– Israel must reign on Temple Mount

Zionist Union MK slams deputy FM Tzipi Hotovely for saying her dream is to see Israel’s flag fly over the Jerusalem site.

The Israeli Deputy Foreign minister want to hoist the Israeli flag on the Temple Mount.
The Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely want to hoist the Israeli flag on the Temple Mount.

Days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reassured the world that Israel was maintaining the status quo regarding exclusive Muslim prayer rights at the Temple Mount, Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely clarified comments she made about the site, saying they reflected her own personal position and not that of the government.

On Monday morning, the Likud lawmaker said in an interview on the Knesset Channel that her “dream is to see the Israel flag flying over the Temple Mount. This is the holiest place for the Jewish people.”

Later in the day she released a statement clarifying her position.

“My personal opinions are not the government’s policy, and I am certainly bound by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policy as stated on Saturday evening in which he declared that there would be no change in the status quo at the Temple Mount.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It should come as no surprise that a religious Zionist like Tzipi Hotovely has this desire in here heart.  But will the majority of the Israeli people ever agree with her?

When the Israeli deputy Foreign minister wants to revoke this decision, she is surely calling for trouble. Obviously among all Muslims. But also from the majority of Israeli citizens, 70 per cent of them secular.

The Israel flag was hoisted on the Temple Mount in 1967, when the city of Jerusalem was liberated. The site was never recaptured by the forces of Islam. It was the Israeli leadership who decided to give the “holy site” back to the Jordanian forces.

The Temple Mount will be the hottest spot on the Earth, up till the day the Messiah returns.  Before Yeshua the Messish is back on the Temple Mount, we can expect the last and final antichrist to reign from this site for a few years.  Be on your alert. Do not end up supporting the wrong camp.

Written by Ivar

10 thoughts on “– Israel must reign on Temple Mount

  1. Solomon of course built the first temple. It was destroyed. The 2nd
    Temple was built by Zerrubabel. It was not as elaborate as Solomon’s
    And did suffer much damage through the centuries and was in decay when Herod began to remodel and expand it into the most beautiful temple beyond what it had ever been. It took 46 years to
    Complete it. Many consider this temple as the third rebuild because
    The second had deteriated so much so that much of it had to be
    Done over. The third was so big and grande. It had foundational stones that measured 60 to 70 feet
    Long, 30 feet in depth and 30 feet tall. Massive stones. When Jesus told his disciples that not one stone would be left on another I’m sure they thought no way. But as we know it happened and that generation saw it happen. Only something like that could happen
    By the power of God. Jesus told the Pharisees that their house had been left desolate. God got rid of it
    In my opinion a so called third temple rebuild will not be accomplished because it will be a mockery of the work that the father
    Accomplished through his son. A huge price was paid to redeem humanity. God will not be mocked.
    If it is rebuilt it is not of The God of the Jews that is in it. This is my opinion

    1. Dear Todd

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      In my opinion a so called third temple rebuild will not be accomplished because it will be a mockery of the work that the father.

      My reply:

      Yes, its good you voice your opinion. And many people agree with you.

      But the third temple is not the topic of this article. But the fact that there is a public place in Israel, where Jews are not permitted to pray. Where the Israeli authority is instructed to arrest Jews who open their mouth.

      The “Palestinian” flag is used on the Temple Mount to provoke Jews, every second day. If the Israeli flag is hoisted on the Temple Mount, we can expect several thousands rockets to be fired into Israel, and a third intifada to be launched.


      The Israeli flag is hoisted on the Mount of Olives, without any Christian nor Muslim going berserk?

      Why will Jewish prayers at the site for the first and second temple, create such an havoc among Muslims? They do have 22 nations where they can pray, they have Mecca and Medina, and tens of thousands of mosques from Indonesia in the East to Morocco in the West?

    1. Dear Todd.

      So, the question will be: Do the state of Israel have the right to hoist their national flag, on all public places in Israel?

      As long as both Muslims, Christians and Jews are permitted to enter the Temple Mount, it is a public place. Where the Israeli police is responsible for peoples safety.

      1. Ivar
        To answer your question;
        Yes they have a right to hoist their flag on any public place in
        The state of Israel. If these places are kept secure by Israeli police and if they are maintained by the Israeli government, then I see know reason not to hoist the flag. You
        And I both know at this particular spot, hoisting the flag will push a hot button. Expect repercussion. In public places here in the states we have to display not only a manger scene but a menorah so as to not offend our Jewish citizenry,
        And now Muslims don’t want either on display. We will have to deal with that in the very near future. If they want to hoist the Israeli flag then do it and deal with the aftermath

  2. The Israeli government have maintained what they call the ‘status quo’ for very good reasons.

    Look at the site from the perspective of respected authority on Judaism.

    They know that the site was the location of the temple Solomon built using the materials his father purchased, and the plans he was given.

    Somewhere up there is the location of the holy of holies, an area only the high priest was to be allowed to go once a year. They don’t know the precise location of the holy of holies and therefore in order to avoid entering that location it is better not to go up there at all.

    Muslims do not accept the site as the location of Gods temple, they have no fear of entering the holy of holies or any consequences of entering it.

    Jesus having ascended to heaven has entered the holy of holies and is our high priest and mediator, therefore the earthly location of a holy of holies could be opened up as a public space.

    These are three basic different views.

    If the site is ‘holy’ should any nation be allowed to fly it’s secular emblem?

    I would venture that the answer should be no.

    No to a palestinian flag and no to an Israeli flag and no to the vatican flag as well.

    1. Dear Alistair

      Shalom and love in Jesus.

      The religious argument for not hoisting the Israeli flag is a non starter. In 1967, he secular Israeli IDF captured the Temple Mount. It is a public place, under the souvereignity of the Government of Israel. Not so, say Allistair, the Pope, the UN, Washington D.C, Mecca and Medina.

      The global opposition is the reason for why Israel has granted the Jordanian government, the job of maintaining this public place inside Israel. Today, many Zionist’s belive this was a mistake, and do block the possibility of making Jerusalem the sovereign capital of the state of Israel. This city still have a small peace of an Islamic state in its center, an area that has still not been liberated.

      1. Peace to you Ivar.

        I also believe that Israel should not have given control of the temple mount to Jordan.

        History is littered with accounts of war, the Victor gets to keep the spoils of war. In this case it is the territory known as Israel including the temple mount.

        After hostilities ceased the powers that be gave control to another nation, a Muslim nation. Why?

        They didn’t have to, they were the legitimate victors.

        They fell into this situation, they call it the,status quo, it has maintained a facade of peace.

        I believe the world’s governments will cook up a plan to put it under international control and give the Vatican control. I don’t support this plan but it may well happen as part of the end of the age process.

        We are told to watch and pray, that doesn’t mean we will prevent the end of the age coming or the Coming of the lawless one.

        Of course I could have added this to my first response, but you ask that I keep my responses brief.

  3. Do bricks and mortar built by the hand of man contain the flame,the spirit of Christ all that is of the earth,such as temple’s built of man will fall away.The place of Christ return is the mount of olive’s as stated in acts 1-11,not the temple mount,do you think this temple is important to God or more important to the ego’s of the Muslim or the Jew

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