. Stand united with Jews who claim Israel belongs to the chosen people of God.  Acknowledge that the last battle will stand in Zion.

First published: September 22nd 2014.

Written by Ivar

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  1. If only people would read the bible and keep the scripture in context because when they don’t they just have pretext a lie. wolves are in the pulpit that G-d warned of and false christs are coming out of the woodwork I read of Salvation is now believed in Israel and the Jews are getting saved. just like the bible says that revival there would happen just before He comes and the church would continue in apostasy till HE decided it is Done… and the Jews HE will love forever He says that HE will open their eyes to HIM as soon as the times of the gentiles are complete. it is happening world wide. and then HE says , All Israel will be saved as HE says HE again will have compassion on Israel and HIS chosen. for people to even not read or see common sense to see that G-d would ever blind HIS chosen as if he doesent care ever again is unreal as HE says just the opposite. and the church. who thinks they replaced Jews and Israel when G-d did not say that at all, He said, when we believe Messiah came and died and shed HIS blood for our sins that we are automaticly grafted into Israel.. and then what do they do, walk into Israel suport the enemies of G-d and Israel when we are told in Romans to preach the gospel to the JEW first who gave us Messiah Jeshur and the prophets and a Jewish G-d.. we are surely in the days of Noah where the world is full of sin…all the prophecies are being fulfilled fast like G-d said they would be and told us to not stop praying and stay in the world so we don’t become confused. that HE is nearer than we call G-d allah, that is pure blasphemy.. and we know when the enemy’s feet HIT the land called by HIS Name, HE will roar thru zion and destroy them all

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