“Executed” 13 year old boy in Jerusalem hospital

The 13 year old boy Abbas claimed was “exexuted” by Israel surface alive in an Israeli hospital.

Claimed executed Ahmed Mansra (13) has ben given medical treatment at a hospital in Jerusalem.
Claimed executed Ahmed Mansra (13) has ben given medical treatment at a hospital in Jerusalem.

Photos emerge of Ahmed Mansra, who stabbed and seriously wounded two Israelis, one of them a boy his age, after Palestinian President Abbas made claims he was ‘executed’ by Israel; English translation of the speech done by PLO, however, tempers language to ‘shot in cold blood.’‬‬

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Arab media have been claiming since Monday that 13-year-old Ahmed Manasra, who was documented committing a terror attack in Pisgat Ze’ev this week, has been “executed” by Israel.

Except that Dr. Asher Salmon, the deputy director of the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Karem, said Thursday that the boy is alive, and is in light-to-moderate condition.

Photos of Mansra from the hospital were released to support those statements.

Source: Ynetnews.com

My comment:

While the forces of Islam are involved in various barbaric acts accross the Middle East and North Africa, the state of Israel remain the regions lone civilized nation. Even when its civiliance are targeted by Jihad. Even Arab who try to murder Jews in the streets of Jerusalem, get the best possible medial care in Israeli hospitals after being disarmed and arrested.

Even the children of Hamas leaders in Gaza, are taken into Israel for medial treatment, when their life is at risk.  All western media knows this. Still they blame the Jews.

The Western media is involved in a rotten defamation campaign against the Zionist state. The TV-viewers in Paris and London get confused by their journalists. Claims and counterclaims are not properly analyzed. The Israeli police are portrayed as brutal in their handling of Arab rioters.

Shame on all media in the West, who do blame Israel for the current uprising. The Israeli police was called in after Arab youth threw stones at Jews praying at the Western wall. When the police entered the Temple Mount, they found weapons and explosives inside the al-Aqsa mosque. Hardly any western media has reported about terrorist attacks being plotted from this claimed “religious site” for Muslims.

Behold: All who put a curse on Israel, will on blue day experience that the curse will return on their own head.  Let the Messiah return and bring swift destruction on all who fight Jihad against the Jewish people and the true followers of the Messiah. Yeshua is the Messiah. We can expect no one else to return to rescue all who belive in Him.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on ““Executed” 13 year old boy in Jerusalem hospital

  1. The children of the moon god can not cease to lie .
    Abbas is a coward Arab who never
    Knew what it means to speak the truth
    Abbas and his cohorts shall pay
    for their lies In fact Muslim Arabs
    is their nature to lie
    God bless Israel.

  2. All nations,all people lie not just the Muslim Arab.It is human nature to lie not just Muslim Arab,secondly i think the hate you harbour would not way well with GOD,so spouting GOD bless Israel is going to gain you nothing GOD knows your heart your truth GOD bless us all we all need it

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